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(Last Updated On: Mar 28, 2017)

Heather Helm (Heather Lillard) is the wife of Matthew Lillard, the man who voiced Shaggy Rogers in the Scooby-Doo and played Stu Macher in Scream. Heather Helm and her husband have been married for the last 17 years, since 12 August 2000.

Heather A Helm is 46 years old in 2017. She was born in 1971 in California. Her husband, Matthew Lyn Lillard is 47 years old in 2017. He was born on January 24, 1970 in Lansing Michigan.

Heather’s pictures depict a gorgeous blonde with expressive blue eyes and a lovely smile. She is seen posing with her husband on many occasions. The couple always looks happy on the photographs, they had been together in different TV shows and magazines, premieres of Warner Bros. Pictures etc. They are rumoured to be happily married all those years.

Matt and Heather met at a friend’s party – it was love at first sight. They began dating and announced their relationship status in 1998.

Heather Lillard and her actor, director and producer husband have three children together: Addison Grace Lillard, Macey Lyn Lillard and Liam Lillard. The family has lived in different parts of California, including: Pasadena, Encino, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills, CA.

Heather Helm Biography

Heather grew up in the Pasadena area, CA, north-east of down-town Los Angeles. She attended La Canada High School (class of 1989) and earned a bachelor’s degree from UCLA.

Heather Helm launched her career as Director of Special Event Marketing at The Walt Disney Company. There, she was managing blockbuster premieres and multimillion-dollar campaigns.

Heather has always had a passion for design and real estate. In 2011, she joined a successful real estate agency in Pasadena, California. In 2017, Heather Lillard continues to work as a realtor (director) in Pasadena. She is experienced in high-end real estate and has an impressive track record, with real estate transactions of as much as $6 million.

Heather Helm net worth is unknown, but is probably in millions. She is a successful realtor and works with expensive high-end real estate. And a general rule of thumb is a real estate agent needs to sell $50 million worth of properties to net 1 million dollars a year.

Many people search for Heather Helm on IMDB thinking that she is an actress, but she has never starred in a movie.

Heather Helm’s Husband

Matthew Lyn Lillard was born in 1970 in n Lansing Michigan. He is an elder son of Paula and Jeffrey Lillard. Matthew has one younger sister, Amy Lillard. He is an actor, and often plays comedic characters. Internet sources calculate Matthew’s net worth at 2 million dollars.

Heather Helm Children

Addison Grace Lillard is the elder daughter of Heather A Lillard and Matthew L Lillard. Born in 2002, in Los Angeles, Addison Grace is 15 years old in 2017. She is sister to Macey Lyn Lillard (13 years old in 2017) born in 2004 and Liam Lillard born in 2008 (9 years old in 2017).

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