Hencha Voigt and Serge Aurier

(Last Updated On: Jul 25, 2019)

Hencha Voigt, 31-years-old became famous when she played on US show WAGS Miami. Born in 1987, she now lives with TOTTENHAM star Serge Aurier in a luxury home in Hertfordshire. Voigt and Aurier have a child.

Hencha has been studying ballet for many years and enjoys playing basketball, football and riding.

At the age of 17, she was forced to move from Haiti to Miami for political and social unrest. After studying in Florida for 12 years, she graduated in 2006 to move to New York and attend St. John’s University.

A talented rider with a five-year history, Hencha has been a versatile athlete since teens and is popular in a variety of activities, including boxing.

Hencha continues to nurture her career with enthusiasm through ambitious projects and businesses. She is designing her own line of apparel and fitness products. Hencha will work with various fitness and business modeling agents to attend upcoming reality shows.

In 2014 she starred in the “Basketball Girlfriend”.

Hencha wants young women to be successful, and to encourage others to fulfill their dreams. As part of social activities, Hencha gives inspiring speeches and lectures to minority women and young women.

Her favorite words are often communicated to his audience as follows: “Before you become a bright candle, you have to be a mirror to reflect it.”

As a personal trainer and dietician, she has built a loyal customer base and is always a role model. Hencha has gone the way of the best stylists and fashion designers, she has appeared in famous commercials around the world.

Serge Aurier is currently being prosecuted for suspected sex videos in the US. In January 2019, he was reportedly arrested for allegedly abusing his girlfriend. He was released without further action, said a Hertfordshire police spokesman. Sources said: “She has recently moved with him and they have hope for the future.”

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