Horatio Carrillo from Narcos in Real Life

(Last Updated On: Jun 3, 2017)

Is Horatio Carrillo from Netflix series “Narcos” a real person? It is a fact that Horatio Carrillo is not a real person, but a fictional character. But who is Horatio Carrillo based upon – Hugo Martinez, Jaime Ramirez Gomez, or somebody else? Or is he pure fiction?

Horacio Carillo – Real Life Hugo Martinez or Jaime Ramirez Gomez?

A lot of people believe that Colonel Horatio Carrillo (played by Maurice Compte) was inspired by General Hugo Martinez, a former Colombian police officer tasked with hunting down Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura).

Hugo Martinez was the commander of the Search Bloc, assembled by President César Gaviria in 1992; this unit of the National Police of Colombia had one objective – to apprehend drug lord Pablo Escobar and his people. Real-life Martinez retired to the city of Bogotá and is still alive.

Horatio’s personality traits match up with Hugo, including familiarity with Pablo Escobar, being incorruptible and deeply caring about his brigade.

However, after Horatio Carillo’s death in Season 2 of the hit Netflix series, Martinez is introduced as a totally separate character. He is portrayed by Juan Pablo Shuk. This made many start to think that Horatio Carrillo was actually based upon Jaime Ramírez Gómez (1940-1986) – an official of the NPC, who led a fight against the drug trade in Colombia from the 1970s onward, and was murdered in retaliation.

In 1984, Gomez was involved in locating and destroying the “Tranquilandia” – a large cocaine production camp near the Yari River. Cartel’s direct hostilities were triggered and resulted in the murders of Minister Lara Bonilla in 1984 and murder of Colonel Jaime Ramirez Gomez in 1986.

Some still insist that Carrillo is Martinez, and that the two of “Martinez’s” characters are like two sides of a coin. The real Martinez could not be bought and was said to be just as ruthless as Carrillo. Escobar tried to kill Martinez many times.

Horatio Carrillo – an Amalgam?

Carrillo may be an amalgam of the Search Bloc leaders, or even pure fiction with traits of the real people weaved into his character.

The purpose of Col. Horatio Carrillo may be to display the more brutal things that this unit of the National Police of Colombia is said to have done and how far they were willing to go to get Pablo Escobar, without accusing the real people directly to avoid possible legal issues.

We can conclude that Horatio Carrillo wasn’t real. Carrillo was based off of reality, but not directly representing it.

Was Horatio Carrillo Real?

Most of the characters in the Narcos series are based on real-life people; however, some were created just for the show. Leader of the Colombian forces Horatio Carrillo, whose job was to bring down Pablo Escobar, did not actually exist.

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