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(Last Updated On: May 5, 2017)

I-Parcel (UPS i-parcel) is a carrier used by some of the world’s biggest retailers, including Amazon and ASOS, to ship their items.

What is i-Parcel? i-parcel LLC was a US-based international e-commerce enabler company with logistics capabilities from the US and UK to 100+ countries, connecting merchants to over 100 million shoppers globally. iParcel was acquired by UPS in 2014.

UPS i-parcel offers affordable international shipping, but has complaints about slow international delivery times and bad service on Amazon’s forum and Trustpilot. Why do issues arise with this carrier? What can you do if you have a problem? Read on to find out.

i-Parcel Review

International shipping is generally not as smooth as domestic, due to customs, more complex routes, airline delays etc. This includes all cross-border carriers, while iparcel shipping can have additional complications.

To expedite delivery, I parcel does not scan all of their shipments at all locations throughout the route – this sometimes limits the amount of i parcel tracking information. When shipping volume is high, parcels are processed in bulk, and a package may be first scanned near its delivery destination. In rare cases, courier tracking info may not appear until the parcel has been delivered.

Iparcel is not just a carrier, but also an agent. When you order something online, such as from Amazon and it is sent via iparcel, the parcel can be assigned to a number of carriers throughout its route, including DHL, Fedex, UPS, Parcel Force, City Link, Hermes and many others. All couriers use different systems and tracking methods.

Some refer to UPS i-parcel as a “hybrid courier/post service”, because once the package arrives in the country, UPS usually hands it over to the postal service. That’s when i parcel tracking can become unclear even for the carriers themselves. Tracking and delivery data for local postal authorities is only available if they provide it to Amazon.

Each country is different in how delivery is handled and who will deliver it. Not all Amazon Marketplace sellers provide Amazon with tracking information for their orders. You may be given just the local tracking number for your local last mile carrier, and not the rest. Lack of updates and tracking not updating means that you don’t know where the package is and who to contact.

In case of Amazon, logistically the system is the same as before. The problem is that standard STD deliveries (Standard International shipments as a service) and Expedited (EXP) shipments are not trackable anymore, and cannot be tracked to the final delivery points.

Is it possible not to assign your parcel to I Parcel? Unfortunately, Amazon cannot assign specific carriers to specific customers. Even if pick the fast delivery rather than standard, paying an extra fee does not guarantee that the package will be send via a courier other than iParcel.

Problem with Amazon Shipped over i-Parcel? Contact Amazon!

If your Amazon package doesn’t arrive on time, speak with Amazon and they will investigate for you, including contacting iParcel for you.

Amazon Helpdesk’s live chat is very helpful, and so is a phone call to their contact number in your country. They can have a replacement order sent out expedited delivery. Or, to make up for your inconvenience, they may issue a refund for the shipping charges in your order. Their customer service is always happy to help with carrier issues.

Amazon customer service phone numbers:
U.S. and Canada: 1-866-216-1072
International: 1-206-266-2992

You can also email Amazon i-Parcel customer service: amazongroup@i-parcel.com

It’s generally more helpful to contact Amazon if your delivery is late or “lost in the mail”, instead of trying to track it yourself.

If the package is in customs, you can try contacting your customs clearing house, they are able to help in some cases.

I Parcel Contact and Tracking

i-Parcel can be reached 24 hours a day by email. For parcel questions, you should email your shipment number (starts with STD, EXP, AEI, AGS or LPK and is accessible via your amazon account) to trackmyparcel@i-parcel.com or customer.service@i-parcel.com

The customer service inquiry form can be found at the bottom of the contact page:

Contact Us

I Parcel tracking page:

UK contact details for I Parcel are: Unit 1, Albany Park, Camberley, Surrey GU16 7QQ
I Parcel contact number in the UK: (0044) 01276 683 222

Why Does Amazon and ASOS Use iParcel?

Why do companies like Amazon and ASOS keep using them? In general, i-parcel may be slower and harder to track than some other carriers and regular post, but I Parcel rates are more affordable, which allows Amazon and other merchants keep their costs down and prices low.

We often see complaints on the internet rather than praise. There are thousands of people for whom I Parcel deliveries go smooth, and packages arrive days earlier in excellent condition. Every service is bound to have some bad experiences no matter how reliable they are. Truth is that vast majority of customers receive their packages promptly with absolutely no problems at all.

What Can Go Wrong with I-Parcel Shipping

Successful delivery with iParcel goes something like this: package details are received from seller, the address for the shipment is reviewed to ensure accurate delivery, package is received at i-Parcel, it is exported and in transit to country of destination, processed through transit hub, out for delivery and delivered.

However, something can go wrong.

Shipment may never leave the US or UK, if the package was flagged for review and contents were classified as non-permissible for shipping, as determined by i-parcel prior to export.

The item may be on hold for review at customs in the destination country. It can fail to clear customs and be returned to the internet retailer. This sometimes happens to items with batteries in them.

The parcel may have been damaged in shipping and sent back to Amazon.

The parcel may be sent back after an unsuccessful delivery attempt.

The label may become smudged or torn in transit, so the carrier no longer has a complete shipping address to deliver the item.

ASOS is a British online fashion and beauty store that sells 850+ brands and offers its own range of clothing. Asos.com recently started offering I Parcel delivery service, when delivering to Jerusalem. Complaints state that I-Parcel doesn’t deliver to where you live or work, but instead send you a text to pick up your package from a nearby facility, with a link for directions.

UPS Buys I Parcel

Massachusetts-based i-parcel started up in 2005 and was acquired by UPS 9 years later. i-parcel’s CEO, Will Gensburg, remained with the company. iParcel’s localized integrated platforms enable consumers in 100 + countries to shop online in the US and UK, including at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. In 2014, the company was acquired by UPS – global leader in logistics, with solutions ranging from transporting freight to facilitating international trade.

UPS i-parcel allows merchants to utilize the platform’s localized look and feel, retrieve costs related to order, choose from local payment options, select shipping options that balance cost and speed, and track their delivery. UPS i-parcel strives to ensure that orders move smoothly through customs.

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