iPhone 6 for $300 – iPhone 6 Scams

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2016)
iPhone 6 for $300 – how is it possible for a price so low?

The value of a device like this is more like $600 USD and how can a company sell it for half the price?

phone-scamsSimple, the promotion is FALSE!

It is very common to find deals like this on various social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many people are impressed with the promotion and end up falling into the trap, going as far as to provide data such as addresses and credit card numbers.

I had seen this kind of scam on different sites.

Now let’s look at the steps to identify a FAKE promotion:

1. Check the domain owner at http://whois.net/whois.

2. Look for the product again for through the site search. Usually the product page is fake but the rest of the site is real.

3. Check the correct price on price comparison sites like pricewatch.com.

4. Check that the link is a secure “https://”. It is relatively expensive to maintain an HTTPS certificate, so most of the time scammers do not use HTTPS.

Have you ever seen a fake promotion? Please leave your comment to help other readers.

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