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(Last Updated On: Nov 18, 2017)

If you’re a fan of reality television, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Gold Rush and Jack Hoffman. As a matter of fact, Gold Rush has been deemed the most popular and highest rated cable television series on Fridays. As a reality show based on the tough men and women who brave the elements, the doubts, and the constant work involved with not only finding the elusive fruitful gold vein, but keeping your pride and family intact and healthy in the process, it’s no wonder the show has found so much success and such dedicated fans. We all love the story of the brave overcoming the almost impossible. No one may know that better than one of the show’s front-running characters Jack.

Gold Rush’s Jack Hoffman (age 66 in 2017) is an old school “rusher”, and isn’t new to the dangers and chances one takes when they make the decision to chance it all on a golden payday. As a matter of fact, he almost lost everything almost three decades ago when he took on the challenge of gold mining in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness for the first time. Disheartened, disappointed, and on the verge of absolute financial ruin, Hoffman left the world of gold mining until the chance arose again in 2010 to not only redeem himself, but pull him and his family up and out of a frightening world of financial insecurity and unemployment.

Since making the leap and choosing to follow the lead of his son Todd, the Hoffman family and crew, who make up the family’s company the Hoffman Group, have won their fight against the Alaskan elements and the odds, and have made a name and financial security for themselves at last. Although struggling in the beginning and even losing some of their early prospects due to lack of funds, the family has made a name and a future for themselves through mining the land that once defeated Jack.

Jack Hoffman (Gold Rush) isn’t just another tough guy reality star though. Since his appearance on the first episode of the show on December 3, 2010, many view his self-made dedication and strength as an inspiration to overcome their own obstacles and doubts. As a matter of fact, he’s earned himself the nickname “The Inspiration” by both fans and those who know him personally due to his strength of character and determination. Honestly, there truly is quite a bit to admire from such a man.

Birth and Early Life

Born on September 15, 1947 in Oregon, Hoffman has always been drawn to the outdoors and to the idea of making his own way. His father passed down his love for independence and nature to him, and taught him how to not only live off of the land, but to ensure that family came first. By working together, the family thrived in their independence. Jack and his father hunted game which fed the family, his mother made clothes for them to wear from the hides of the animals they fell, and the family worked together to make sure all were well and taken care of.

Marriage and Children

When Hoffman was only 15 he met Georgia, who became his wife when he was 18. They enjoyed their new marriage for only a few months until he was drafted into the Vietnam War. Though he was young and newly married, Jack’s sense of duty, dedication, and pride ensured that he was able to give his all to the country that had called him forward. He went through 6 months of training, and soon after was dispatched and stationed to Germany. Georgia, his devoted wife, made the brave decision to follow him. She packed up their few belongings and moved to Germany as well. There, the family stayed for 5 years, and during that time grew with the addition of their 2 children, Todd Hoffman and Tamra Hoffman.

Once Jack and his family returned to the United States, he soon after began a career as a bush pilot. He and his family ran their small air strip until deciding to sell and pull up their roots to fulfill their dream of finding gold in Alaska. Through many trials, tribulations, and failures, the family has made a name for themselves and ensured their prosperity through their dedication and determination to remain independent and always true to themselves.

Jack Hoffman’s Net Worth

How rich is Jack Hoffman, as of 2017? This celebrity has an estimated net worth of 500,000 dollars, most of the money was earned through gold mining and Jack’s appearance on reality TV. Jack Hoffman earns $300 thousand a season on Gold Rush. His team discovered over $20 million worth of gold.

The Hoffman Group has found over 5,000 ounces of gold since 2010, netting a profit of roughly $20 million. Jack himself has a net worth of around $500,000. This is a respectable amount for a man who only managed to save a reported $4 in the ten years that he spent mining for gold in the 1980’s.

Jack hasn’t forgotten his roots just because his bank account has grown, however. He still remains an active family man and attends church as much as he can. He tends to keep his family out of the spotlight, but doesn’t mind working with them. His son Todd heads the company, and his wife Georgia takes care of the finances and keeps an eye on the company’s strategies and plans for the future. Jack’s grandson recently joined the mining operation as well, turning the company into a 3 generation business and surely making Grandpa Jack proud.

From humble beginnings to financial comfort, Jack Hoffman truly is the inspiration that many in these uncertain economic times need. The Hoffman group continues to mine the land and keep true to themselves, and keep their spirits high through wagers and friendships formed with others that take on the land. If you feel the need to watch more of Jack Hoffman, you can view his Youtube channel, “No Guts, No Glory”. Hoffman may be in his 70’s, but despite his age he’s a man who’s grit and determination keeps him young and his head held high.

Jack Hoffman Gold Rush 2017

Aug, 2017: Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” brings back Oregon’s Jack Hoffman, Todd Hoffman, Hunter Hoffman and the crew for “Gold Rush” Season 8 in October 2017.

July, 2017: “Gold Rush” filming sparks reports of gunshots, tension in Colorado.

Apr, 2017: Hoffmans’ new big house and accusations of being not so good landlords.

Jack Hoffman Dead?

Rumor that Jack Hoffman died is simply not true. The two people who died on the Gold Rush are: the mechanic from Gold Rush, James Harness, who died in 2014 after suffering a stroke (according to obituary). “Gold Rush” star John Schnabel, a great Alaskan gold miner died in 2016.

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  1. James Harness on Gold Rush had told all the crew on the show that he had cancer. I believe this is what truly killed him in 2014 .

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