Jane Cameron Agee – The Life and Times

(Last Updated On: Mar 1, 2017)

Jane Cameron Agee was born in the beautiful Texas town of Corpus Christi, in the Gulf of Mexico 1939.

It is perhaps unfortunate that Jane is often best remembered as having been the wife of Hollywood film celebrity James Brolin (aka James Bruderlin); the couple were married in 1966 and duly divorced 20 years later in 1986.

The irony of Jane Cameron Agee being overshadowed by her illustrious spouse, James Brolin, is not lost in the fact that, when the couple first met, it was Jane Cameron Agee who had influential celebrity status. She was an aspiring actress and an established assistant casting director, Brolin was virtually unheard of. It was Jane who helped him to his first major break in the business; in 1968, he landed the part of Dr. Steven Kiley in the long running series Marcus Welby MD. James Brolin soon became a mega-star and was, almost inevitably, beguiled by all the trappings of a celebrity lifestyle.

1968 also heralded another major event in the lives of Jane and James ‘Brolin’, that being the birth of their son Josh Brolin. Josh, eventually, and somewhat reluctantly, found his way into acting. He’d seen the effect that the celebrity lifestyle had had upon his parents and was understandably apprehensive in taking a similar route. He soon build his own successful career, starting with a major role in Spielberg’s highly successful film, The Goonies. Josh Brolin still enjoys great celebrity.

1972 saw the birth of their daughter Jess, a joyous occasion that, overall, did little to alter the disastrous path their marriage was set upon. Rumours were abound regarding their seemingly ‘open marriage’ arrangement. James Brolin was a star and undoubtedly had many affairs, Jane tolerated his indiscretions but certainly did not approve.

Jane Agee and James Brolin amassed significant wealth between them. They owned several ranches and other real estate. It’s fair to say they enjoyed an opulent lifestyle. However storm clouds were gathering.

In 1986 things came to a head, James had found a new girlfriend, one who insisted on being the only woman in his life. Divorce proceedings were instigate. It turned out to be an acrimonious, draining and costly battle.

Within the year their marriage was over, Jane Cameron Agee was at last freed from the influences and trauma of celebrity. She continued to pursue her first true love, conservation and protection of wildlife.

Jane Cameron Agee – out of the shadows

Following their messy divorce, Jane, (now frequently known as Jane A Brolin), concentrated upon her conservation activities. In particular, she continued to develop her ranch in Templeton, California, as a refuse for all kinds of animals, including mountain lions, wolves, chimps and many other less exotic breeds. She had found complete contentment and purpose in her life.

Ironically, a flicker of celebrity limelight came calling in 1994; during this year Warner Brothers and Jane negotiated an exciting new TV series that was to feature her chimpanzees.

Alas, Jane Cameron Agee, wildlife activist, actress and casting director tragically died in Templeton on the 13th February 1995 as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic accident.

The obituaries for Jane A Brolin were not major headlines, although most eulogies doggedly referred to her as ‘the ex-wife of James Brolin’.

Her status and worth went far beyond the facile trappings of celebrity; Jane was very much her own person and should be remembered for her, not insignificant, personal achievements.


  1. I find it odd that someone who “loved animals so much” was frequently pictured wearing fur coats. Shameful and disgusting !

  2. I personally remember Jane Cameron as an established, accomplished and very bright, compassionate woman.She was, when I met her, a few years older than I but we shared the same priorities attempting to protect and love animals.Jane was, in many respects, a hero in our eyes for her dedication and she emanated an appeal that was instantly and consistently beguiling. I miss her and watch her appearances on camera, wishing she had not left us so soon. We love you, Jane and you are owed much gratitude for the lives you saved and the joy your charm brought into our world.

  3. Jane was not painted in a very kind light if you read Sondra Locke’s Book The Good, Bad, and the very ugly. If true she comes off as one of the Very Ugly!! Again I do not know if what Sondra said was true but most of the other parts of her book are accurate so I have reason to believe what she says. I will let all of you be the judge!!

  4. It’s very nice that you give her back what
    she deserves, you’re one of very few. Yet I feel rje portrait you paint is incomplete,. Because you know no more or u want to hide the bad stuff? It would not make her less respectful…Just one of many ladies that sacrified their career and life for love.. thank

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