Jane Kilcher and Her Frontier Homestead

(Last Updated On: Dec 1, 2017)

Jane Kilcher, born on September 14, 1975 is one of the characters of the TV show ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’. Originally from the town of Homer, Alaska, she was a commercial fishing woman. She is married to Atz Lee Kilcher, and lives in their homestead 11 miles outside of Homer. After her marriage, she left commercial fishing. Her unique knowledge of the seas has a sustenance value for her family. She provides fish for the Kilcher family in the summer season, which lasts them throughout the long winter season. Jane targets all the available fish in Southern Alaska, including halibut, silver salmon, king salmon, cod, trout and more. Apart from being a fishing woman and a reality TV star, she is also a musician and can play the piano. If she hadn’t married Atz lee, she would have pursued her career in music.

Jane met Atz Lee in the early 2000s and they got married in 2005. Her husband Atz Lee Kilcher is also one of the main characters of the show. He hails from a musical background and Jane shares his love for music. Due to their similar interests and mutual interest in music, Jane and Atz Lee got married and Jane moved to the homestead. Kilcher family belongs to Homer from the early 40’s, when Atz Lee’s grandparents Yule and Ruth emigrated there from Switzerland. He gets his musical traits from her grandmother Ruth who was a trained classical singer. Atz Lee Kilcher, 40, is the son of one of the main cast of series Atz Kilcher and Bonnie Kilcher. He is the brother of the famous singer Jewel Kilcher and his other siblings are Nikos Kilcher and Shane Kilcher.

The couple spends most of their time hunting and fishing. Together they have two children, a son Etienne and a daughter Piper. Their children are not featured on the show because the couple has decided to keep their lives private. The couple is protective of their children because they believe it is best that they are shielded from any negative influence that may result if their personal life is exposed to the world at this young age.

Jane was a fishing woman before her marriage, and she had a good income to add to her net worth before she came to fame as a reality TV star. As of 2017, Jane Kilcher’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Her husband stars with her as a main character on the show, and combined, their net worth closes in on 2 million dollars. The couple has low expenses, so most of what they earn is added to their net worth. The Kilcher family owns vast areas of land in Homer, summing up to whooping 613 acres. Records even show that they have claims to another 200 acres in the greater Homer area. The real estate holdings are valued at approximately 3.6 million dollars, of which the homestead is only a small fraction.

Their TV show ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ runs on the Discovery Channel. It details the day-to-day activities going on to the Kilcher family and their frontier homestead. Kilcher family lives outside of Homer, Alaska with no modern tools, surviving harsh winters. The first season aired on December 29, 2011 and had 3 episodes. Currently, the show is running its 7Th Season. The show was started by brothers Atz and Otto Kilcher, the children of Yule and Ruth. Atz Kilcher is the father of Jane’s husband, Atz Lee Kilcher. The show documents how the family lives off the land much in the same way that their father Yule did. Yule was a native of Switzerland, however in 1940s he migrated to Alaska to escape the difficult living situation in his hometown. He was granted with 160 acres of land by Alaska, near Kachemack Bay. He started living there along with his wife, and the two of them had 8 childeren while living without modern facilities in this remote area.

The show documents the Kilcher family as they live in the homestead, surviving without modern facilities like electricity in harsh conditions. They live off what they cultivate and store the food in summers, which sustains them in winters. Jane Kilcher plays an important part and she catches plenty of fish for the family to live off the harsh winter weather.

The cast of the show includes the two Kilcher brothers, Atz and Otto. Atz along with his wife Bonnie has 4 children. He is the oldest of the 8 children of Yule and Ruth and considers himself the protector of the family. Atz Kilcher is the provider of the family, and he leads them in gathering supplies, hunting and fishing. He is married to Bonnie, with whom he has 4 children. She is usually seen working with her husband and has embraced the wilderness of the Kilcher family. Their children Shane, Jewel, Atz Lee and Nikos are part of the cast.

Otto was Yule and Ruth’s 6th child. Since his childhood, he took interest in fiddling with all the household items, exploring and discovering how they worked. His keen interest made him able to fix anything that needed to be fixed in the Kilcher household, gaining the official status of the problem solver of the family. Otto is married to Charlotte Kilcher. Their offspring includes Eivin Kilcher, Levi Kilcher and August Kilcher.

The show is critically acclaimed and has received numerous awards and nominations, including three Primetime Emmy nominations.

Jane Kilcher and her husband were brought to spotlight in 2015 when they were charged with illegally hunting prey using a helicopter for their show. Using any kind of aircraft to spot or hunt prey is illegal in Alaska, and therefore the couple, along with the production company was faced with charges, however all of them pleaded not guilty. Due to Atz Lee being in a serious accident during hiking, the case was delayed, but eventually the charges against the couple were dropped. The production company ‘Wilma TV’ had to pay a fine.

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