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(Last Updated On: Jan 6, 2018)

Many years ago I discovered Joseph Fink’s “Welcome to Night Vale” and become curious about the producers of this podcast. Two names came up immediately: Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor, the geniuses behind the podcast episodes I had come to cherish.

Joseph Fink Wiki

Joseph Robert Fink was born on 22 Apr 1986 in California, to Kathryn Eberhardt Fink and Ronald Steven Fink. He has also lived in Red Hook, New York, Verona, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York.

Joseph Fink (age 32 in 2018) runs a small independent publishing company, but does other work as well. His interests include reading, writing, and art of all kinds. He also loves to travel (Cambodia, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, United Kingdom) but rarely have the time to do so.

Fink met Jeffery Cranor (age 43 in 2018; grew up in Texas and Oklahoma) doing experimental theater in New York.

Joseph Fink’s Wife

Joseph Fink is married to Meg Bashwiner. Megan is 32 in 2018. She has lived in Amherst, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York; Verona, New Jersey; Red Hook, New York.

Joseph Fink wife Megan C Bashwiner is a member of their theater group, a “NY Neo-Futurist, Proverb Lady and voice of Deb for Welcome to Night Vale Podcast/Live show, writer, performer, and sandwich ethusiast/advocat”.

Welcome to Night Vale

Joseph Fink had successfully created a podcast that was loved by thousands of subscribers; we anxiously waited for the next episodes because the episodes for “Welcome to Night Vale,” a fictionally based podcast was released two times every month. It is about the creepy town called Night Vale where all the conspiracy theories come alive.

The updates report activities in the town during the day, and at night, its residents and visitors witness strange happenings such as the sudden appearance and disappearance of superhuman beings, weather reports, suspicious Arial activities which are alien to human nature and culture as well as the ever creepy sheriff and his team of unpredictable officers. These updates are delivered in the mesmerizing voice of Joseph Fink or any of his team in a monologue. The captivating feature of this podcast is the updates on the activities in “Night Vale” described with nerve-wrenching opera music in the background.

You might not notice when you stop breathing in anticipation of the next words that will be spoken during the podcast. It is an engaging podcast that has emerged as one of the highest ranked international podcasts I know today. Joseph Fink must be doing something right because the subscriber base for “Welcome to Night Vale” is increasing at a rapid rate.

The Creator and Writer

Joseph Fink started out as a regular employee in an office where he discovered the need to develop his talent in writing. In his twenties, he established a publishing firm through which he brought some of his works alive in print and as digital podcasts. Feeling confident about his creative abilities, Joseph took the bold step to become fully involved in writing and creating podcasts; he partnered with Jeffrey Cranor to write and produce the outstanding fiction “Welcome to Night Vale.” Joseph has co-authored many other books and creative literature with Jeffery Cranor many of which have been developed into plays and theater presentations. Interestingly, the duo producers have starred in the live performance of many books they wrote together.

As a trained editor, Joseph Fink has dedicated the bulk of his time to ensure that their works are characterized by the most intriguing features, with short stories and tales spun in a web of deceit, Sci-fi, humor, intrigue, and horror. Achieving this blend is one of the highlights that have made the literary works of Joseph Fink and his partner stand out from the rest.

Joseph Fink’s Fame

Before “Welcome to Night Vale” I hadn’t heard much about Joseph Fink, but this work was the icebreaker. There is hardly anyone who loves reading that does not know who Joseph Fink is; he has become a popular celebrity because of the success achieved with the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast. Joseph Fink has been featured in many magazines where he talks about his works during interviews, and he has also been called upon as a guest on many TV shows to talk about his journey into the world of creating podcasts and writing books. Joseph is also in the social media. You can find Joseph Fink on Twitter where he actively uses his Twitter account.

His podcasts and books have gained a lot of recognition both nationally and internationally. Some of the favorite nominations for the works he co-authored with his partner Jeffery Cranor include the Audie Award for Excellence in Marketing and the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Science Fiction.

The Live Shows

Joseph Fink and his partner Jeffery Cranor came up with the idea to organize tours around different cities where their short stories will be performed before a live audience. It was easy to come up with this idea with the obviously impressive ratings for their productions and the increasing number of subscribers who earnestly anticipated the release of new podcasts. Along with a cast of professional actors, Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor gave live audiences in different cities a firsthand viewing of their incredibly brilliant short stories. The live shows depicted the exact events as described in the books and podcast episodes. The fans are thrilled by the opportunity to catch watch their favorite characters perform the roles they have become familiar with through the books and podcasts.

Books co-authored by Joseph Fink include Welcome to Night Vale, The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe, “It Devours,” What it means to be Grown Up, The Untold Stories of H.P. Lovecraft, etc.

Joseph Fink Net worth

Joseph Fink is reported to be worth about $2 million. One of the most remarkable achievements Joseph and his co-author Jeffery Cranor have been able to achieve is the creation of the novel “Night Vale” based on the radio podcast “Welcome to Night Vale.” The sales figures for this novel is expected to be impressive, and as it is with all good novels, once you enjoy the reading experience you will always anticipate the next literary work from that same author.

Joseph Fink has achieved a great deal with his fictional town “Night Vale” the subject of his popular podcast. His story is an inspiration to many aspiring writers out there who may feel reluctant to develop their writing talent. It is also commendable that the podcast has been produced into a novel; this means many of our favorite podcasts will soon become hardcopies that we can clutch to our chests for as long as we want.

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