Karen Lee Bright and Sammy Sosa

(Last Updated On: Mar 12, 2017)

Karen Lee Bright is an ex spouse of Sammy Sosa – famous baseball player, former Chicago Cubs right fielder and the winner of the 1998 National League Most Value Player Award. Karen and Sammy have been divorced since 1991. Their marriage was short lived and lasted only a year. In 1992 Sammy Sosa married Sonia Rodriguez (Sonia Sosa); they are still married as of 2017.

Samuel Peralta Sosa and Karen Lee Bright don’t have any children together. Sammy has two sons, Sammy Jr. and Michael, and two daughters, Kenia and Keysha from his second marriage. You can find many pictures and videos of Sammy’s big family online.

As follows from the book by Hector J. Cruz – “Sammy Sosa’s Biography in Black and White”, there is a dark secret in Sammy Sosa’s personal life – Sosa’s first wife, an American Karen Lee Bright suffered domestic abuse in this marriage.

Sammy Sosa’s marriage with Karen Lee Bright ended badly – Karen filed a lawsuit for domestic violence, and Sammy was accused of beating her with a rum bottle. Due to the resulting travel ban Sosa could not leave the Dominican Republic, and therefore could not travel to train with Chicago White Sox in 1991.

Sonia Sosa and Sammy Sosa

Sonia Sosa is the second and current wife of the former MLB slugger. Born as Sonia Rodriguez, she is an actress better known for Mi última batalla (2007) and ESPN SportsCentury (1999). According to the Spanish-speaking community in Florida, Sonia has always been Sammy’s biggest fan.

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