Katherine Pine or Katherine Heigl?

(Last Updated On: Feb 22, 2017)

Katherine Pine is an American actress who is also the older sister of actor, Chris Pine. Katherine Pine has been constantly confused with actress Katherine Heigl. On many occasions, magazines and blogs have gone so far as to have Katherine Heigl’s photo published, but the caption states the person in the photo is Katherine Pine. They are both very beautiful, and share a similar look when Pine has blonde hair. Katherine has been known to have both blonde and brown hair throughout the years. She doesn’t have a long list of acting roles and is rumored to have worked as a therapist specializing in anxiety disorders and depression. Katherine Pine has also known and credited as Katie Pine.

Katherine was born September, 24th 1972 to parents Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford. She comes from a long line of family in the entertainment business including grandparents who were also actors. Katherine Pine’s childhood and personal life has been very well guarded seeing as there is no information made available about her. Most of her achievements in childhood and education is speculation and rumor. Katherine has not won any acting awards or any of noteworthy achievements that have been published to date. It is very difficult to report any information about Katherine Pine because she hardly agrees to interviews and does not comment on her personal life including any relationships, marriages, or children. Katherine also does not have presence on social media such as a profile on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Katherine Pine has been credited with three major roles including the film, “Chips 99,” where she played Tina. Her father, Robert Pine also had a role in this film. This movie picks up where the American television show, “Chips,” left off when it was cancelled. “Chips” was about two police officers who were famous for riding around on motorcycles and solving crime. They returned to their roles as police officers to help solve a series of car thefts. This movie came out in 1998 and was mildly successful.

Katherine is also known for her work in the TV series, “Love Boat: The Next Wave.” In the episode titled “All Aboard,” Katherine plays the character Rhonda. The plot to this story revolves around two female characters who are both wanting the same job as cruise director. Rhonda is a minor character in this plot. This episode aired originally in 1998. Her last well known roles is a voice actress in a video game called “Heavy Gear.” She is credited with her voice work under Katie Pine. This video game was released in October of 1997.

It seems as though Katherine Pine is close to her family including her brother, Chris Pine. She has been photographed at a few of her brother’s events including movie premiers like “Star Trek.” She has also been photographed with her father, Robert at several events. It is admirable that Katherine Pine has managed to keep her life to herself and has had some roles in several different mediums. Many who are fans of her work hold out hope that she will return to the screen sometime in the future.

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