Kimberly Woodruff, Ice Cube’s Wife

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Ice Cube’s wife Kimberly Woodruff – what do we know? Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Kids, Ice Cube, Instagram, Actress and more. Get answers to your questions!

Kimberly Woodruff is the wife of rapper, actor, record producer and filmmaker Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson). The couple got married on 26 April, 1992. Kimberly Jackson and Ice Cube have five (according to some sources – four) children together.

Kimberly Woodruff, Ice Cube’s Wife and “Backbone”

Kimberly Woodruff, Ice Cube’s wife was born on 23 September, 1968 in California. Kimberly is currently 48 years old. Kimberly became the wife of Ice Cube on Apr 26, 1992. Kimberly Christina Woodruff mother’s name is Sims.

Kim is Ice Cube’s backbone, he once said in an interview. There are stories that his wife Kimberly Woodruff, is the “Kim” referenced in “Today Was A Good Day” – a high school girl that Ice Cube had been trying to get together with since the 12th grade.

Research shows that Kim Woodruff studied at Dorsey High School, CA (class of 86) and William H. Taft High School, CA (1985-1987). Her future husband O’Shea Jackson studied at Compton High School (class of 87), and also attended William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, CA (class of 87). Kim was one grade older than O’Shea. We can assume that Kim and O’Shea met in Taft High School in California, and either started dating or just got to know each other and started a relationship later.

Kimberly Woodruff Age

How old is Kimberly Woodruff? Ice Cube’s Wife was born in 1968, and is currently 48 years old. Her husband Ice Cube is one year her junior, he was born in 1969 and is currently 47 years old.

Kimberly Woodruff Wiki

Born: 23 September 1968 (age 48 years)
Spouse: O’Shea Jackson Sr. aka Ice Cube (m. 1992)
Children (4): O’Shea Jackson Jr., Darrel Jackson, Deja Jackson, Karima Jackson, Shareef Jackson
Locations: Los Angeles, CA; Tarzana, CA; Marina Del Rey, CA; Encino, CA.

Kimberly Woodruff Instagram

Ice Cube’s spouse Kimberly Woodruff does not seem to have an Instagram account, but you can find her on Instagram photos and videos from ‘kimberlywoodruff’ hashtag, Ice Cube (@icecube) and Darrell Jackson (@deepsince86).

On the photographs, we see rapper #IceCube and his wife #KimberlyWoodruff at various Hollywood premieres, Annual Hollywood Film Awards, celebrating their wedding anniversary, going out with their children, etc.

Kimberly Woodruff, Actress?

There is a director and actress by the name of Kimberly Woodruff, she has an IMDB profile. This is a different person. Kimberly Woodruff actress has the following acting credit: Hunger 2012 (she plays a Coffee Shop Manager).

Kimberly Woodruff Net Worth

How much is Kimberly Woodruff worth? Ice Cube’s wife shares her hubby’s estimated net worth of $160 million in 2017. The couple has amassed their fortune largely due to Ice Cube’s profits from rapping, screenwriting, acting, and producing career.

Kimberly Woodruff and Ice Cube’s Kids

Ice Cube married Kimberly Woodruff, with whom he has five children, O’Shea Jackson Jr. (son, born Feb 24 1991), Darrel Jackson (son, born Dec 29 1992), Deja Jackson (daughter), Karima Jackson (daughter, born Feb 17 1994), and Shareef Jackson (son, born Nov 17 1995). His son O’Shea, Jr. played his father in N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton (2015).

According to Ice Cube, his 25 years of marriage is a “True Partnership”. With his hectic schedule, his wife and kids make life normal for him. He often takes his kids out, and you will find pictures of him and daughter Karima on the red carpet, him and his son O’Shea Jackson Jr attending sports games etc.

Deja Jackson

We don’t know much about Ice Cube’s daughter Deja Jackson. Sources specify that Ice Cube kids include daughter Deja Jackson. However, on one occasion in 2016 he only mentioned his wife and four kids: “I’d like to thank my lovely wife, Kimberly. Who’s been there since day one, through the thick, the thin, and the thick again. And my kids. Darrell, O’Shea, Jr., Karima, and Sharif.” So, Deja was either born after April 2016, or else… it’s some sort of a mystery?

OMG O’Shea Jackson Jr., the son of Kimberly Woodruff and Ice Cube is a rapper. Darrel Jackson (aka Doughboy), the son of Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff is also a rapper. We don’t know much about the other three Ice Cube kids and what they do, but generally because they are younger, they may not have discovered their life passions yet.

O’Shea Jackson Jr

O’Shea Jackson Jr. (born 24 February, 1991) and known by his stage name OMG, is an American rapper and actor. O’Shea is the son of rapper Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff.

Kimberly Woodruff and Ice Cube Grandchild

Ice Cube’s wife Kimberly Woodruff and him are about to become grandparents – their son O’Shea Jackson’s long-time girlfriend Jackie is 6 months pregnant.

Kimberly Woodruff’s Husband

O’Shea Jackson Sr., Ice Cube NWA is one of the greatest hip hop artists in the world. He began his career by founding the famous rap group N.W.A. Later, he launched a solo career in music and cinema. In 1992, Ice Cube converted to Islam.

From the mid-1990s, Jackson focused on acting. His famous movies include: Boyz n the Hood (1991); Friday (1995); Barbershop (2002); Friday After Next (2002); XXX: State of the Union (2005); Ride Along (2014); Straight Outta Compton (2015); Ride Along 2 (2016); Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016).

Kimberly Woodruff’s husband was born on 15 June, 1969 in California. He is currently 47 years old. Ice Cube was born to Doris Benjamin, a custodian and clerk, and Hosea Jackson, a machinist and UCLA groundskeeper. He was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles.

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Ice Cube’s wife Kimberly Woodruff Age, Wiki, Instagram, Actress


  1. Kimberly Woodruff killed herself when she was 23 years old OShea Jackson never married any woman named Kimberly He married me.Im his wife.Im the one he left all his money to.OShea Jr is not his son because OShea At could never have any children.All those children were runaways that he molested Now let’s get straight to the point Ice Cube is dead he got beat into a coma for raping a 23 yearold girl.All that marriage and kids was fake.You been looking at Transvestites.Thid is the truth being his only wife.The check of insurance money and all his millions was made out to me

  2. kimberly is my bestfriend and I find the article correct expect for a couple things. She and her husband do not have a daughter name Deja. Darrell is not her son with her husband but he is her son from her previous relationship and was born in 1986 not 1992. And last but not least Jackie is NOT Oshea Jr’s girlfriend and is NOT pregnant with his child. So Kimberly and her husband are not about to be grandparents of Jackie’s child. O’Shea Jr is dating a young woman who happens to be my daughter and who’s way cuter then Jackie. I’m Mexican American and so is my daughter. My daughter is the one that’s 7 months pregnant with his child NOT Jackie! Other then that I enjoyed the article.

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