Kindle Fire Keeps Restarting

Kindle Fire Keeps Restarting – Reboot Problem Solved!

(Last Updated On: Jun 7, 2016)

What to do if your Kindle Fire keeps restarting in the middle of something, not due to accidentally pressing the power button or due to inactivity? It will go black, show “Kindle Fire” and go to the unlock page. Many people have the problem when Kindle Fire keeps restarting. This makes using the device next to impossible. How to stop it?

There may be a solution to this issue. If your KF turns off and restarts randomly, the first thing is to try a hard reset on your device. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and then release. After the Fire has completely turned off, again press the power button to restart it.

If regular hard reboot didn’t solve the issue, try a hard reboot with rest. Hard reset the device again and leave it off for about 5 minutes. Then turn it on again – this often stops the loop when Kinde Fire keeps restarting.

The third option is to reset your Kindle to factory defaults. Unfortunately, this unregisters your Kindle Fire and you have to get back online and re-register it. If it keeps rebooting you can’t re-register, so it’s a risky fix.

Often if the rebooting solutions do not work, this means that the device is faulty and it is best get it replaced. It may be time to contact Amazon customer service. They may try different options, but if nothing works ultimately they are likely to replace your device. Amazon is usually quick about it.

Causes for the Kindle Fire Restarting Issue

In some cases, the Kindle Fire keeps restarting only in certain WiFi spots, such as non secure networks, while a secured network does not cause any issues, same as if wireless is turned off altogether. The issue will often show up in public internet places, such as airports and cafes. This is a know problem with free WIFI services at certain airports. Amazon seems to be looking into this issue.

If the Kindle Fire keeps restarting, the problem may also be caused by some apps, but it’s hard to pinpoint which app may be the culprit.

The problem can also be caused by letting Amazon Kindle Fire shut itself down because its battery is empty. After charging it and starting it again, it may sometimes enter a reboot loop – it may start to restart itself every 5-10 seconds.

Here is the fix that you can try: unplug the Fire from the USB charger cable, press and hold the power button. While still holding the button, plug the USB charger in. Wait for 40 seconds while still holding the power button. Once the device powers on, let go of the power button. Another option: try charging the Fire longer and then hard reset again.

You can contact Amazon at or by phone Kindle Support: 1-866-321-8851 International: 1-206-266-2992. Note that if you have a rooted device, you cannot send it to for a replacement in that state.

Another option is to try using the WakeLock app that may also help you solve the problem.

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