Kindle on Holiday

Taking Your Kindle on Holiday: 12 Tips

(Last Updated On: Jun 7, 2016)

You can download your entire library on the Kindle. Even on the go, you can buy new books if you run out of the reading material. On E-ink devices, the battery lasts for two weeks and up. Even in the brightest sunlight, the typeface remains razor sharp.

Before and during the trip you should consider some tips to enjoy your Kindle during the holiday.

Kindle on Holiday
Taking Your Kindle on Holiday

We have put together 12 most important tips for a relaxing vacation with an E-reader. 

E-reader or Tablet: Kindle or iPad/Fire on the Holiday?

Reading on a tablet in the sun is painful due to glare and heavy weight. eReaders have a matte display which does not reflect. A Kindle weighs about 180 g on average. This is half as much as the most tablets. Thus, compared to tablets ereaders are:

  • lighter
  • battery lasts longer
  • you can read in the brightest sun

If the device falls down or is stolen, less money is lost.

However, you can play games on an iPad or Amazon Fire, browsing the Web is more comfortable, you can plan routes with Google maps, watch movies, and check the Facebook status. But why be constantly distracted? For many people though, both devices end up in the holiday luggage…

eReader or a Book

Who does not dream of being on a vacation enjoying beautiful ocean views… with a good book in a hammock under the Palm trees…

An eReader doesn’t fit our picture, or does it? On a vacation, the device has massive advantages over regular books; an ereader is:

  • smaller and lighter than a single paperback
  • can store over a thousand books inside

The battery life is good even for travel in remote areas without electricity.

Which Kindle?

The Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage are two great choices in 2016. If you have some money to spare, consider the Kindle Oasis – it is the lightest-weight Kindle and its battery lasts the longest. The Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis have convenient page-turning buttons. The Kindle Paperwhite on the other hand is more affordable.

If you are often on the road, you may want to invest more and buy a version with the 3G accessible all over the world (only for certain though).

Pack charging cable and adapter

Before the trip, fully recharge your device. Also you should take the USB charging cable and an adapter plug for foreign outlets. On a holiday some people tend to read more, so you do not want to end up with a dead battery in the middle of the trip.

Pack the cover

A cover will protect the device from scratches, dust or sand. Some covers will protect it from moisture and water as well, some will make it totally waterproof.

A screen protector film will help to avoid scratches.

E-reader in the hand baggage

To read during a flight, don’t forget to place the device in the hand luggage. At some airports, E-readers need to be taken separately through the airport X-ray scanners. After the security check, check the display – sadly in some cases airport scanners may scramble the Kindle screen.

Note: very rarely, but baggage check can permanently damage an ereader’s electronic ink display. E-ink screens have myriads of tiny capsules filled with magnetic black and white particles. When small voltage is applied across the capsules, it sends either the positively charged white particles or the negatively charged black particles to the front. They stay there until the next time a voltage is applied. A static charge from an airport X-ray scanner can be 100 volts or more. That can permanently stick the ink particles to the screen. According to users, Amazon will replace a Kindle that stopped working after going through an airport scanner.

Takeoff and landing

The device must be switched off during takeoff and landing. Wi-Fi and 3G access must be deactivated during the entire flight. Go to Menu > Settings > Airplane Mode. By switching on the airplane mode you disable Wi-Fi and 3G.

Download all E-books on the device

What good is an E-book located in your E-book store online (cloud) and you cannot access it on the dream beach? So, do download all books onto the device before the trip.

Theft or loss

Enable password protection and parental control, and don’t forget your passwords.

No one can foresee the device being stolen or lost. To protect the contents of a Kindle device or to prevent an unauthorized E-book order, protect the unit with a password or via the parental control (Settings > Device options).

If someone stole your Kindle or you lost it, you should immediately go to (Your Devices), make a note of the serial number and then unsubscribe through the link. Contact the Kindle helpline which can lock your device, so that it is useless to the thief or a dishonest finder.

How to use Wi-Fi in hotels and hotspots

If you don’t have 3G on your device but want to buy an ebook on the go, you will need Wi-Fi access. First of all, connect the E-reader to Wi-Fi. Just open the browser and go to any Web address. Instead of the site you should see the input field for the password of the wireless operator. You can usually get the password at the hotel reception.

After successful login via a browser, you can use the online capabilities of the device.

Your own Wi-Fi with your mobile phone

With 3G ereaders, you can buy E-books or access your own digital library in the cloud all over the world. All other E-readers need Wi-Fi to do this.

However, most mobile phones can build a private Wi-Fi and provide mobile wireless connections for other devices (tethering). This means that an E-reader can also access the Internet from almost anywhere. Even a 500-page novel is relatively small in size and will not be charged in data volume for mobile phones. Before leaving, check out how to enable tethering on your Smartphone.

Be careful! The cost of mobile Internet abroad (roaming) can be enormous. In some cases, downloading a short E-books can be more expensive than the E-book itself. And if you get a mobile wireless card of a foreign mobile operator, tethering may be disallowed.

It is safer to just download the books and the rest onto the ereader before leaving.

Using the browser for E-Mails etc.

Kindle has a built-in Web browser. A Wi-Fi connection is necessary to browse the Internet. The 3G versions allows to access only a few sites such as Wikipedia via the mobile network.

Although the browser can display only black and white, it is sufficient to check mails etc.

Keep in mind that you are not protected in most public Wi-Fi places. Connections should be preferably encrypted via https instead via http. Anyway you should not use sensitive applications such as online banking on the move.

The Amazon Kindle has the edge in comparison to the competition. You can shop for books at Amazon itself, or alternatively downloaded free ebooks legally from sources such as the Project Gutenberg.

Hope our tips were useful. Have a nice holiday and relaxing read!

Do you have any other tips to share for taking a Kindle on a holiday?

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