Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on iPad and iPhone

(Last Updated On: Jun 7, 2016)

With Prime subscription, Kindle owners can browse and choose from 100,000+ books to borrow for free. Books include 100+ New York Times Bestsellers. You can bowwow books as often as one a month, with no due dates.

Can you use the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on iPad or iPhone? Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. KOLL books can only be borrowed through Kindle devices, such as the Kindle readers and Fire tablets. You can not borrow books from this library using a Kindle reading app.

acsm to kindleSo, why is it not possible to utilize the Kindle Owners lending library on iPad or iPhone? Numerous Amazon Prime service users have iOS devices, but no Kindle or Fire. Why cannot they use one of the four primary benefits of Amazon Prime – the access to KOLL?

Sadly, the “Kindle Owners” Lending Library is called so for a reason – it only allows Kindle owners to use it. Why? Because this library is Amazon’s incentive to buy Kindle devices. Amazon has to pay for each and every book lent via the program, as they do not have rights to let the books to be read for free without paying the publishers.

The argument is that Apple device owners pay the same amount per year that Kindle device owners pay for Amazon Prime. Thus, the service should offer the same benefits. The reality is that you are open to the same benefits, but you have to meet one remaining criteria – to get a Kindle or a Fire.

Let’s say you have two devices, a Kindle and an iPhone or iPad. You can get a book on the Kindle, but can you also read it on the iPhone or iPad? Unfortunately, the answer is also “No” – books borrowed from the Kindle Owners Lending Library only work on Kindle and Fire devices. If you move the book onto your Apple device, it will not show up.

As for now, the KOLL is a nice perk offered to Amazon Prime members who own Amazon devices – they have paid additional money to buy a Kindle, so Amazon is offering them this bonus.

Then again, keep in mind that most of the books in the library are $3 – $4 each. You could buy a dozen of ebooks and spend less than the cost of prime, plus get to keep them.

Although there is no option for Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on iPhoneor iPad, there is one other subscription service offered by Amazon that you can utilize on your iPhone or iPad – Kindle Unlimited. Here are the numbers: up to 10 books at a time, unlimited number of books a month, no due dates, access from Kindle application (iPad, iPhone, Android), 1,000,000+ titles available, plus audiobooks.

If you are in the US, another good idea is to check if your local library supports Overdrive ebook lending service. Overdrive works on iPhone and iPad, as well as tablets, PC, Mac. You can borrow audiobooks too. All you need is a valid library card plus PIN from your local library. You can search for your zip code on the Overdrive website to find your local libraries that support it.

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