Kindle Paperwhite Case by Kate Spade

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2016)

A Kindle Paperwhite case by Kate Spade may be rather expensive but this designer brand may be worth it for people who enjoy chic accessories.

Kate Spade is a talented clothing and accessories designer, who has Kindle Paperwhite case designs as well. These are quality Kindle covers that you can find on Amazon. Unfortunately, there are fewer options sold now and many of them are “Currently unavailable”. You will still find some selection on eBay, as well as the official company website.

The designs of Kindle cases by Kate Spade include: pebbled leather case for Kindle Fire HD, Harrison Street Kindle Fire Cover, canvas, sprinkle dot, and so many others.

The Paperwhite cases are designed exclusively for Kindle and feature high-quality exterior shields for your Amazon readers and tablets. These covers will protect your Kindle when not in use, so it holds up through spills, drops etc. Cases come with a hinge system that holds the device securely in place.

Kindle Paperwhite covers by Kate Spade are very cute. They are great as birthday presents or gifts for any special occasion for a Kindle or Fire owner.

Designer covers like a novel Kindle Paperwhite case Kate Spade cost more but they add style to the device. Cases by kate spade are bold and stand out with colors like fire engine red, Tiffany blue, and lime green. The designer also has covers dedicated to popular books, including Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations.

Other designers who shine at creating beautiful designer Kindle cases are Diane von Furstenberg and Cole Haan. Some of their creations may cost as much as the Kindle itself, so are not mainstream but liked by those who follow style and fashion.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade (born Katherine Noel Brosnahan) is the co-founder of the designer brand Kate Spade New York. Spade was born in Missouri, where she graduated from an all-girl Catholic high school. She then graduated from Arizona State University, and then Kappa Kappa Gamma with a degree in journalism.

Spade worked in the accessories department of the Mademoiselle magazine. While at Mademoiselle, she met with Andy Spade; the two were working as salespersons in a men’s clothing store in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1991, she left Mademoiselle with the title of senior fashion editor and head of accessories. Spade and Joel Franklin launched the “kate spade handbags” in 1993. Eventually they extended to clothing jewelry, shoes, eye-wear, fragrance, baby, tabletop, bedding and gifts. Then there were boutiques, “kate spade at home”, three books, international brand, and a store was opened in Japan. Now Kate Spade New York has 140 + retail shops and outlets across the United States, and 175 + shops internationally.

Besides Kindle covers kate spade cases include those for iPhone & iPad, laptop sleeves and bags, and more. The naysayers state that some of the Kindle covers do not always hold devices well, because the elastic corners and straps in some of them just do not hold.
With some of the options, you have to remove the Kindle to turn it on and off. The Kindle has to be turned on and off all the time, and the standard Amazon Kindle Paperwhite case for $39.99 turns on the device automatically as soon as you open the cover. When you close the Amazon leather case with auto wake/sleep, the Paperwhite turns off automatically.

Another issue is that you may not be able to find covers with light, waterproof covers, cases with a stand or a stylus holder in the Kindle Paperwhite case selection by Kate Spade.

But if you love this company’s elegant and unique designs, head on over to Amazon, eBay or the official website and you may find a great new case for your Kindle Paperwhite!

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