Kindle Voyage 2 Rumors

Kindle Voyage 2 Rumors 2016

(Last Updated On: Jun 7, 2016)

There were a lot of Kindle Voyage 2 rumors a year ago. Many people actually decided to wait for the new model based on the rumor, but turned out there was no Voyage 2 in 2015. Now in 2016 many of us are still waiting for the Kindle Voyage 2, but will it be released in 2016?

In April 2016 Amazon introduced the Oasis – a thinner reader with a handle-grip and a unique case that can recharge the device. The Oasis is the new flagship Amazon ereader, but the future of the Voyage is unclear.

Where did the Kindle Voyage 2 rumors originate?

The information was first shared on a reputable website that is often “in the know”. People that work for Freescale later confirmed that there are works on the expected Kindle Voyage 2 processor, but the model is not ready to launch.

Kindle Voyage 2 RumorsSome people also spoke to Amazon customer service at the end of 2015, who said that there is a new Voyage set to be released but they could not give any specific release time-frame.

Finally, some people must have speculated that a new Voyage 2 may be released in November 2015 based on that Amazon usually releases new Kindles around that time each year.

Oasis instead of the rumored Voyage 2?

Was the Kindle Oasis lunched instead the Voyage 2? The Kindle Oasis is smaller, it maintains the same 300 pixels display, but has a very different design and is a lot more expensive. The Kindle Voyage 2 rumors had it that the Voyage 2 would redefine what an e-reader is… Yet the Oasis has redefined it instead…

Also, the Voyage model isn’t selling as well as the other Kindles based on user reviews and the Amazon bestsellers list. There’s probably not a large profit margin on the Voyage thanks to all the extra hardware features and sensors. Based on Amazon’s history, they may just discontinue the Voyage line now that the Oasis is here, even though many people wish that Amazon would release a 2nd gen Voyage 2 – a better and cheaper one.

Little is known for a fact about the Amazon Kindle Voyage 2, but many people continue to believe that there will be a Voyage 2 in 2016. If so, Amazon is taking its time with this one.

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