Lisa Nicole Cloud – Age, Husband, Net Worth, Eticity

(Last Updated On: Apr 29, 2017)

Lisa Nicole Cloud is a business mogul, who has achieved phenomenal success in direct marketing and sales.

Born in 1973 Baltimore, MD, the American businesswoman is 44 years old. She is married to Darren Naugles and has two children: Amira Faith Naugles and D.J. Naugles. Lisa Nicole Cloud’s daughter and son are two wonderful kids that make their parents proud.

Lisa Cloud has lived at different locations throughout the US: Duluth, GA; Atlanta, GA; Hanover, MD; Columbia, MD; Alpharetta, GA; Shaker Heights, OH; Baltimore, MD; Decatur, GA; Smyrna, GA.

Her husband’s (Darren Deandre Naugles) alleged affair was exposed on reality TV. Lisa Nicole Cloud’s hubby Darren Naugles was accused of sleeping with a man and being a regular at a local strip club. Lisa even considered leaving the Married to Medicine show after the footage, but decided to stay.

Lisa Nicole Cloud has come a long way since then. The incident with the stripper and the situation with the guy – all of this put the couple at a place where they had to work hard through communication and trust. They also went through counseling to help throughout this process. Plenty of marriages have gone down because of reality TV, but Lisa Nicole Cloud and her husband decided that are not going to be one of them.

In 2016, Cloud and Naugles were trying to have a baby. Considering that Lisa Nicole Cloud’s age is up there – she was 43 years old in 2016, some people were concerned for Lisa from Bravo’s Married to Medicine trying for another baby, just because of her age.

In 2017, Darren Naugles, Lisa Nicole Cloud’s husband addressed gay rumors at the “Married To Medicine” Reunion. Andy Cohen gave Lisa Nicole Cloud’s hubby the floor to talk about the gay accusations. Dr. Darren Naugles’ alleged gay lover Damen Wayne also spoke out, only adding to the already much-discussed situation.

What is Lisa Nicole Cloud’s nationality? We do know that Lisa has multiracial ethnicity. On younger photos of Lisa from before she was who she is today, it is especially clear. However, we do not know the particularities of her ethnic background, because there is not much information about her mom and dad online.

Lisa’s net worth is estimated at ‎$8 Million Dollars. Lisa Nicole Cloud is business and success coach, author, fashion designer, and the CEO of a few successful companies.

Even though that Lisa Nicole Cloud is done with ‘Married to Medicine’ (the star quit Married to Medicine, but some believe that she was fired), she remains a successful business mogul and a powerful TV persona.

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