Lori McCommas, Ex-Wife of Terrence Howard

(Last Updated On: Jun 6, 2017)

Lori McCommas is the ex-wife of Terrence Howard, the Oscar-nominated and Academy Award nominated star of the Empire and Hustle & Flow.

Lori McCommas and Howard were married twice. First, the actor and his college sweetheart were married for fourteen years, from 1989 to their divorce in 2003. They reconciled and got married again in 2005, but then got divorced again in 2007.

Lori and Terrence were college sweethearts at Pratt Institute, New York. Lori became pregnant and the couple got married two years into the college education.

Terrence and Lori Howard have three children together: Daughter Aubrey, 23, son Hunter, 21, and daughter, Heavenly, 19. They raised their three children to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. Lori McCommas Howard is listed as Jewish in several articles.

His marriage to the mother of three of his children Lori McCommas Howard started to fall apart, allegedly thanks to his drinking and disorderly conduct.

In 2001, Terrence was arrested in Pennsylvania on suspicion of assaulting his wife. He had punched Lori with a closed fist (according to her and a lawyer). Later, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

Lori McCommas is a grandmother. In 2012, her 18-year-old daughter Aubrey gave birth to a baby girl named Hazel, which was her first child with husband William Gayle. Hazel is five years old in 2017.

American actor and singer Terrence Dashon Howard (born in 1969) was also married to advertising worker Michelle Ghent (2010 to 2013). According to the Empire star, his second wife, an Asian, was a violent racist, as well as a blackmailer. She would sometimes yell things like: “[I] didn’t want to be the step mother of some n– kids,” and that she would have him killed. Later on, Lori McCommas ex was sued by wife for assault and defamation.

In 2015, the actor confessed he slapped his first wife, Lori McCommas, and got physical with his second wife – Michelle Ghent as well. It had also transpired that Howard harassed and stalked his first wife, as well as broke down her door. The 2001 altercation unfolded in front of their children.

Having admitted to domestic violence, Terrence Howard said that punching ex-wives were “terrible mistakes”.

Howard got married for the third time, to Mira Pak in 2013. It was his second relationship with an Asian lady. The couple welcomed son Qirin in May 2013. The two quietly divorced in July, 2015.
However, in August 2016 the “Empire” star revealed that he and Mira became parents to baby boy Hero.

The star of Fox’s super hit drama Empire has a total of five children from his marriages.

In 2014, Michelle Ghent was trying to take Lori McCommas Howard’s ex-husband to court for an estimated third of a million in past due spousal support, as well as attorney and accountant fees.
However, Howard couldn’t bare the expenses – he was too broke to pay his second ex-wife alimony. Court papers cited him as bringing in several thousand dollars monthly, part of which had a designation to child support for his children from Lori McCommas.

An American homemaker, Lori Howard (born as Lori McCommas), previously married to Terrence Howard is believed to be currently single. Her current job is related to insurance.

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