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Chris Brown’s Sister Lytrell Bundy – Bio, Net Worth, Age, Brother

(Last Updated On: Aug 2, 2020)

Lytrell Bundy is the older sister of Chris Brown – the famous American Hip Hop and RnB singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Lytrell Bundy is Chris’s only sibling.

Lytrell “Tootie” Bundy was born and raised in Tappahannock, Virginia, USA. She was born in 1981 and is 36 years old in 2017. She and her brother have an eight-year age difference. Chris Brown is 27 years old in 2017, he was born on the 5th of May 1989.

Tootie graduated from High School in Virginia. In September 1998, she enrolled into JMU – James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She studied biology and graduated from JMU in May 2001. James Madison University, founded in 1908 is a public institution offering bachelors, masters and doctoral programs.

There isn’t much Lytrell Bundy biography online. According to some sources, Lytrell is a banker at her local bank in Virginia. “Tootie” has lived in different locations throughout Virginia, including her hometown and current city Tappahannock, as well as Harrisonburg, Henrico, and Richmond, VA.

Lytrell and Chris’s father is Clinton Brown and their mother is Joyce Hawkins. Mr Clinton Brown was the corrections officer the local prison. Their mother Mrs Joyce Hawkins was a daycare center director. Unfortunately, their parents broke up when Chris and Tootie were little, and were raised by their mother.

Tootie seems to shy away from the social media spotlight, however she did speak out a few times. There is a cute video of her and her brother on YouTube – a clip from the making of Access Granted with Chris Brown (Gimme That) in 2006.

The clip shows Lytrell and her brother fooling around and sharing things about their childhood. Christopher says that his sis used to beat him up when he was little, and once pushed him down a flight of stairs… Lytrell denies this but mentions that she put him in the corner once and he cried out for mum. At the end of the clip Chris says that he survived all of this and starts singing I Will Survive…

Lytrell Bundy had also spoken out after the 2009 incident involving Christopher Maurice Brown and Rihanna, in an interview to Extra magazine quoted by the New York Daily News. She said it wasn’t like him and that he had never been violent in his life, and had always been a good boy and an upstanding citizen. After the incident, Chris was reportedly staying with his mother and sister in Virginia.

Lytrell “Tootie” Bundy does have a few social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. However, she is not active on any of these websites. She joined Twitter in December 2014 but has not tweeted anything as of yet, she follows one person has 33 followers. Her profile reads: “official Twitter love you @chrisbrown”. We were unable to find Lytrell Bundy Instagram.

Looking at the pictures, Tootie looks a lot like her mum Joyce Hawkins, while Breezy looks more like his father Clinton Bundy (Clinton Brown). Hopefully in the future Chris and his older sister will share more photos of their family with the world.

Chris has great affection with his sister, and she loves him dearly. They always try to share happy moments of their lives with each other.

Lytrell Bundy’s net worth is not known, but we do know that Chris Brown net worth is about $30 million in 2017. Breezy has his own luxury fashion line Pyramid, has featured in a few movies including the 2007 Stomp the Yard and has released several hit singles and albums.

Chris Brown’s family now also includes a daughter named Royalty Brown, even though he’s not married yet. Nia Guzman, Royalty’s mother kept her a secret from Chris until 2015. Nia, a nursing student and model believed that he wasn’t ready until then. Chris seems to be doing well with his daughter Royalty, Lytrell Bundy’s niece. He threw a $30,000 Disney’s Frozen-themed party on her second birthday on the 27th of May 2016.


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