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(Last Updated On: Apr 20, 2017)

Lyzel Williams is the ex-husband of singer, songwriter and actress Jill Scott. Lyzel Williams is a graphic design professional from the Greater Philadelphia Area. Currently he works for Comcast Interactive Media. His previous placements include: Intermedia Interactive Solutions, Intermedia Interactive Software, The Philadelphia Tribune.

Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott

Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott dated for several years, prior to getting married in 2001. It was a small private ceremony in Hawaii during a vacation. Lyzel and Jill were married for almost 6 years, until their divorce in 2007.

Jill Scott spouse had inspired her to write at least two songs about him, the most popular being: “He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)”. The single was released as part of her debut “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1”

Lyzel Williams and his ex used to hangout, go to clubs, dance, drink and party a lot (according to an interview she gave to Launch in 2001). They did other exciting things together: taking long walks and going to carnivals; she enjoyed his company a lot. Lyzel Williams became very involved in his ex-lovers career management (for Blue Babes Management). When Jill and Lyzel broke up, she was a Grammy award-winning neo-soul singer.

It’s not clear what went wrong for this couple who used to be so in love for many years, but their relationship started to break down. In one interview Lyzel’s ex mentioned how he stopped eating her cooking; he would leave it untouched on the counter for days. It was not her cooking skills that upset him, but some issues in their relationship.

Lyzel Williams’ net worth is unknown, but is estimated to be over $1 million.

Lil John Roberts

After the divorce from Lyzel Williams in 2007, Jill Scott started dating again and became engaged to her drummer Lil John Roberts. The couple had a son in 2009. Soon after that, they broke off their engagement and ended their relationship.

The singer embarked on a weight-loss journey after her son Jett was born in 2009, and lost 63 pounds by 2011. Many people wanted to know about Jill Scott’s weight loss, and she shared her weight loss secrets and exercise routine (included boxing and biking) online.

In 2011, Jill shared that she believes there should be more to a relationship than just sex. Both parties need to give more than just “the goods”, otherwise they might be missing out on meeting someone who they could share much more with

Mike Dobson

In June 2016, Jill Scott and Mike Dobson, her long-time boyfriend got married. Mike’s friend DJ Mars, who was booked for the wedding a year prior posted photographs and videos from the wedding on his Instagram page.

DJ Mars had no idea who his friend Mike Dobson was getting married to, and was shocked to find out it who it was. The bride looked stunning on the wedding day in a white gown with lace sleeves and gorgeous veil. The groom looked awesome in a black tuxedo.

Lyzel Williams’ Ex-Wife, Jill Scott

Lyzel Williams’ ex-wife was born on the 4th of the April, 1972 in Philadelphia, PA. She is a famous R&B singer, who rose to fame fast after her 2000 debut “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1”. The album went platinum and its two follow-ups “Beautifully Human” and “The Real Thing” achieved gold status.

The talented performer also starred in the movies “Hounddog” and “Why Did I Get Married” in 2007. She released her fourth album “The Light of the Sun” in 2011, starred in “Get On Up” in 2014 and released the 5th album “Woman” in 2015.

Lyzel Williams, Lil John Roberts and Mike Dobson are the three men who influenced Jill Scott’s music and helped her create some of her most beautiful songs.


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