Marcella Samora, Selena’s Mother

(Last Updated On: Apr 16, 2017)

Marcella Samora, the mother of Selena Quintanilla’s was born on July 17, 1944 in USA. Marcella Samora is 72 years old in 2017 and lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has lived in Corpus Christi for most of her life with her husband and family.

Marcella is half Mexican-American and half Cherokee-Indian descent. Her father originated from Amarillo and her mother was from Colorado.

Marcella Samora and Her Husband

Marcella Samora’s husband Abraham Quintanilla Jr. was born in February 1939 in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States. He is 78 years old in 2017. Abraham is an American singer, songwriter and record producer.

Marcella met her future husband in 1961, when he was drafted into the military and was stationed at the base near Tacoma, Washington.

Marcella Samora married Abraham Quintanilla Jr. in 1963. The two have celebrated 53 years together or in June 2016. They have three children together: A.B. Quintanilla III (born 1963), Suzette Quintanilla (born 1967), and Selena (born 1971).

Marcella Samora Children

Abraham Quintanilla was discharged from active duty in December 1963, and that’s when Marcella give birth to her first child Abraham Quintanilla III. A.B. III is a record producer and the older brother of Selena. He is 53 years old in 2017.

In June 1967, Marcella gave birth to Suzette Quintanilla; she is 49 years old in 2017. Suzette is an actress and the wife of Bill Arianna. the two married in 1993 and have a son named Jovan. The son of Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga is currently in 19 years old.

Suzette “Suzy” Quintanilla, former drummer of the Lost Dinos congratulated her mom and dad via Facebook in 2015, wishing them a very happy 52 years together.

Marcella Ophelia Samora (Marcella Zamora Quintanilla) has three grandchildren: Savani and Gianu Quintanilla, and Jovan Arriaga.


Marcella Samora’s famous daughter, Selena Quintanilla Perez, best known as Selena is a Mexican-American singer, model, actress and spokesperson often referred to as the Queen of Tejano Music. Her fame grew through the early 90s, especially in Spanish speaking countries and America.

Selena Quintanilla-Perez was murdered 22 years ago, in March 1995 in a hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas. Selena was murdered at the age of 23 years old by Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her fan club.

Two weeks after her death, Selena’s birthday was declared Selena’s a day in Texas. In 1997 Warner Brothers produced a movie Selena based on her life; the movie stars Jennifer Lopez.