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(Last Updated On: Dec 6, 2017)

When it comes to antiques and British television, there are few antiques experts as popular as Michael Baggott; a self-proclaimed silver enthusiast. The ruddy faced British gentleman you might recognize as that ‘larger than life’ presenter of ‘Flog It’ on BBC, is just about the person you want to talk to when it comes to anything silver collectibles and antiques.

From humble beginnings to TV fame, glitz and glamour

Little is known about the most intimate details of Michael Baggott’s early life, save for his early onset love affair with antique silver, right from high school. His first investment in a future of silver evaluation is his first personal memento, a Chester silver Vesta case, which cost him about twenty-two Pounds’ (£22.00) worth of dinner money. While still in a school yard, at a time when many young people thought no more of silver than of trying not to lose grandma’s favorite set, Michael was already enamored with the world of the depth and beauty that goes into intricately carved, aged pieces of silver.

While his first encounter might have been with silver ornaments, Michael Baggott has created a company that extends way beyond just silver pieces and heirloom into all things silver and collectible. Baggotsilver offers visitors to their business some silver art, although silver spoons still remains his first love and most dedicated specialty. Michael wasted no time in following up with his passion while in the University, which had him working for the prestigious Christie’s and building up on his career goals. On graduating from University, a steady career progression had him managing the department of South Silver at Sotheby’s for four good years. The years he put into practice must have paid off immensely, as he now appears to be at the peak of a silver evaluation career.

The Renowned Antique Consultant

At the moment, Michael Baggott runs his own private consulting service, working ‘by appointment’ as an antique silver specialist, with a particular interest in early antique silver spoons. Michael also works as a researcher on British silver acquired from the provinces. The website for his business advertises him as specializing in ‘rare and unusual’ pieces, boxes, antique spoons and all silver, both from the provinces and the continent as well. With a wide price range starting from as low as twenty pounds, it is possible for low earners to get started on the antique silver collection, or even as a special and unique gift item for a newly wedded couple or christened child.

Baggott is an expert and has authored illustrative and concise books on silver with published articles in the journal, ‘The Finial’, the Silver Spoon Club of Great Britain’s own publications, of which Michael is a proud member. He is the author of ‘An Illustrated Guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858’ among other works. Michael’s range of expertise can be commended based on his work with ‘Flog It’ on BBC One where he evaluates antiques from autographs to gold coins.

Personal Life

While Michael is tagged as married, very little is known about his personal life, and no specific confirmation on his marriage status or whether he is dating anybody, the most he seems to be willing to share is his love for pies and tweeting about using his grandma’s recipe for a piece of cake or pie he shared with his followers. There is a lot of speculation going on about Michael Baggot being married to Elizabeth Talbot, a fellow Flog It specialist who is said to be married with twin girls. Elizabeth is a bit more informative than Michael, and she is said to be married to a certain Michael without a given last name.

Elizabeth Talbot, Queen of the Antique

Elizabeth Talbot, an acclaimed auctioneer and cataloger was born in Lincoln but moved to Norfolk, England and has built up quite the resume in auctioneering of antique collections. Elizabeth Talbot’s love for articles of gone-by eras started as a result of her childhood family visits to museum and state homes. She therefore developed a love not only for intricate antiques and such, but for everyday items and the stories of lives lived by these ordinary items. She worked in London for three years in an auction department for a particular firm, before moving to Eat Anglia after getting married, to take up a position as an auctioneer and valuer with TW Gaze and Son, at their Diss auction rooms. She rose through the ranks to become the first female partner of the firm in 2000. She has had a bit of media exposure, working with Flog It, Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic as ‘resident on-screen expert’. She alludes to having specialties or preferences for paintings and crafts in general, but has been able to build up her portfolio by educating herself on various other aspects of the antique auctioneering and evaluation world. Her presence as a female in a mostly male dominated industry such as auctioneering has probably given her an edge and prominence in her success.

Michael Baggott has often been a source of controversy and concern on social media and other internet platforms where people worry about the antique silver specialist’s state of health, based on his girth, which seems to be on a steady increase and he has been the subject of much speculation. The debate often centers on whether his weight problem is as a result of unhealthy eating habits or a glandular inconsistency. A lot of people agree that he looks quite unhealthy and should put in some more effort into losing some weight and living healthier so that he doesn’t come to quite an abrupt end due to weight related complications. Under speculations about his weight were comments on how striking it is that Elizabeth Talbot, his supposed wife is quite skinny and almost an exact opposite.

While they may not be the couple they are rumored to be, Elizabeth Talbot and Michael Baggott certainly do have a very unique feature in common; their individual loves and passions for old things; from which they have each built up impressive careers.

Michael Baggot remains an antique dealer to be admired with his wealth of knowledge, and unbridled passion for silver collectibles distinguishing him in the industry. His journey is remarkable for someone who was not born with a silver spoon but is now inseparable from silver antiques.


  1. Mimi B., I agree. Michael is dangerously obese (‘superobese’). This means his BMI is over 50, I suspect. Surely, the BBC has a duty of care to ensure he receives appropriate medical advice?

  2. I wonder if he had relations in Bakewell as I used to play with Baggotts boys during the 2 nd world war’

  3. I am a great fan of Michael but, when I see him on TV I do worry about his weight, it is so bad for him. His wife and family must be very concerned.

  4. It is Michael and Elizabeth’s private life and they should be left alone to live it with their family..

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