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(Last Updated On: Apr 23, 2017)

Should I buy one with 8gb ram and 256gb ssd if I am a regular user? It should be enough, if you need some extra memory you can expand with a micro sd, and the ram memory is fine for a regular user. I work with autocad and office and theres no problem, the sp4 256gb/8gb ram can handle without a problem.

Does it come with a keyboard? No. The keyboard is extra and functions as the cover.

How loud is the fan on the i5 models? Half as loud as a regular laptop.

Does this comes with the surface pen? Yes.

Does it have a hdmi port? It has a mini display port, but through the use of an adapter this will allow an HDMI connection.

Surface Pro 4 need a antivirus? No, windows 8 and above come with Microsoft Defender (Previous Microsoft Security Essentials).

Why does this now say “old version”? A surface pro 5 was expected but it is not happening, as confirmed by Microsoft.

Will visual studio work fine on surface pro 4 (128 gb, 4 gb ram, intel core i5)? It will work on the Surface. However, for any image or video processing software, 8gB is probably recommended.

What Specs or Style would you reccomend for basic music & video editing? This one came highly recommend for video editing. And audio editing is great to.

Read kindle books on it? If so, how is the format and is it easy to use? Comparable to an iPad? I have read Kindle books on it. In landscape mode it works fine, especially in 2 column mode, which is what I prefer. In portrait mode, it doesn’t work right. You only get one column and it is extremely scrunched up. I think this is some issue with the Kindle app thinking the screen is a phone instead of a table. So in landscape mode, it is is just as good as an iPad, but certainly not in portrait mode.

Does a charger come with it? Yes, the Surface Pro 4 comes with a charger.

Is a charger included or does onr have to purchase a docker? A charger is provided as part of the Surface Pro 4 kit. A docking station (with power and data ports) is an optional accessory.

Can you connect to a projector for giving powerpoint presentations? Yes, you can.

Does it come with the office or i’ll have oreder it seperately? Office is sold separately.

Is this a 2016 model? How can I tell? The Pro 4 model was just released last Oct. 26, so it could be as far back as model year 2015.

Under this listing it says “newer model available”? The newer model is $200 more? Has to do with newer operating system is all.

What is the difference between this model and the “newer model”? The Anniversary Surface Pro 4 now comes fully preinstalled with our Windows 10 Anniversary Update–which includes Windows Ink, Windows Hello, and comprehensive security.

Do I need 8 GB RAM to run Dragon Naturally Speaking? According to Nuance, you would need 4GB for the latest version.

Is there a setting for only the pen to touch the tablet? Yes, if you go to Settings > Devices > Pen & Windows Ink > Ignore touch input when I’m using my pen > Slide to “On”.

Can it connect an external cd-rom which it is no power just with a usb cable? The surface pro 4 does have a USB connection option. I am not sure as to the type of cd-rom player you have but it should connect as long as it has a USB.

What is the difference between M and M3? There is no difference, it is an Intel M3 processor.

Will it run Windows only apps? Like .exe files? Yes, it is a full-functioning computer.

How does intel core m compared to intel core 5? The i5 processor will provide a more powerful experience overall.

Does the computer come with Mandarin display language option? Yes, it does. You can change the default language within Control Panel > Language > Change your language preferences > Add a language.

Does it come with the surface pen? Yes it does, its great too very responsive, i love the click to operate too, very easy to pair also.

I’m a Graphic Design student looking to buy this, which spec options would be best for adobe programs? This depends on the program. I recommend checking out the product system requirements and comparing side by side:

Can you connect surface pro 4 to external cd rom? Should be able to if external CD drive communicates via USB.

I can use 3tb harddrive ? No, sorry the hard drive in Surface is not upgradeable.

Do i need virus protection? Windows 10 comes fully equipped with Windows Defender to protect you from viruses.

Can more than one item be connected by bluetooth? Yes, One is your pen, others can be your phone, bluetooth earphone, keyboard and.

Does it include office? There is a 30-day trial of Office 365, I believe. This is spelled out on the Microsoft Store web site.

Does this have a dvd/bluray player? No, it does not. If you had an external DVD drive with USB, you could connect it via USB.

Are any of the surface pro 4s good for Xbox Play Anywhere? Tyler, I have no idea but if it is graphics intensive then I would suspect that only the Surface Book would be a good candidate.

Whats the maximum memory that can be in the tab, micro sd/+ an HDD through the usb3 port/a hub? I think max will depend on OS. I will tell you what I have tried. I have used 256GB MicroSD, and, 1TB external USB hard drive.

Is surface pro 3 keyboard compatible with surface pro 4? It is not. You would need the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover.

Can I use pro 3 keyboard on pro 4? Hi Tanya – No, the Surface Pro 3 Type Cover is designed exclusively for the Surface Pro 3.

How can we be sure if we order from this seller that it comes with standard manufacturer warrenty? I probably it does, but you should contact them if you are in doubt.

Can you download excel? You can get the whole ms office.

What software is pre-loaded? Just Windows 10 Pro. No third party software.

Can i choose a color for this device? Or is it just one color. I don’t see an option. I have only one color.

Would a keyboard from a surface pro 3 work with the 128 gb surface pro 4? It is not. You would need the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover found here:It is not. You would need the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover found here:Microsoft Type Cover for Surface Pro 4 – Black (QC7-00001).

How is this different from the newer model? This is the 2015 product SKU. The newer SKU now comes fully preinstalled with our Windows 10 Anniversary Update–which includes comprehensive security, Windows Ink, and Windows Hello.

I am not a gamer, just want to run office for work and store a lot of photos / music. Can anyone advise what configuration would be sufficient? Core i5 with 4GB RAM and 128 GB storage is sufficient.

How effective in image editing is the surface pro 4 and its SP4 pen? Image editing requires precision and I believe the Surface Pro4 is very good at that task. Ideally a standard full-desktop is excellent to use for that professional task because of the intense power required. The SP4 pen/stylus is very responsive and works well enough to do shading and applying gradients/filters to images. I highly recommend it for image editing and everyday use.

I saw a model, i couldnt find the headphone/microphone jack. Is there one? Yes, it has one. It’s on the left side, near the top.

Can you use this as a 2nd monitor? I have a custom built pc and i’d like to use the surface pro 4 as a screen to directly draw or model on.? Both.

Does it play cds? You would have to plug in an external CD/DVD into the USB port. You can get them on Amazon for less than $30.

How much hd space is used by the basic sp4 os and preinstalled apps? Tks? It all depends on which model you decide to buy. You can find a full breakout here: all depends on which model you decide to buy.

I am shopping for one of these for college-use. Should I be looking at the intel core m processor or the i5 processor? If your major is engineering or architecture the M is the fastest but if not the i5 is very good.

What come with this if purchased from Amazon (pen?, keyboard? Etc)? Surface Pro 4, Pen, Charger.

Can this run iTunes? Yes, it can run pretty much any software a typical Windows 10 computer can run.

Does it have the finger reader? You can purchase a keyboard/cover for $159 that has a fingerprint reader built in. Check Microsoft’s website for more info.

I am a photographer what model should I get? The Surface Pro 4, but I would advise you to go to a store, see it yourself and ask all pertinent questions.

If I’m going to just use this to take hand-written notes, are there any downsides to the cheapest version (M processor) ? Across all models of Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pen offers reduced latency and 1024 pressure levels regardless of processor type. Jotting down notes, sketching, and other pen-used applications do not imposed heavy demand on the processor.

What’s the difference between intel core M and intel core i5? Core M is fanless.

Is the cover included with the product? No, that’s a separate $130 purchase.

What’s the difference between i7 and i7e? 2) Does this have the Intel 520 or the iris 540? Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i7 uses Intel Iris graphics.

Can you play world of warcraft on the surface pro? Yes.

Why do the ms updates delete programs on our surface pro 4? Microsoft reviews all the applications on your PC during a Windows 10 update and remove any non-compatible applications as well as any that could create security issues.

Can this connect to a tv or secondary monitor? Yes.

Dose it come with the pen? Yes.

Is this compatible with itunes? Yes, it is.

With the surface pro 4 dock can you still use the display port on the device? Yes, in my case I had to use it because the dock seldom works.

Can it run corel draw x8 or sure cuts alot 4 cutting software or embrillance software for embroidery? I’m not familiar with those specific programs, however I have this same surface computer and can run the full suite of Adobe products, along with autocad and variable v5, so I would be confident that it can. The only real limitation would be if it requires a dedicated graphics processor, which this does not have. I would look up the software online and find the minimum requirements to compare against what the surface has.

Charger dose it came with this product? Yes it comes with it’s AC power adapter \ charger.

What are the dimensions? 8″ x 11.5″ x 3/8″ without keyboard.

Which set ups will play the sims? I have the i7 model and it plays high quality games very smoothly.

I see a lot of 1 stars. Is this item really worth the 1600 thousand dollars i’d be paying i don’t want to regret getting this, i need it for school? If you want it just for school, go for the i5 model with 8GB ram.

Does it play cds? There is no CD tray.

How is the palm rejection? Is handwriting on the tablet similar to real handwriting? If you’re using the pen, it will detect it within a little less than an inch off the screen and will not register your palm. If you normally rest your hand and lift your pen away from the screen (rotating the pen upwards), you might experience some funky movement. It might take a little to adjust to writing on a tablet, but the handwriting is pretty similar to real handwriting. I’ve got messy writing but it can still register most of the characters as text.

Can you stream, download and watch amazon prime videos on a surface pro 4 in a similar way that you can on an Ipad? Yes.

Are the M3 version including the surface pro pen? Because on the official website, the M3 version is no pen? Microsoft added an option to buy Surface Pro 4 (M3 processor) with no pen at lower sale price. But different sellers, including myself (InspectorGadget0434) do sell the Surface Pro 4 (M3 processor) with the Surface Pen included (at affordable price).

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