Microsoft Surface RT – Important Questions Answered

(Last Updated On: Apr 23, 2017)

What does RT stand for in “Microsoft Surface RT”? RT is a version of Windows 8 optimized to run on ARM processors, common in tablets. The name was inspired by Windows RunTime. Compared with tablets running Pro, devices running RT are cheaper, have a better battery life and can be thinner. However, RT will only run apps downloaded from Windows Store, which presently has a smaller selection of applications compared with Google Play and Apple store.

If your tablet requirements are standard, you are considering the Surface because it has MS Office, RT isn’t a bad option. However, if there are programs you definitely need, consider the Surface Pro.

How does Microsoft Surface RT compare to iPads? This depends on what you want to accomplish. The iPad is more of a toy, while the Surface RT is usable for all uses, at a lower cost. The iPad has more apps. But if you need to work with office apps, be able to print to any printer and a have full browser experience, then the Surface is better. Surface is basically a touch-screen computer, not just a tablet.

What software is available on this tablet? All Office software, free. It comes with Office 2013 Home and Student.

Does it come with virus or spyware protection? Windows Defender for Wndows 8RT is include, and security essentials. Microsoft security essentials is the most installed antivirus software on the market.

Can you write on the screen? Yes, but it is similar to writing on an iPad (capacitive touch screen), not like the Surface Pro digitizer pen. Any pen that works with iPad should also work with the Surface RT; however, the digitizer pens will not.

Can I use this tablet to play amazon prime videos and use Kindle fire apps? Yes, the Windows based system will allow the use of Amazon books and movies.

Do you need to buy a keyboard? Well, you don’t need to buy one to use it. Similar to the iPad, a keyboard is displayed on the touch screen when input is required. But a type keyboard can make it more practical, quicker and less tedious. Will a regular keyboard/mouse work? Yes, most usb devices will work it, and so will wireless devices. It will take a multiport USB hub with no problem.

How long does the battery last? If you do not use it everyday, it can last for 4-5 days. The battery generally last around 8 hours. It does take a while to recharge. It lasts all day long on battery even without being in “sleep” mode.

Does it come with the Office package? Word, Excel, PowerPoint? Yes.

Can it run photo editing software? Adobe Photoshop works well, and it’s free.

Some people are having problems with their tablet freezing up. This can happen when you are multitasking, but isn’t frequent. Holding the power button for 10 seconds will unfreeze it.

Where do you get games? There are numerous games available on the Windows Store.

“Does the charger plug into the USB port to charge the tablet? No the charger uses a special 4 pin connector on the side of the tablet. You can use the device while it is charging. You can charge it from the Surface USB port but it doesn’t support “optimized” charging.”

It can use a bluetooth connection for keyboard, headphones, etc. The included USB port also supports keyboard, mouse, and headphones as well.

Does the surface RT have a headphone jack? Yes, in its upper left side, it’s a standard jack size for stereo.

Does it have Adobe flash player? Yes, in desktop mode. The metro interface IE 10 has it disabled, but in the traditional mode in desktop, in the full fledged IE 10 it works. According to some sources, both the desktop and Metro version of IE utilize flash. You can play Facebook games like candy crush and farm heroes which both use flash. The operating system updates the flash so.

Google Chrome? Chrome cannot be installed on the surface RT, unlike the surface Pro you cannot. There may be a workaround but it won’t work right out of the box.

Can you install iTunes on the Surface RT? No, unlike the surface Pro you cannot.

Does it come with 4G? No, it’s WiFi only. If you don’t have WiFi available you can tether your phone to it. If you have broadband access to your home and a wireless router, it will operate on this connection. Just set it up to your wireless router.

Does it have expandable memory? Yes, it has a microSD card slot and allows you to easily expand the storage space for songs, movies, pictures, documents, etc. The SD Slot is on the Right side on the opening of the back stand.

Do I have to install Skype? You would have to install it from the windows apps store. It may be preinstalled in some versions.

Can you attach a cd/dvd drive? Unlike with Surface Pro, which runs “real” Windows, the Surface RT uses a runtime version of Windows 8.1, which has limited file support for external media. But you can achieve this using a USB.

Can you make phone calls? No. It does not have gsm capability to make calls or to support 3G internet. However, if you have a premium subscription to some voice service like Skype, you can.

Does it have a SIM slot? No, it doesn’t, but it does have a USB slot that allows you to attach any USB capable memory device.

What’s the difference between RT and RT 8.1? It’s just an update.

Does it have a disc drive? No, it doesn’t have any CD or DVD drive. Its USB port allows you to connect an external disc drive to watch dvds on it.

Does it have GPS? The Surface RT does not have GPS, but it does have location services. Also, there are apps available for GPS usage.

Does it come with a cover? No, but it has a built in stand.

Does the surface RT have a quad-core processor? No. A dual-core processor.

Can it run itunes and synchronize music/movies to iphone? No it cannot, because it is a Windows.

Does it have a gorilla glass? No, it does not.

Can you read ebooks on it? Yes, just download free apps for ebooks from windows app store.

Netflix? Netflix has an app in the Microsoft app store that is a free app. Works perfectly, no lagging.

Cameras? Front and back facing, both work well for the standard use cameras.

Itunes? Itunes is in not available to download on the Surface RT.

Can you link your windows phone to it? Yes, there’s a Windows Phone app that you can sync with.

Does it play video formats like mpg, avi, mkv, etc.? Yes.

Can you install Minecraft on it? No you cannot download any third party apps.

Can it be read in direct sunlight? Yes, but just like any table, it’s easier to read out of direct sunlight.

Does surface RT allow you to voice text and voice email? Yes.

Is it a touchscreen tablet? Yes, it is.

What is the warranty of the product? It’s a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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