Mike Rowe, America’s “Dirtiest Television Host” – Bio, Net Worth, Love Life

(Last Updated On: Nov 24, 2017)

Known for his dedication to exposing the “dirty jobs” out there and romanticizing the people who proudly do them, Mike Rowe has captured the hearts and television screens of millions of people through his career. Rowe never seems to mind jumping in feet first, whether it’s slopping pigs on a farm, shoveling trash into an industrial burner, or any other number of less than ideal careers you can think of. A true working man’s hero, Mike Rowe seems to be on a mission to show the world that there’s no shame in working hard for a living, and that though it may be a less than desirable position, someone has to do it.

Rowe hasn’t always been America’s “dirtiest television host”, though. Born on March 18, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland, Mike Rowe (age 55) was always a charismatic and determined child. After graduating from Overlea High School he attended Essex Community College where he performed with the Chorus of the Chesapeake. Eventually however he attended and graduated from Towson University with an unsurprising degree in communication studies. After graduation, Rowe began his long and interesting career in 1984 after using his trademark charm and almost unshakeable confidence to fake his way into the Baltimore Opera to not only receive his union card, but to by his own admission “meet women”. There, he performed as an opera singer, and was hailed for his performance in Rigoletto. He did well for himself there, but eventually moved his career to television when he was bet to audition for the QVC Shopping Channel.

Again, he charmed the powers in charge, and was hired after spending 8 straight minutes talking about a pencil. Although he often made fun of the products he was hired to sell (on air!) and was less than polite to the customers that called in, Mike Rowe held onto the job for 3 years before he was finally fired for his shenanigans in 1993. From there he moved from position to position, freelancing his services and enjoying the freedoms of working without contractual obligations. That is, until he pitched a unique idea to the Discovery Channel. Through is pitch, he suggested a 3 hour special on (you guessed it!) dirty jobs. Discovery Channel loved the idea, and signed him on instead to 39 episodes of the show, bearing the name “Dirty Jobs” and tying Mike down to his first contracted gig. Although it was against his nature, Rowe jumped in feet first as he is known to do, and turned the show into a true success. Through the years, Mike has traveled to all 50 states and has sampled over 300 dirty jobs. He has also lent his deep and pleasant voice to multiple shows, such as Shark Week, Deadliest Catch and How the Universe Works.

Even when Dirty Jobs came to an end, Rowe continued to film documentaries showcasing the strength and pride of blue collar America, and bringing a new respect and understanding to the less that desirable jobs out there. Rowe is also well known for his charity work and his dedication to bringing more light to the position of blue collar America, as well as being determined to help change the stereotypes and ideas that people hold for those that live the blue collar life. He has even testified before the United States Senate Commerce Committee about the importance of this, and was invited back in 2014 to do much the same before the House Committee of Natural Resources. But, Rowe doesn’t stop there. He’s closely connected and committed to the Boy Scouts of America, Future Farmer’s of America, and Skills USA. He even runs his own foundation, mikeroweWORKS Foundation, that awards scholarships to students who have chosen to pursue a career in the skilled arts. Charming, dedicated, confident, AND generous? It’s truly no wonder that Mike Rowe was named one of the country’s 10 Most Trusted Celebrities by Forbes magazine in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Rowe truly does seem to be a man of the people, and isn’t someone afraid to work hard and stay true not only to himself, but to his roots and those that uphold the same ideals.

We’ve all seen Rowe filthy, covered in dirt/muck/mud/goodness knows what, with his almost iconic smile and mischievous eyes shining through all that grime. We’ve all seen him rub elbows with the rough necks/hillbillies/shoremen, and every other blue collar hero you can think of. But, that doesn’t mean that Mr. Mike Rowe hasn’t done well for himself. Reportedly, Mike Rowe net worth is an estimated $35 million, which is an extremely impressive number indeed. Mike’s made his fortune through the show “Dirty Jobs”, his numerous Ford commercials, and through his many documentaries. So, he must be living in the lap of luxury, right? Not exactly. Although Rowe could easily retire and take it easy, living off of his admittedly large bank account, that isn’t the case at all.

Rowe continues to tour the country, visiting with boy scouts, praising the blue collar men and women he comes in contact with, and doggedly working to end the stigma that surrounds the people that live within those communities. In 2014 he began the show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, which showcases another overlooked group of people and their pursuits. The show celebrates innovators, doers, and generally people that live and work to the beat of their own drums. Leave it to Rowe to bring to light yet another angle on America’s people, and to truly appreciate the passion and dedication with which they operate!

Is Mike Rowe married? Dating? Has children? Mike Rowe is not married, but is in a relationship with a company owner Sandy Dotson. The couple resides in California. Mike and his partner maintain low profile. Will Mike Rowe and his current girlfriend tie the knot? Mike has been linked romantically to Danielle Burgio in the past, but they have never married.

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