Milaine Desaulniers, Brie Larson’s Sister

(Last Updated On: Apr 16, 2017)

Milaine Desaulniers (Mimsy Larson) is the younger sister of Brie Larson. Just like Brie, Milaine Desaulniers also is an actress, but not as popular yet.

Milaine Desaulniers starred in The Arm (2012) as Genevieve. The movie writing credits include Brie Larson (born Brianne Desaulniers).

Milaine Desaulniers is the daughter of Heather H Desaulniers (51 years old in 2017) and Sylvain Desaulniers (54 years old in 2017).

When Milaine and Brianne were little, their parents Heather Desaulniers (nee Edwards) and Syl Desaulniers worked as chiropractors and shared a practice in Sacramento, CA.

Mimsy Desaulniers’s parents split in 1995 and Heather took her two daughters to Los Angeles for a trip. Later it transpired that Milaine and Brie’s parents had divorced and the move from Sacramento to Los Angeles was permanent.

Milaine, her sister and mother used to live in a small studio apartment. The family could not afford a lot of things, the girls did not have enough clothing or toys. However, their mother was always striving to take best possible care of her children.

Shortly after the move to Los Angeles, Milaine’s sister Brianne (now professionally known as brie Larson) started to look for acting jobs and auditions.

After the divorce, Milaine Larson’s father became estranged from his two daughters. Dr. Syl Desaulniers, D.C. (Sylvain Desaulniers, chiropractor) still practices in Sacramento.

Milaine Desaulniers’s Sister, Brie Larson

The older sister of Milaine Larson, Brie is a popular American actress. She was born October 1, 1989 in Sacramento, California, USA.

Brie has an impressive career. She started studying drama at the age of six and was the youngest student that ever attended the American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco. Before graduating from middle school, she had starred in the Disney Channel’s “Right on Track” (2003), Warner Brothers’ “Raising Dad” (2001) and MGM’s “Sleepover” (2004).

Her biggest successes recently has been The Room (2015), where Milaine Desaulniers’s elder sibling delivered an amazing performance playing “Ma”.

Who knows, maybe we will see Brie Larson’s sister Milaine Desaulniers (aka Mimsy Larson) starring in one of the upcoming Hollywood blockbusters.

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