Mirtha Jung – George Jung’s Ex-Wife, Kristina’s Mother

(Last Updated On: Feb 6, 2018)

Mirtha Jung is the former wife of George Jung and mother of their daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung. Mirtha Jung is 66 in 2018. She lives in California.

Mirtha’s name at birth was Mirtha Calderon. She is Cuban. Despite rumors of Mirtha Jung’s death, she is alive and well. George and Mirtha first met in the late ’70s; she was 24 and George was about ten years her senior. Before long, in the fall of 1978 (according to George Jung’s autobiography “Grazing in the Grass Until the Snow Came”) the two had a daughter. They were married for seven years, from 1977 to 1984.

George Jung was the man who helped establish the US cocaine market in the 70s, and Mirtha became his wife during his time as a Medellin cartel smuggler. Because of her roots, there is an assumption that George met his future wife through his Colombian cocaine contacts.

In 1994, George Jung went to prison for his longest term ever served – twenty years. Jung was released in 2014, with 8 years of supervision. He is 74 in 2016, suffers from dementia and lives in California.

Sources suggest that Mirtha Jung, George Jung’s ex-wife currently lives in California. She is alive and well. Anecdotal sources suggest that her daughter Kristina Jung (Kristina Sunshine Selina Noel Jung) lives in California with her family – husband and children.

Mirtha’s last public contact was fifteen years ago, in 2001, around the time when the biographic film Blow hit the screens. That was when Mirtha gave an interview to a Texas newspaper.

Not only the information about George Jung’s ex-wife is sparse, but we couldn’t even find real pictures of her or her daughter.

Blow – The Movie about Mirtha Jung, George Jung and Kristina Sunshine Jung

More information about Mirtha Calderon Jung can be picked up from the 2001 biographical drama – Blow (slang for cocaine). She is a fictional character and not all of Mirtha Jung biography we see in this Hollywood movie is factual, but the film gives an insight into the true story behind it. The paragraphs below are based on how Mirtha is depicted in the movie Blow.

Penelope Cruz plays Mirtha Jung, and Johnny Depp plays George Jung. Mirtha is portrayed as a strong, independent woman. However, she is addicted to cocaine. Mirtha becomes George’s running partner; the beautiful and passionate Colombian (as per the movie she is Colombian, not Cuban) is as crazy as him. When the two meet, Mirtha is the girlfriend of George’s smuggling partner. George steals her away, the two get married, Mirtha gets pregnant and has a baby girl – Kristina Jung. During their relationship, Mirtha and George often fight, go broke more than once, there are parenting problems and bad decision making, drugs and alcohol.

Did George love Mirtha or did he use her to marry into the cartel? The movie “Blow” (Ted Demme, 2001), the book “Blow” (Bruce Porter, 2001) and George’s autobiography “Grazing in the Grass Until the Snow Came” all give different interpretations of this relationship.

Ted Demme, an American film director and producer died a year after the movie Blow was released. To ensure the accuracy of the biography, he worked with Mirtha Jung, Kristina Jung and George Jung. According to Demme, by 2001 Mirtha had been long out of her former lifestyle and clean for 20 years. She is to be admired for breaking the drug habit and turning her life around for her own sake and the sake of her daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

We need to note that certain facts were altered in the movie. For instance, in the movie, Kristina visits her father in Otisville, NY’s Federal Correctional Institution. In real life, she did not visited him in jail. In the movie, George is represented as monogamous, while in reality he had multiple girlfriends and regularly used prostitutes before Mirtha entered his life, as well as was fond of cross dressing and sadomasochistic games.

According to the book, the two did not really marry – they only pretended to get married in order to please Mirtha’s family. In the movie, it is Mirtha Jung’s continued drug habit and desire for high living that is the blame for the downfall. The book’s version of George’s lifestyle shows him far more responsible for his downfall, due to his serious drug habit and the love of money.

Full name Mirtha Calderon Del Val (AKA Mirtha Jung)
Born 12/1952 (age 65)
Husband: George Jung (m. 1977-1984)
Children: Kristina Sunshine Jung, Clara Pearson
Net worth: $500,000 – $1,000,000 (estimated)
Location: Elk Grove, CA
Past locations: Walnut Creek, CA; Napa, CA; Sacramento, CA; Concord, CA; Nice, CA
Nationality: Cuban-American
Blow (2001) Mirtha Jung played by Penélope Cruz


  1. Let me explained something to you George Jung and Mirtha the evil Double face that ratted on her Sister in the 80 , when Mirtha and GJ got busted in the cape Cod for selling 11 ounce to a Cape STATE TROOPER , that Bitch Flip on her sister Martha ,the one that introduce SCUM Bag GJ to Mirtha ‘little Lost Soul ,had nothing going fo herself in 77 , O.k , they did fine for 2 years thank to Big Sister Martha , after Mirtha broke away from George 83 tire of going to state county jail for Drunk driving and selling low ounces ,she move west , her final Evil Deed ,, telling her Sister Martha that George was clean and had a Pilot willing to fly , all Fucking Lie , Mirtha had all of us Busted in 1985 ,may 26 , for 300 kilos and another 1500 kilos in Colombia and over $500k in money to fund ,lawyers , and the time I did in prison because she lie about George being Sober , never did she ever apologize to me her Nephew for throwing that Fat waste of a Drunk on us .

  2. Watching the movie BLOW for the fourth time last night, I realize what I always found true after three decades in Law Enforcement. Most criminals have some good qualities within themselves, love for their family, love for their country, belief in a Higher Power. They just are very bad at making good decisions. Drug addiction can tear families apart and ruin reputations that can never be redeemed.

    1. My mother gave Mirtha a place to live in Queen NY , A car to drive for her and second Husband , Robert Bobby Dilly ‘a ex Navy drug addicted from Chicago that love to shoot Preluded ‘ a synthetic speed white tablet ,that she broke down in a spoon with water and shot a small potion in my arm when I was 15 yr old , at 820 w Belle Plaine at apt 711 chicago , ill 60613 ,very good aunt you want taking care of your children, bottom , line I took Mirtha and Bobby to N.Y ,I had a plane fare my mother bought for me to go to N.y but I cash it in and we drove in BOBBY Junker to N.Y .Because in those day I love my Aunt , Was I ever wrong about this Evil selfish Bitch ,that was ty of 75 yr . GJ was still in Danbury getting fuck in the back door by Carlos .

  3. Sad story, great story, I was in terminal Island for bank robbery. Met many smugglers, guys who got set up under federal mandatory sentences…people ratting each other out, i sometimes many years after stopping the business, and or getting sober.

    I’m happy George got out, i hope his last days are with love

  4. When the article says she did not visit him, since the movie makes this very clear, I think they are referring to the scene when she was a little girl and visited him in jail before he got out to visit her. And in real life he and his daughter did infact make contact and had plans to reconcile when he got out. I am not sure what came of that tho.

  5. The implication that the movie misled viewers by claiming George’s daughter visited him in a California prison is dispelled by the fact at the end of the movie, just before the Credits, it clearly states Kristina never visited her father while there.

    1. I’ve seen the movie about 8 times..his daughter was a fantasy you could tell by how it was filmed and she vanished when the guard spoke..l feel sorry for him..after he got out did George and Kristina meet..talk? ..another part of the movie l heard was untrue was George didn’t really meet with Pablo Escobar? Is that true?

    2. In the movie they did show his daughter visiting him in prison when she was younger and she had said to him “I thought you couldn’t live without your heart!”….and then she dropped the phone and walked away. I believe this is what the article is referring to.

  6. The scene in the movie where his daughter visited him in prison was a fantasy…. he was imagining it happening….. when the guard “broke” the spell, she disappeared….

  7. George was my cell mate at Terminal Island, San Pedro, Ca. I would like to say hi. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. if that Dirty snitch of a Uncle George didn’t give a hoot if I would pass away in USFD in 90 , this guy did 4 yrs for 300 kilos in 85 and I got his 15 yrs , thank to uncle George and Aunt Mirtha , I need 15k for a post conviction parole board attorney for my Hearing , fat chance I ever saw 25$ for Moon pies from either of them .

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