National Boyfriend Day

National Boyfriend Day – 3rd October 2016

(Last Updated On: Oct 6, 2016)

When Is National Boyfriend Day?

National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on the 3rd of October. In 2016, it fell on a Monday.

Boyfriend’s Day is an “unofficial” holiday, but it is becoming increasingly popular with each year. This day is dedicated to boyfriends around the world. It is common to spoil them with gifts, meals, and lots of love on this day.

Let’s admit it, boyfriends don’t get enough recognition. There’s a Woman’s Day, a Mother’s Day, a Girlfriends Day (celebrates the special bond of female friendship), but not too long ago there was no day to celebrate a boyfriend. They may not be perfect but they do deserve attention for the nice things they do for their girlfriends. For being reliable, considerate, in touch with their feelings, able to carry the stress etc.

National Boyfriend’s Day is when you can tell them how much you care and appreciate them for everything they do.

History of National Boyfriend Day

The origins of this day are not clear. There’s a speculation that this day was a response to National Girlfriends’ Day, which actually celebrates the bond between gal pals rather than a boyfriend and a girlfriend. So, the equivalent to it would be Bromance Day.

It all seems to have started with Twitter – someone twitted about this much needed day, other people liked the idea and supported it. The idea went viral and created a lot of buzz and chatter on social media websites.

Let’s go back to this question: “when is national boyfriend day?”. It’s on the 3rd of October. Why is this day celebrated on the 3rd of October, and not, say, October the 4th or the 5th? The history of National Boyfriend Day remains a bit of a mystery. Nobody really knows why it is celebrated on the third of October, instead of any other day of the year.

But now people celebrate National Boyfriend Day on the 3rd October. What’s even more interesting is that this day seems to be celebrated internationally.

How to Celebrate Boyfriend’s Day

Celebrating National Boyfriend Day is celebrating the boyfriend. Think about the things that he loves. Get him something nice – a new cologne, a cool gadget, flowers, a box of candy or a car on Boyfriends Day.

Do something nice for your boyfriend on October 3. Take him to his favorite activity. Go out to a movie or for dinner.

Post on social media and use #NationalBoyfriendDay to let the whole world know about your special guy!

Just let your boyfriend / fiance / potential husband know how much you care about him and appreciate him. You’d be surprised how happy this can make him feel, especially when absolutely unexpected.

Skeptics on the Boyfriend’s Day

Some skeptics call this day pointless, meaningless, and unnecessary, but we beg to differ. National Boyfriend Day is meant to give boyfriends the recognition they deserve.

Singles on #NationalBoyfriendDay

If you are single then #NationalBoyfriendDay is a day to remind how single you are… This year single Twitter users posted twits like “Pizza will never betray you”, “BYOB (Be Your Own Boyfriend)” and “happy #NationalBoyfriendDay to my man who’s not aware he’s my man yet.”

This day could be a bummer if you are single, but here are a couple of ideas: celebrate this day with a picture of your favorite screen hunk, or, how about your pet? Does he or she deserve extra attention? Why not celebrate this special day praising them?

Other “Relationship” Days

National Girlfriend Day is observed on August 1. January 26 is National Spouse Day. Friday before Mother’s Day is Military Spouses Day. Valentine’s Day, February 14, is a day to celebrate significant other and second-largest occasion for greeting cards (first is Christmas). Another holiday that focuses on relationships between people is Sweetest Day, observed on the 3rd Saturday in October. National Singles Day is September 23. National Breakup Day is February 13.

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