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Nook bntv600 Battery Replacement

(Last Updated On: Jun 7, 2016)

If your Nook bntv600 battery started draining too fast and you want to replace it, you can do so. To replace your NOOK HD+ battery you will need to purchase the battery and have the required tools on hand.

Nook BatteryAlternatively, you can purchase the whole kit that will have the battery and the tools you will need.

One of the places to check out is the site. They have a kit with a 6,000 mAh high capacity Lithium-Polymer Battery for the Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ Model BNTV600, BNTV600A. Currently the kit is on sale for $70, the usual price is $90.

It is quite simple and inexpensive to replace the battery this way. What you get in the kit is the Nook bntv600 battery, Instructional Video, Tools (necessary for installation), and a 1 year Guarantee.

The battery in the kit will fit BNTV600, BNTV600A NOOK HD Plus (NOOK HD+9 / NOOK HD BNTV600 / NOOK HD+ BNTV600 / Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ 9″ Tablet).

Note that for this to work you need the right battery – the one for the Nook HD+(BNTV600), and not for example one for the Nook HD(BNTV400). There are also batteries on the market for the Nook ereader rather than the tablet. For instance, there is currently one for sale on Amazon for just $32, including shipping. The problem is that this 1250 mAh 3.7V battery only works for NOOK eReaders including Nook Wi-Fi & 3G + Wi-Fi, not for NOOK Tablet, or NOOK HD Tablet.

When you get the Nook bntv600 battery or kit, it is relatively simple to replace the battery. The main problem is that the Nook HD+ has 12 tiny screws in its body, and you will need to carefully remove them all, replace the battery and place them back again.

The battery in the Nook HD Plus lasts around 10 hours, as claimed by the Barnes & Noble. From our tests, this is true, the tablet lasts a full day of heavy use watching videos, playing games, surfing the net, or reading books. With less rigorous use, the Nook HD Plus can last a few days on one charge. If your battery does not last that amount of time, it may be old or defective. The Nook HD+ battery is supposed to work well for 2-3 years.

So, the option is to either buy a new Nook HD Plus for $245.49 or buy the Nook bntv600 battery or kit and do it yourself.

Can you use the Nook HD Battery for the Nook HD+ bntv600 Battery?

There are few choices for replacement batteries for the Nook HD+ (BNTV600), yet many choices for a Nook HD (BNTV400) 7″. The HD+ battery is 6000 mah while the HD 7″ battery is 4000 mah.

The wires would need to be lengthened on the HD battery to connect it to the HD+, and you need 8 pins instead of 5, but would it work otherwise? It seems feasible. However, even if you are good at soldering, things could still go wrong – some people have tried and all they achieved is that the device works when it’s plugged in. The new battery would not charge.

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