Pablo Escobar, The Controversial Drug Kingpin

(Last Updated On: Jun 1, 2017)

Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura in the Netflix’s Narcos and Cliff Curtis in the Blow) was one of the biggest cocaine kingpins in the world. Escobar was born in 1949 in Rionegro, Colombia, to Abel de Jesús Dari Escobar (farmer) and Hermilda Gaviria (school teacher). Pablo was their third child among seven. The family was poor to middle-class, and lived in a small village just outside Medellín, Colombia. Before a became a murderous drug lord, Escobar was part of his neighborhood Boy Scout troop.

In the mid-1970s Pablo Escobar became the most powerful drug lord in Colombia, and remained just that until the early 1990s. His Medellín Cartel was responsible for 80% of the global cocaine market. Pablo became the wealthiest criminal in history, and was said to be worth around $30 billion in today’s money. Escobar made Forbes’ international billionaires list seven years in a row, starting in 1987. At his height, Pablo Escobar was said to be the 7th richest person in the world.

Even though the “King of Coke” Escobar was a ruthless criminal who killed over 15000 people while smuggling cocaine, he was seen as a hero for many poor people in Colombia, because he was responsible for many charitable acts: donated money, schools, churches and parks to the poor. He even gained popularity inside the local Roman Catholic Church. He was a cunning business entrepreneur.

After his 44th birthday, Pablo was nearing the end of his life. During a raid by the Colombian police, Escobar was killed on the rooftop behind his safe house by Colombian National Police and
military. Drug lord Pablo Escobar was gunned down on December 2, 1993, and Colombia’s criminal cartel world changes forever.

Netflix immortalizing Pablo through their TV series Narcos. Escobar will remain one of the biggest and most controversial drug kingpins in the world.

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