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(Last Updated On: Nov 19, 2017)

Prodigy Parker Schnabel (age 23) is a miner and actor who has worked his way up into becoming force to be reckoned with. Parker has succeeded in garnering a lot of fame thanks to his appearance in the Discovery Channel’s reality series, titled Gold Rush.

Parker opened his eyes for the very first on July 23, 1994, in Haines, where he spent his childhood. However, he and his brother, Payton, grew up in Porcupine Creek, Alaska, as the children of Roger and Nancy Schnabel. As a child, he lived a quiet and ordinary life, and not much is so extraordinary there regarding his earlier days and childhood.

Parker’s fame started coming as he was gradually stepping off childhood, as he developed a keen interest and talent in mining from a young age. Mining has been the Schnabel’s family business, with the grandfather, John, owning the family company called Big Nugget. Parker honed his skills and proved his mettle at Big Nugget leading expeditions and taking reins of the family business affairs.

Rather than attending college, as was the vogue among his contemporaries, Parker used his college fund to set up his own mining business operation. And as his good luck would have it, in his first year he stumbled upon a huge piece of gold, measuring as much as 1, 029 ounces. The gold was valued at a staggering sum of 1.4 million dollars. This young Alaskan gold mining prodigy exhibited enough shrewdness to head a team of mean looking miner that were twice his age.

He launched into his career at the very young age of 16 as a miner. Parker’s grandfather John Schnabel passed away at the age of 96 years and so Parker got started in the business of digging the gold without his grandfather on his side.

This uncanny and ingenious business capacity for a teenager culminated into his appearance in the reality shows airing on Discovery Channel, Gold Rush. Impressively, as the reality television show progressed, he continuously found different sizes of gold. In the last season, he pulled out gold worth almost 3.7 million dollars.

He employed his skill and his growing popularity to generate enough income from gold mining business and consequently increase his hefty net worth. Parker Schnabel’s wealth ambitions are high; one season he rakes in over $1 million dollars, then doubles his earning goal on the next season. He had risked, but his risk paid off. Currently, although still a very young chap, he has a net worth of about 3 million dollars in 2017 and is growing.

Parker Schnabel from Haines, AK doesn’t own a boat, any fancy cars or a fancy house.

Parker Schnabel Crew

Parker has also proven that age is nothing but mere numbers as he has been able to lead his older crew members into great success in the gold mining business despite his young age. Parker’s crew initially mined at the Big Nugget Mine, and then Scribner Creek Claim. Now in season 8, Parker Schnabel crew all returned to continue mining (just like the Todd Hoffman crew and Dakota Fred crew).

Parker Schnabel Married

In 2016, Parker said he wasn’t ready to settle down and get married. However, seeing that in season 7 Parker seemed very much in love with his new Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle, fans started wondering about Parker’s marital life. Will he want to marry at his young age? According to some online sources, Parker Schnabel may be ready to get married the gorgeous Aussie blonde he had been dating. One of the Gold Rush season 8 rumors is that Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend could take on bigger role this or next year.

Parker Schnabel Jobs

Parker Schnabel is so talented he could become anyone, not just a gold miner. However, on LinkedIn Parker Schnabel’s job is listed as the Manager at Big Nugget Mine, Anchorage, Alaska Area. Working in Mining and Metals.

Schnabel Merchandise

Some of the most popular Parker Schnabel merchandise are the “Ugly Kid” hoodies and sweatshirts Parker wears on Gold Rush. Gold Rush merchandise is sold online and locally, at the Fogcutter Bar, Haines Traveller.


  1. I like the show but I couldn’t work was him he’s very moody and doesn’t know how to treat people must be his age I hope someone beats his ass next season

  2. Didn’t you read the article? He has NO fancy cars or house & is putting his money BACK in the business. Smart young man.

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