Pasionaye Nguyen – Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson (Tyga) Parents – Tyga’s mom and dad

(Last Updated On: Apr 23, 2017)

Pasionaye Nguyen is the mother of rapper Tyga (Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson at birth). Tyga’s mom is of Afro-Asian background, of Vietnamese ancestry and is American by nationality. Pasionaye Nguyen was born in 1973 in the United States and is 44 in 2017.

Pasionaye Nguyen and Her Family

Pasionaye has a younger sister – Cece (Cecy, Cecilia) Nguyen. Pasionaye’s mom Kim Nguyen is a 72-year-old Vietnamese lady, who lives in a modest apartment in a suburb of Los Angeles and does not speak English very well (according to Cece Nguyen). Tyga mom’s family resides in the state of California.

Pasionaye Nguyen’s Husband, Tyga’s Dad

Tyga’s dad is of Afro-Jamaican descent. In the late 1980’s, Pasionaye and her husband Stevenson (first name unknown) were living in the city of Compton, California. According to some sources, Tyga’s father had a bad reputation around Compton, had multiple charges (including possession and gun), was going in and out of prison, and often abused Tyga’s mom. She could not do much about it, but later Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson parents separated.

Stevenson senior started serving a life sentence in March 1991. Twenty five years later, in March 2016 he sent a letter to Michael, who published it on Twitter (T-Raww). The 25 years of incarceration have changed Tyga’s biological father, according to his letter from jail. Now Tyga dad regrets not being there with his family, but says that he has discovered his spiritual self in prison.

Pasionaye’s son expressed some of his feelings about his father in his “Dad’s letter” – how he wanted to have a fatherly figure growing up, and how his mom would get mad when he referred to his dad as “dad”. Tyga had resorted to choosing the figure of musician and artist Tupac as his fatherly figure.

Pasionaye became pregnant and gave birth to her son at the age of 16 in the city of Compton, CA. She raised Michael Ray Stevenson in Compton until he was 11-12 and then the mother and son moved to Gardena, California.

It must have been very hard for Tyga’s mom Pasionaye to raise a child as a single parent and she probably didn’t have much time for an education or career. Pasionaye Nguyen’s net worth and current occupation are unknown.

Pasionaye’s Son, Michael Ray

One of the reasons why Tyga’s mother Pasionaye Nguyen is drawing so much attention is because of her famous son Tyga and his relationships. For two years Tyga was in a relationship with Blac Chyna (Angela White); they have a son named King Cairo Stevenson (4 years old in 2017). His former fiance is a model and stripper.

Tyga’s more recent relationship is with Kylie Jenner, which started when he was 24 and Kylie was 17 years old. Michael’s relationship with underaged Kylie became a hot topic in celebrity news. His grandmother, Kim Nguyen has reportedly approved of the relationship, dismissed the age gap, and said that they love cooking for Kylie when they visit the couple at their home and that Kylie likes their Vietnamese cooking.

Tyga’s mom said that as long as her son is happy she is happy.

Pasionaye Nguyen is reportedly responsible for her son’s nickname and stage name – she used to call him Tiger Woods, partly because Tiger is also of a mixed ancestry (Asian, African American, Native American and Dutch). Pasionaye’s son’s stage name is also a bacronym for Thank You God Always.

Tyga’s major breakthrough was in 2011 when he signed a contract with Young Money Entertainment and two other large record labels. His singles were featured and he performed along with famous people including: Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Richardson, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber.

Besides his music, Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson has also drawn a lot of media attention due to his legal troubles and lawsuits filed against him.

Pasionaye Nguyen on Instagram, Facebook

If you look at Instagram pictures, you will see that Pasionaye Nguyen is a lovely lady with a big smile; she looks half Asian and half black. Indeed, Pasionaye is only half Vietnamese and half Jamaican (like Karrueche Tran). Pasionaye’s son is a quarter Asian, the rest is African.

On her Facebook profile, Tyga’s mother Pasionaye Nguyen shares that her favorite music and her inspiration is her son. She is very close with Michael, giving him all her support and love. She has many cute pictures of herself, her son Tyga, grandson King Cairo, sister Cece Nguen and mom Kim Nguen published on her different social profiles.


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