Phyllis Fierro, Ralph Macchio Wife: Age, Young, Net Worth, Biography, Children

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Ralph Macchio wife Phyllis Fierro was born in 1960 (age 57) up in the USA. She’s a nurse practitioner and the longtime wife of Ralph Macchio (age 56), famous American actor. Phyllis Fierro and Ralph Macchio have been married for more than 30 years and have two children together.

Phyllis Fierro Husband and Children

Phyllis and Ralph started as childhood friends when they were very young. Phyllis first met him when Ralph’s grandmother introduced him to her. Macchio was 15 years old when they met; Fierro was 16 years old.

Fierro and Macchio married in 1987, at the age of 28 and 27 years old respectively. They have two children, Julia and Daniel. Julia was born on May 12, 1992, while Daniel was born in 1996.

Julia is an actress and she is known for the roles she played in the movies Girl Most Likely, Stella’s Last Weekend and Across Grace Alley. Julia is a trained ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop dancer. She started dancing at the age of 5.

Daniel is an actor and he is well known for the roles he played in the movies, That Was Then, The Haley Project and The Wrecks.

The places that their family has lived at different points in time include Montauk, NY, East Islip, NY, Santa Monica, California and Miller Place, New York.

Phyllis Fierro Husband Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio is an American actor. He was born on November 4th, 1961, in Huntington, New York. He became popular after his role as Daniel LaRusso in Karate Kid. He has also played the role of Eugene Martone in Crossroads, Johnny Cade in The Outsiders, and Bill Gambini in My Cousin Vinny. The name of his father is Ralph Macchio Snr., and the name of his mother is Rosalie. Ralph’s father is of Greek and Italian descent, and his mother is of Italian descent. Ralph Macchio once said in a screen test in 1980 that his family is from Naples.

Macchio said the yellow Ford convertible his character Daniel received from Miyagi is still in his garage. He said this during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Karate Kid in 2014.

Early Life of her Husband

Phyllis Fierro husband, Ralph Macchio was born on November 4, 1961, in Huntington, New York. He is the older of the two sons of his parents, Rosalie and Ralph Macchio Sr.

Macchio was only 3 years old when he started learning tap dance. At the age of 16, Macchio was discovered by an agent when he was doing an impression of Eddie Cantor in his local dance recital. His agent started sending him on auditions for various commercials. In his childhood days, he wasn’t too interested in becoming an actor.

Career and Films

Ralph Macchio made his first appearance on American television in ads for products such as Dr. Pepper and Bubble Yum. In 1980, he made his debut in a movie titled Up the Academy, and he played his first big role as Jeremy Andretti in the TV series Eight Is Enough.

In 1983, after the end of the series, he auditioned for a role in a movie titled The Outsiders. He played Johnny Cade in the movie starring with major movie stars such as Parick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe.

In 1984, Phyllis Fierro future husband made his appearance in a role that made him famous as Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid. This movie made Macchio popular around the world. He played high school senior Daniel LaRusso in the movie and he was 22 when the movie was made. Macchio continued to appear in the movie’s sequels.

His baby-face appearance was very useful in the movie but it later worked against him because it made it hard for him to get an adult role.

In 1986, he portrayed music student Eugene Martone in the movie, Crossroads. In 1992, he appeared in a hit comedy movie, My Cousin Vinny, playing the role of William Gambini and he starred alongside Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei in the hit comedy.

In 1993, he portrayed Chris in the independent film Naked in New York, starring alongside popular actors such as Tony Curtis, Jill Clayburgh, MMary-Louise Parker and Kathleen Turner.

In 1996, he performed the leading role in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and the movie was well received. He also appeared in some TV shows such as Entourage (2005) and Ugly Betty (2008).

In 2008, Ralph appeared in a television commercial for VitaminWater that featured Carl Edwards, a NASCAR Driver.

In 2011, Macchio competed in ABC’s dance competition, Dancing with the Stars and was placed fourth in the competition after he was evicted during the semi-finals of the competition.

He produced American Gypsies, a program for the National Geographical Channel. Macchio appeared in the film He’s Way More Famous Than You, starring alongside Vanessa Williams, Ben Stiller, and Jesse Eisenberg.

In April 2012, he was cast in the movie Hitchcock, as a Psycho screenwriter, starring alongside Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, and Scarlett Johansson.

In 2013, he starred in the episode titled The Bro-Mitzvah of the popular series How I Met Your Mother. In 2016, he starred in the production A Room of My Own (off-Broadway) alongside Mario Cantone.

In 2017, it was announced that Phyllis Fierro husband will star in a 30-minute series titled Cobra Kai for YouTube Red. The series is said to debut in 2018 series and is a sequel to Karate Kid, alongside with William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence).

Phyllis Fierro Net Worth

The net worth of Phyllis Fierro is not known but she earns a good income as a nurse practitioner. The salary range of a NP is between $99,000 to $109,000 reported income among full-time nurse practitioners.

However, her husband, Ralph Macchio has an estimated net worth of $2 million, a fortune he earned mostly from acting and television commercials.

Phyllis Fierro Macchio family lives in a neighborhood with average net worth of $100,000-$250,000 and average household income of $100,000-$150,000.

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