Raymond Craig Turner – Tina Turner’s Son

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Raymond Craig Turner is the son of Tina Turner and a musician named Raymond Hill. Tina Turner’s son Raymond Craig Turner was born in 1958 (August 29), when Tina was 18 years and 9 months old. Back then Tina was known as Little Anne (Tina Turner’s name at birth was Anna Mae Bullock). Raymond Craig Turner’s father was 23 when Raymond Craig was born.

1957 – The Year Raymond Craig Turner’s Parents Met

In 1957, when 17-year-old Anna Mae met the future father of her child, she was the band’s new backing singer. Back then, Raymond Earl Hill was Kings of Rhythm saxophonist (from the late 1940s until the year his son was born). It was the band of his school friend – Ike Turner.

The Kings of Rhythm are an American R ‘n’ B and soul group formed in 1940s and led by Ike Turner through to his death in 2007. The group was an offshoot of the Top Hatters ensemble. In the 1960s the band became part of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue (active 1960–1976).

Tina Turner’s Son Raymond Craig Turner’s Father – Raymond Hill

Raymond Craig Turner’s father, Raymond Hill was born in Clarksdale, MS. His father ran a juke joint, and that’s where he learned to play the saxophone. The R&B classic “Rocket 88” featured a solo by the 17-year-old Hill. The single reached #1 on the R&B chart. Besides being a long-term tenor saxophonist in the Kings of Rhythm, Raymond Hill also recorded under his own name as well as worked as a session musician. In 1996, he died of heart failure, at the age of 62.

A year after 17 year-old Tina Turner and 22 year old Raymond Hill entered into a relationship, their child Raymond Craig was born. At the time the two met, Tina (back then – Anna) was friendly with Ike Turner. Her older sister Aileen was working for Ike at his club and may have had a relationship with him; Tina knew Ike Turner through her older sister and the band.

Tina Turner’s Son Raymond Craig Turner’s Step-Father – Ike Turner

Ike Turner was an American musician, songwriter, bandleader, arranger, talent scout, and record producer. He was born November 5, 1931. He was almost 27 when Tina Turner (then Anna Mae Bullock) gave birth to Raymond Craig Turner (then Raymond Craig Hill).

When Tina was pregnant with Raymond Craig Turner, at some point during the pregnancy her and Raymond Hill had an argument and Raymond attacked her. When Ike Turner found out about that, him and several of “his boys” retaliated and attacked Raymond Hill. They broke his leg. Soon after Raymond left to his hometown Clarksdale and never came back and left the music business in the 1970s.

In 2007, Ike Turner died of a cocaine overdose, at the age of 76. Tina’s life with Ike, full of infidelity, physical fights, alcohol and drugs was documented in the 1993 biographical film, What’s Love Got to Do with It.

Tina Turner’s Children

The singer, dancer, actress and author Tina Turner (born November 26, 1939; née Anna Mae Bullock) helped to raise children for whom she was not a biological mother: Michael Turner and Ike Turner Jr. She also had two biological children from two different fathers. In 1958 the singer became mother to Raymond Craig Hill, who later took the surname Turner. In 1960 she gave birth to Ronald Turner from Ike Turner, whom she was married to for a number of years.

Where are Tina Turner’s biological children today? It is hard to find any information about Raymond Craig Turner and Ronnie Turner today. Both seem to be happy out of the limelight. Raymond Craig Turner is 58 and Ronnie Turner is 56 now in 2016.

If you look at the pictures of Raymond Craig Turner, Tina Turner’s son from Raymond Hill, you will see that he looks a lot like his mother. On other Raymond Craig Turner photos you will see a lot of resemblance with Raymond Hill. Craig attended Tina’s wedding to her long-term partner Erwin Bach in July, 2013. Judging by the pictures, Tina Turner’s son Craig, Tina and Erwin are all in great feelings.

Craig’s sibling Ronnie Turner looks a lot like his late father, Ike Turner. Tina and Ronnie do not seem to be much in contact. Ronald has had a long history of drug-related arrests. In February 2016, Ronnie Turner was sentenced to 16 months in jail after being caught with cocaine.

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