Ricky Zieba – an unfortunate death

(Last Updated On: Feb 15, 2017)

Ricky Zieba, a mere steps away from the lime light, was an amicable young man from Concordia Varsity. He had one brother Jason and was a beloved son to Richard and Nikki. At a tender age of 22 he was successful in not only being affable off field but was a sight in himself on field as well.

His near and dear recall him as being witty and charming but that did not make him any less compassionate. He was a sight to root for in all his football games.

An amalgamation of intelligence, fair looks and a warm heart Ricky Zieba met with an unfortunate fate. A fate that was not meant to let him stay alive a minute longer. It is said that the life of a person is planned. Ricky’s came to an end before it could reach its climax. Before he could get married to the love of his life Roxanne, before he could put his child in his own parents’ lap.

The star of Concordia breathed his last to the most uncertain of mishaps there could be. Ricky Zeiba dozed off over the wheel of his car while driving home late one night. The car tipped and turned and he could not reach back home. Seventeen hours later he was found by his brother Jason but could not endure the severity of wounds and gashes.

He died on the hospital bed among his family and friends, and breathed out his final air among the people he cherished.

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