Rory Gates, Bill Gates’ Son

(Last Updated On: Apr 5, 2017)

Rory Gates is the son of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates (née Melinda French). Born 23 May 1999 in Seattle, Washington, USA, Rory Gates is 17 years old in 2017.

Rory has two siblings – an older sister Jennifer Katharine Gates (she is 20 years old in 2017) and a younger sister Phoebe Adele Gates (14 years old in 2017).

Rory John Gates – School and College

Rory John Gates is currently a student. He is attending Lakeside School, Seattle’s most elite private school. School’s tuition for the 2017-19 academic year is $33,280. This is the same school that his father, Bill Gates also attended, before going off to Harvard University.

Since Rory John is 17 years old, he should be finishing secondary education with twelfth grade.

Rory Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates is the wealthiest person in the world, worth $84 billion. What is his son Rory John’s net worth? Bill Gates’ son is very young, so it’s safe to say that he has not yet amassed a fortune of his own. However, Rory Gates is set to inherit part of his father’s ever-growing fortune of $84 billion. Split between the three children, it would come to.

If his son’s fortune was divided among the three children, Rory John Gates would have the net worth of around $28 billion.

Social Media Accounts

There aren’t many Tweets from Rory John Gates on his Twitter profile. There are multiple alleged profiles for Rory Gates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but it is hard to determine their authenticity.

Rory Gates’ Family

Rory spends a lot of quality time with his family, such as going on family vacations to Europe and different parts of the US.

Rory’s father, business magnate William Henry “Bill” Gates III co-founded Microsoft, the dominant technology company in the world. Rory’s mother Melinda, a former Microsoft employee, is an American philanthropist. Among Rory Gates’ grandparents are a powerful businesswoman, an attorney/philanthropist/author, an engineer and a home maker.

Rory’s younger sister was born on 14 September 2002. She is 14 years old – three years Rory’s junior. According to Bill Gates, Rory and his younger sister Phoebe Adele Gates were not allowed telephones until their thirteenth birthdays. Rory Gates’ older sister, Jennifer Katherine participates in competitive horse riding all around the world, and studies biology at Stanford University.

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