Rosemary Margaret Hobor, John Candy’s Wife

(Last Updated On: Apr 26, 2017)

Rosemary Margaret Hobor is the wife of the late John Candy. John Candy’s wife Rosemary Margaret Hobor and her husband had two children together – Jennifer Anne Candy born in February 3, 1980 and Christopher M. Candy born in September 23, 1984.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor and John Candy were married for 14 years, until John died. They were married from 28 April 1979 to 4 March 1994. John Candy’s wife was his high school sweetheart. They started dating in 1969.

John Candy’s wife and her spouse bought a 20-acre farm 50 miles north of Toronto, near Newmarket, where they raised their children and had a few horses, cows and cats.

In 2016, their daughter Jennifer is 36 years old, and their son Christopher is 31 years old.

Rosemary Hobor ‘s husband (1950-1994) died in his sleep at age 43 from a heart attack. At the request of Rosemary, there was no autopsy.

John Candy’s wife Rosemary, born in 1949 is alive and well. She is 67 years old in 2016.

Rosemary Hobor and husband raised their children in Toronto until the mid- 80s, when they moved to LA. But the family still owned land in Queensville, Ontario to have roots in Canada. Rosemary, Jennifer and Christopher enriched John’s life and career. John became known as fun-loving Canadian who could make anyone laugh. In his later years, he was making up to $4 million per picture.

Candy’s obesity and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day were to blame for his early death. Also genetics – his father, car salesman, had died at the age of 35, of heart disease leaving his own wife to raise little John and his brother her own.

After John’s death, John Candy wife Rosemary ‘s elder brother Frank Hober said that none of them believed it would happen. Rosemary, a potter, was left in a tragic situation. Rosemary’s husband, John was extremely protective of their family privacy – he refused to let Rosemary or the rest of the family to do interviews. Their family tradition of keeping private went on after his death.


  1. I loved and still love John candy movies he was taken too soon as I believe he had so much to give .. he was a natural at making us laugh .. thanks to the technology we have We’re able to watch him at his best time after time xxx

  2. I believe that john candy is one of the best comedy actors of his time, and in spite of his tragic death as a very young comedian, his work will continue to impress and delight young at heart audiences. There is a rteal jnnocence about the comic relief John Candfy translates on the screen, and his charismatic kindness is a viable part of John Candy”s real character played out in real life. I believe that John Candy’s acting was not just acting, it is as real as he was. Even though his life was short lived, the good memories of his past life will be lived out in the future on the iondomitable screen for all to enjoy.

  3. John candy was such a inspiration to everyone his movies live on and lives in our hearts he was one of the best actors ever I know he is proud of his wife and children god bless Leanne

  4. Rip the great John candy just been watching trains planes and automobiles my favourite 1 as well as stripes splash and uncle buck and the great outdoors all brilliant films I can watch them over and over again and respect to his wife and children and let his legacy carry on with his daughter and son xx

  5. |John był świetnym aktorem. Oglądanie filmów z nim to czysta przyjemność. Mój ulubiony to “Wujaszek Buck”, oglądałem go wielokrotnie. Do zobaczenia John po tamtej stronie.

  6. John Candy was a great actor. Easy to follow his train of thought. I liked the part in the movies when he was babysitting and took care of the boyfriend. Really funny.

    I like to think he is just on the other side of the door between life and death.

  7. I have seen all of his movies also! You could have a very sad day and pop one of those movies in and you wouldnt be sad for very long! His laugh is one of a kinda and missed very much. He was great dad to his kids and well to the rest of us also! Just one word to describe? I would say Dad, God Bless to his family! Happy Fathers Day!

    1. My Son in Gr10, has chosen John Candy as his Greatest Canadian 1945 to present -because he shared laughter and kindness in movies and life. He was a genuine man who did little things that make people feel good. It is simple, he said, if everyone had a little more “Gentleman John” character the world would be a better place. My Son was born several years after John Candy’s passing, but he has made a striking impression on my young man (who loves to laugh); I can’t think of a finer role model.

  8. I was just watching John Candy in Only the Lonely. I have seen all of his movies. What a wonderful actor. He is still missed. God bless Mrs Candy and her children. Thank you all for loaning your husband and father for us to adore and enjoy for all time on the screen.

    1. Thank you for the information. The sources I used must have been incorrect. Sorry and I will correct the article.

    2. I just always wondered about John Candy’s private life as he was one of if not my most favorite actor such a funny man I really loved his acting he always made me laugh and I was so broken hearted when I heard about his stuff

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