Samantha Speno, Randy Orton’s Ex-Wife and Alanna Marie Orton’s Mother

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2017)

Samantha Speno (born in January, 1982 in Missouri, USA) is the ex-wife of the WWE wrestler and actor Randy Orton (born in 1980). She is a Francis Howell North High School alum (Class of 2000). The 35 year-old used to be a gymnastics instructor, and later worked as a fashion stylist and makeup artist. Samantha Marie Speno is also an actress known for Sunset Tan (2007 TV series). She remains in business.

Rumor has it that Orton asked for her phone number after coming up to her at a bar. Orton and Speno had an affair for years before their engagement, and got engaged in 2005 and got married in September 2007. In July 2008, their daughter Alanna Marie Orton was born. The WWE superstar and his gorgeous wife were married for 6 years. They announced their separation in 2012 and got divorced in 2013. Speno filed a divorce claiming the marriage was “irretrievably broken”. Samantha had mentioned that her ex-husband being away from home so much didn’t help their relationship.

Samantha Speno Orton has remained friends with her husband, and share pictures of being together for holidays and birthdays. The pro wrestler still has “Samantha” tattoo on his right arm. After the divorce, she got to keep a bank account worth over $650 thousand, a house, her jewelry collection and her $99,000 engagement and wedding ring. Samantha also received sole custody of their daughter Alanna Marie Orton; Orton got visitation rights and has agreed to pay $4,500/month in child support.

In 2015, Samantha’s ex-husband Randal Keith Orton got remarried to Kim Marie Kessler. In 2016, Randy Orton’s wife Kim Marie Kim Marie posted her baby bump on Twitter, and gave birth to a daughter Brooklyn Rose in November, 2016.

Samantha Speno appears to be single at present. She currently resides in Saint Louis, MO. Samantha has a huge fan following on her Instagram and Twitter, and is very active on her social networking sites.

Samantha Speno Instagram and Twitter: SamanthaOrton (@SMarieOrton) has 20K followers on Twitter and numerous followers on her Instagram.

Samantha Speno Age: Samantha Speno was born in 1982 and is 35 years old in 2017.

Samantha Speno and Alanna Marie Orton: Randy Orton And Samantha Marie Speno Orton’s daughter Alanna Marie Orton says on her Twitter that she loves her mom and dad.

Samantha Speno and Kim Marie Kessler: Randy Orton and his wife, Kim Marie Kessler welcomed a daughter in 2016 and are happily married.

Samantha Speno and Barry Orton: Randal Barry Orton (born 1958) is an actor, musician, and former WWE wrestler. He is the son of pro wrestler Bob Orton, brother of pro wrestler Bob Orton Jr., and uncle of pro wrestler Randy Orton.

Samantha Speno – Age, Twitter, Instagram, Alanna Marie Orton, Kim Marie Kessler

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