Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt – Common Pre-purchase questions

(Last Updated On: Apr 23, 2017)

What Z-wave controllers work with Schlage Z-Wave? Schlage Z-Wave works with SmartThings, Mecasaverde Vera and most of other popular Z-wave controllers. To make sure, you may want to contact the provider for compatibility. It is compatible with most Zwave products, but they might not support all of the additional features.

Battery life? Provided that you have decent quality batteries, alkaline 1.5 volts, they should last for over a year. The motor is the thing that drains the batteries on this device most. The physical locking/unlocking the door using the motor uses the batteries much more than the connection of the device to your z-wave hub. It can go for years, used daily, if installed right and the fit between bolt and door is tight. If the motor has to push hard, batteries can drain quickly. If the batteries last less than one whole year, it means that the lock is defective and Shlage will replace it at no cost.

How does it work with Wink Hub? The wink hub/app records turning of the deadbolt in the activity report, reports which codes were entered, you can configure the lock’s security settings from the wink app, you can add and delete codes for individuals, create codes, lock/unlock the door remotely, be altered about codes used, when the battery is low. There are many other features, and the two work very well together.

Can you set up codes for different users? Yes, you can. With a Z wave controller like Mi Casa Verde or Schlage Link, or a subscription service like Nexia or Wink, you can also put restrictions on the codes. You can set day and time a code is active, set up codes that work only once, and more.

Is it weatherproof? Yes. It should withstand storms, direct rain, hot weather and direct sunlight. It may get hot to the touch, but will still light up and operate with no problems. Even 100+ extreme cold doesn’t seem to bother the locks or batteries. However, prolonged direct sunlight can potentially kill the batteries.

Is it waterproof? It is water resistant, but probably not sealed to the point of being waterproof.

How long can you make the pass code? The maximum is 8 numbers, the minimum is 8 numbers. Is there a master code? Yes, the program code is the master code, which allows anyone to reprogram the user codes etc. The programming code can be changed to another.

Do you have to purchase the Nexia bridge and subscription for Shlage to work with a Z wave hub? No, you don’t need Nexia for that.

What are they made of? Both metal and plastic are used in this product. The cover is a hard plastic, while the rest is heavy metal.

Can you quickly lock using the keypad? Yes, just push the Schlage logo at the top of the key pad and it locks immediately.

Installation? All you need is a screwdriver and batteries (4 AA). If you are using it with a smart app like Smartthings, there’s no monthly fee.

Can use it at other countries? As a key-pad lock it would be fine anywhere, but for wireless home automation features you need one built to serve your country, because Z-Wave has different frequencies in different countries.

How many keys are included in the kit? It includes only one key.

Will this work Amazon Echo, Alexa? No, you would need a controller that supports both Alexa and Z-Wave.

Can you disable the remote unlock feature? Yes, just don’t connect it to a hub and then it cannot be unlocked remotely. You can buy the version down, which doesn’t have the remote lock and unlock feature and costs less.

Can you open the door with your phone from anywhere? If you connect it to a z-wave system, then yes, as long as you have internet at the location of the lock.

Can you use more than 1 of these in the home? Yes. Each one has its own unique address, when you add them you can assign different names.

Does this fit in place of a standard deadbolt? Yes, but you’ll need clearance for the taller inside unit.

Does this lock have a bluetooth proximity auto unlock? This Shlage lock has no bluetooth connectivity, only Z-Wave. However, using a system like SmartThings, which has location services, you van unlock the lock automatically when you are within a certain distance of your house.

Will this device auto lock if you forget to lock your door? It can be set up like this, to automatically lock after a specified time, if you enable the auto lock feature.

What if the door is not closed properly? In this case, you will hear a warning sound notifying that the door is not properly locked.

Can you re-key this lock to work with your current keys? Yes.

Autolock? Auto Lock is a timeout-type feature where if you forgot to engage the deadbolt, the lock will lock itself after a specified amount of time. The auto-lock can be disabled and then you need to hit the Schlage to lock the door.

Lock and Leave? This is the ability to touch the logo once you’ve closed the door and then the motor will engage the deadbolt for you. This feature can also be disabled.

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