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(Last Updated On: Oct 21, 2016)

Secondary Eschool (Hilliard City Schools) is maintained by the Technology Team of the Hilliard City Schools. Secondary Eschool provides links to sites that help students learn their curriculum, useful tools for education and so much more. Links are submitted and reviewed by teachers based on their value for learning and research. Anyone can suggest a link by emailing Hilliard Eschool.

Hilliard Secondary eSchool

Useful reference tools: Citation Machine, Citation Maker, INFOhio, NoodleTools, NoteTakingHelp, Online College Courses, SAT Question of the Day.

Useful iPad tutorials that a student can use to get their iPad ready for the school year include:

  • Adding your Hilliard Gmail account to your iPad
  • Setting up Google Drive and Canvas on your iPad
  • Setting up Notability on your iPad
  • Setting up iCloud Drive and syncing your photos to Google Drive.

Canvas: Canvas is an option for classes to add a digital classroom to their learning. Canvas is similar to eCampus but better. It’s a collection of learning resources, class notifications and announcements, a digital planner, a tool for turning in assignments, assessments as well as discussion forum.

Google Apps for Education: Grade 6-12 students have Gmail in their Google Apps for Education account. What’s your email address? Typically, it is:

InfOhio: Educational Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers FREE access to thousands of resources online: magazines, research journals, trade publications, newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, poems, speeches, images, plays, maps, satellite images and more. You can access these resources from your home computer, using your INFOhio username and password.

Hilliard City Schools now offers a better way to manage your password online. It works on any device and you can enroll, create questions and reset your password easier than before.

Some of the most important sections of the Hilliard City Schools website are: Hilliard Home Access, Teachers Lounge, Secondary Eschool, Insider, School Sites, Classroom Pages, Reference, Google Apps, Hilliard Canvas Login, Search, Welcome Center, Lunch Menus, Directory, Bus Stop Locator, Home Access Center, Destiny Media Center, and Elementary eSchool.

Hilliard Secondary eSchool offers excellent online resource for education. Live online schools offer invaluable support for primary/secondary educators, pupils, and parent. To sign in, use your Hilliard City Schools network username and password.

Hilliard Schools include: Preschool & Elementary Schools, Sixth Grade Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, and Other Classrooms. Subjects: math, science, French, English, and others.

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