Shanik Aspe

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

Shanik Aspe is a popular Mexican TV personality and actress known for TV series Venga la alegría (2016) and Soy tu doble (2012). Shanik Aspe played herself in both television series, and was a participant in the first series. Shanik Aspe is married to Mauricio Odiardi.

Soy tu doble (I am your double) is a Mexican game show where participants imitate famous musicians and singers, and compete one against another in duels, to find the best imitator. This game show (in Spanish) was released in January 2012 and ran for one season. The production company is TV Azteca.

Venga la alegría is a Mexican talk show Mexican (in Spanish). It was released in January 2006. The filming locations are: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. The production company is Televisión Azteca.

Shanik Aspe is very popular on Twitter. She has thousands of tweets and photos, and a whooping 380K followers.

The blonde beauty Shanik Aspe is married to the handsome Mauricio Odiardi. They had a stunning wedding. Shanik wore a gorgeous white wedding dress, with lots of lace. Her bridesmaids wore slate-gray. The couple ties the knot in October 2016 in the Metropolitan Cathedral, surrounded by friends and family.

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