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(Last Updated On: Jan 7, 2018)

Sig Hansen’s life is best described as a non-stop adrenaline-packed adventure. He lives in a way many people can only imagine in their minds. Sigurd J Hansen shot to fame through his reality documentary shown on Discovery channel titled “Deadliest Catch.” It is an intriguing documentary featured in series on the Discovery channel. Sig Hansen and his crew sail deep into the Bering Sea fishing for crabs; the show reveals the thrill, challenges, horrors and the unknown stories that describe what brave fishermen and their crew go through every day to bring home the awesome delicacies we love to eat with our meals. Sig Hansen is an amazing man, he has shown genuine strength at an amazing level, and he has also given the world an insight into other talents he has such as being an author and a voice-over artist. It is impressive that a man who grew up riding the seas could develop himself in the way that Sig Hansen has done. Sig Hansen is the popular Norwegian American Skipper of the Northwestern (his fishing vessel).

Growing up

Sig Hansen (age 51 in 2018) was born into a family of fishermen who sailed away from many months in search of crabs, lobsters and astonishing sea creatures that come with their catch. He is a member of a long line of successful fishermen who lived in Seattle as Norwegian immigrants many years ago and he has two other brothers. Sig started going out to sea fishing with his family at the age of fourteen. At this age, he was assigned the duties of a deckhand at sea while his father was the captain of the Northwestern. His dedication and ambition to become a captain paid off at the age of twenty-four when he became the captain of the “Northwestern” after his father. This was the beginning of an adventure that will last many years, spawning into a reality TV series with a global audience. But that was just the beginning for Sig.

A man with dynamic capabilities

Sig has spent the bulk of his years out at sea; however, when he is on land, he finds creative ways to show his numerous talents in fantastic ways. Sig Hansen’s story is a compelling tale of dynamism and dedication even in the face of apparent challenges; he has proven that success is only a product of how hard you really work. Sig in many interviews has indicated that he is a man who is hardly distracted when he has a goal; he describes a passion that is only pacified when the ultimate goals have been achieved.

Telling his story

From our TV screens to the pages of an amazing book. Sig coauthored the book titled “North By Northwestern: A Seafaring Family on Deadly Alaskan Waters,” it told a compelling story of life at sea, the battles against gigantic waves, descriptions of the sea creatures they caught including the monster crabs, the good times, near death experiences and the reasons they kept going back to sea for many years. Sig’s book became a bestseller, and it sold many copies.

Sig is married, and he has two daughters, his wife, June supports his adventures, and she does a good job taking care of their children Mandy and Nina. They live in Seattle.

Life outside the Fishing Boat

Sig Hansen has been a fantastic reality star, his reality TV series “Deadliest Catch” performed excellently in the ratings, he has shown he can do many other things apart from being a real-life captain. Sig explored his creative side when he performed the voice-over artist for Crabby, the boat in Cars 2, an animated movie produced by Pixar films, Disney. His performance was brilliant in this movie, after all, who else is fit to provide the voice for a fishing vessel “Northwestern” in which he has practically spent almost all his years.

Sig has also taken a shot at Donald Trumps “The Apprentice,” an experience that he claims exposed him to the numerous facets of entrepreneurship, teamwork at a different level and putting his best efforts at something very different from what he had been used to all his life to become the Apprentice winner. It was a great experience, and he learned many lessons that he applied in his personal life and career as a captain. Sigs accomplishment shave not gone unnoticed by the society; he has excelled in a career many people know very little about. On the TV screen, it looks quite easy, but Sig can affirm that fishing is tougher than it seems especially when you are a captain in charge of the lives of your entire crew members. Sig was inducted into the Scandinavian American Hall of Fame, a prestigious recognition awarded to him because of his exemplary achievements in life.

A man of resilience

Sig Hansen suffered a heart attack while filming one of the numerous episodes of the TV series “Deadliest Catch.” It could have been fatal, but he pulled through and miraculously returned to the screens the next season. For a man who spends as many as ten months at sea every year, I am certain that if Sig could stand on his feet, nothing could stop him from sailing with his crew. However, after surviving the heart attack, there have been indications that he still experiences some pains in the heart region, which means it is about time to take it slow. He is truly a great captain. His younger brothers are known to sail with him, and if Sig should retire, his legacy with the “Northwestern” will live on because it is on record that the “Northwestern” has recorded no fatal incident in all the years it sailed out to sea. This is an achievement that is not very common due to the hazards crewmen face in the waters.

Sig Hansen’s Net worth

Sig is estimated to be worth about $7.5 million. His income from the “Deadliest Catch” TV series brings in the bulk of this wealth, his investments, the book and other sources make up the rest.

Sig Hansen, one of the bravest captains in our time, has lived his life in a way that his story will frequently be referenced in the future as a tale of passion, ambition, loyalty, commitment, and resilience.

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