Slade Smiley Son Died?

(Last Updated On: Oct 6, 2017)

The latest on the web is rumor of that Slade Smiley son died. The rumor of Grayson Smiley’s death has become increasingly prevalent by April 2017, but is based on facts or people are just speculating because Slade Smiley son’s condition is terminal?

The latest credible update dates back to July 2016; it says that Slade Smiley son’s cancer took a turn for worse and the teen was given a terminal diagnosis for cancer.

Slade Smiley’s son Grayson was diagnosed with cancer 11 years ago, in 2006, and was battling it since. Grayson is 17 years old in 2017. His mother Michelle Arroyo says that every passing year it is becoming increasingly more difficult for her son to fight this battle.

Slade Smiley son’s treatment is very expensive. When his father was making enough money he was able to pay up to £15,000 dollars a month for it, but then the real estate markets turned and couldn’t keep up with these payments anymore.

His child support debt accumulated and it is rumored that Slade’s girlfriend Gretchen Rossi had to pay almost $140,000 in back child support for Slade’s son from his previous relationship with Michelle Arroyo.

It is also rumored that Gretchen was paid a very large sum of money from her husband’s death (millionaire Jeff Beitzel), who died from leukemia in 2008. Before that she was married to Chris Rossi.

There is a website dedicated to Grayson but it is not updated very often so we don’t know whether Grayson Arroyo-Smiley is still battling the brain tumor or whether Slade Smiley son died of diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma (the name of his condition).

As mentioned before the boy’s condition suffered a major setback in 2016. Slade Smiley son was born on May 16th 2000, he is 17 in 2017, and was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. Grayson has an older brother Gavin who is 20 years old in 2017.

Slade and his relationship with his sons came under fire when Tamra Judge on the RHOC stated that Slade is a deadbeat dad. This was debated by other sources that stated that the sons are everything for Slade, but at some point he was not able to pay the large child support bill anymore.

Slade Smiley end Gretchen Rossi are trying to conceive since Slade had had vasectomy, which was then reversed. Doctors warned the couple that it can take a long time (years) for the processes to reestablish. The couple, aware that they might never be able to have children naturally, tried IVF. Unfortunately their first IVF was unsuccessful – the embryos died before they were ready to be implanted. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star and her fiancé are continuing to have children of their own.

Our hearts go out to Grayson and his family, in hope that the rumor that Slade Smiley’s son died is only a web rumor not true and that Grayson will ultimately win the battle with cancer.


  1. Gretchen was never married to Jeff and didn’t receive millions of dollars. She has stated that so many times. Your blog is VERY inaccurate!

  2. Gretchen I also want u to no how wonderful of a person u truly r so don’t allow anyone inside ur wonderful family that doesn’t wish you well. U hold ur head up high & jus no u r a Beautiful person inside & out. U will have the thing y’all want the most no matter how it comes. I am jus a normal lady who cares about ur family. Stay positive ur Blessings r coming. I will continue to keep y’all in my prayers.

  3. Slade, I want to tell I how sorry I am for ur family & I know Grayson is a great young man because of y’all. I include ur family in my prayers for yrs & will continue to do so. I only comment today because of a dream I had last nite. Never dreamed about y’all till this. I won’t share it on here because it’s only for y’all. Jus know I wish y’all well & know Grayson is so Blessed

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