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Spike Baltar is an actor chosen to play Steve in the movie version of his book – Roger the Alien. Spike Baltar appears in the “Star Trek” episode of the American Dad!. By the end of the episode Spike is dead… He is killed by Roger.

Here’s how it happens: Steve writes a book and becomes a successful author. His then manager, Kevin Broham convinces the boy to move into his own mansion, Steveadoo, and to divorce his family. The boy invites his friends and hangers-on into the mansion, but soon becomes paranoid and requests everyone leave. Kevin introduces him to Spike Baltar, his planned double for the movie.

Upset with being portrayed as a clumsy alien in the book, Roger attempts to kill Steve. He sneaks into the mansion, but mistakes Spike for Steve and attacks him with a bust. The actor is caught off guard. He loses his balance, falls into a pool with jello and drowns. In the opening scenes, it is he who is seen from below floating in the pool of cherry jell-o.

When Kevin sees the dead body, he leaves Steve to deal with the consequences. Kevin: “Spike Baltar’s dead in your pool. You’re finished. I’m out of here.”

Steve, who was living in the mansion on his own at that time, reunites with his family on a lake. His parents help him to dispose of Spike Baltar ‘s body in a swamp.

American Dad’s Spike Baltar is voiced by Eddie Kaye Thomas, who also voiced Barry on American Dad!, and other assorted voices. Eddie (born October 31, 1980) rose to prominence as Paul Finch in 1999 American Pie and its sequels.

Who is Spike Baltar?

Based on the dialogs in Star Trek, Spike is a famous kid actor. He seems a little older and is taller than Steve. At the first meeting with Spike, Steve says: “Spike Baltar, you’re my favorite actor. Wow, you look just like me.”
Kevin explains that “Spike is totally method.” Method acting (Stanislavsky system) is when actors identify as closely as possible with the character by correlating their personal lives to the character.

Spike is a bit character, i.e. a minor character in the cast, who has a slightly larger part than the extra, with just a few lines of dialogue.

Spike Baltar actor has nothing to do with Buffy’s Spike. The vampire Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is played by James Marsters, who is currently in the Top 5000 actors on IMDB.

However, American Dad’s Spike Baltar may be a reference to the series Battlestar Galactica – Count Baltar or Dr. Gaius Baltar played by James Callis in the TV series Battlestar Galactica. You can read more about them on IMDB.com and En.wikipedia.org.

American Dad Star Trek

“Star Trek” is an American Dad! Episode that aired in 2005.

Funny fact 1: Steve’s attack dogs in the mansion are named Chekov and Sulu, after Pavel Chekov and Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek.

Funny fact 2: The melody being played by Steve’s agent mobile phone is the same as the melody on Spike Baltar’s phone. It is the theme song from the Halloween movies.

Spike Baltar Mustard Commercial

Right before his death, Spike’s phone rings. Spike says: “I gotta take this. Yeah, the kid’s a total ***. And his voice – I’m Steve Smith. I wrote Roger the Alien. I’m Steve Smith. I was never molested on the set of a mustard commercial when I was nine.”

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