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(Last Updated On: Nov 26, 2017)

Sue Aikens, a 54-year-old resident of Alaska gained world-wide fame thanks to the National Geographic Channel’s Life Below Zero television series. Aikens lives in the North Slope Borough of Alaska, at the Kavik River Camp.

Sue Aikens Biography

Sue’s bio is inspiring and her life story is unlike any other; we’ve learned a lot about her through the popular TV series and interviews with this extraordinary lady.

Sue was born on July 1, 1963, in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Her DOB coincides with Canada’s anniversary (Canada celebrated 150 on July 1, 2017).

As a child, little Susie spent a lot of time in Chicago, IL, half hour’s drive from her birthplace. The last place she lived prior to Alaska was Palatine, IL. When she was very young, around her 12th birthday, Sue’s mother was leaving her father and decided to move to Alaska. A suburban Chicago teen had to start learning to coexist with bears in her backyard, in temperatures as low as minus 80 °F (-60 °C).

Not much is known about Aikens’s early life, and it’s virtually impossible to find her early photos and images; however, the Internet abounds with her later pictures, posters and memes. Her education and personal life remain a mystery, and so does most of her past. Aikens once said in an interview with National Geographic: “Some business is my own and not the world’s.”

Before Life Below Zero, which aired in 2013, Susan was a hostess at the Kavik River Camp. Prior to LBZ series, she appeared in Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010; as herself – Camp Manager) and Flying Wild Alaska (2011-2012; as herself – Supervisor and Station Agent at the Kavik River Camp).

Sue is great with rifles, she lifts weights and is very strong, both physically and emotionally. This has many people questioning: was Sue Aikens in the military? As far as we know, she wasn’t.

Does Sue Aikens from Life Below Zero have a job? Yes, she runs the only gas station “in an area about a third of the size of California”, and operates a seasonal B&B. However, for most of the year, her main occupation has less to do with automotive or hospitality industries, and more with hunting for a living.

Sue Aikens Family

Originally from Illinois, Sue has a lot of family living there. Her mother is alive and well. As to Aikens’s personal life, she is rumored to have been married three times and have three ex husbands. Sue has daughters, a son, and grandchildren. Her latest puppy dog’s name is Lil Bawb.

Sue Aikens Net Worth

Is Sue rich? Sue Aikens net worth is estimated at a half million dollars. What is Aikens’s salary per episode? The cast of Life Below Zero is rumored to receive a pay of about $5,000 a week. Rates to stay at the Kivik River Camp are about $350 per day, per person. Her gas station profits adds to her worth.

Bear Attack and Snowmobile Crash

Sue Aikens battles harsh Alaskan weather almost daily and has 83 tagged Grizzly bears in her area, among other predators. No wonder that once in a while things can go wrong.

In 2007, Sue was attacked and mauled by a young bear, when she was collecting water at the river. Her both hands were engaged, so she couldn’t grab her pistol. The bear grabbed her by the head and shook repeatedly. Susan managed to escape, and later same day she shot the bear. Her hips had been dislocated and she had to sew her head together, and her arm.

Another horrific incident was her snowmobile crash in 2015. Aikens was badly injured: she had two joints torn and a collar bone broken. After the injury, she required surgery at a Fairbanks hospital and now has a dozen of screws, two titanium plates, plus surgical wire holding her bones together. Recovery after the snow machine crash was slow and hard on her health.

Two years on, Sue sued the TV series producers, alleging she was forced to film dangerous scenes for fictitious narratives. The lawsuit lists defendants including the BBC and three of its subsidiaries. It alleges the defendants breached a contract and intentionally caused Aikens emotional distress. The suit asks for an unspecified sum to be awarded.

Sue Aikens News 2017

How is Sue Aikens doing now in 2017? Where is she now? What does she do? She still runs her Kavik River Camp site located nearby the town of Sagwon, a short flight from the Sagwon Airport. She still keeps foxes for pets, shoots wolverines and Caribou with her AR-10 (Susan has many rifles, guns, pistols and revolvers), writes media updates from her cozy cabin tent in the middle of nowhere, and offers warm bunks, hot food and great prices on unleaded. Unlike some people speculate, she is not dead, even though she may have been out of the public eye for a while.

Susan doesn’t have a blog, bus often shares updates on her Facebook (Susan Aikens/Life Below Zero) and Twitter (SueAikens). You can find out more about Kavik River Camp by the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on their business website (, including the mailing address (it’s just a coordinate!), email, and telephone for reservations.

More information about Susie and the show is on LBZ Instagram (lifebelowzeropt), IMDB, Wikipedia and the National Geographic website. Hopefully someday the amazing lady will publish a book that she just ought to write.

Interviews with Susan Aikens

Aikens gives many interviews, including: Sue Aikens on Today Show (April 2015; video is available on, “Rover’s Morning Glory” (April 2014; available on Youtube), Joe Rogan (October 2014; available on JRE’s Youtube channel), Real Talk With Sue (2016; Life Below Zero video clip on National Geographic) and an AMA interview on Reddit (June 2014).

Susan Aikens – Best Quotes and Sayings

Life Below Zero star has poured her thoughts via her quotes. My favorite Sue Aikens sayings are:

“If you got something every time, it’d be called shopping”

“If a bear decides that I look like a Scooby Snack, I need to protect myself”

“Opposable thumbs are only good if you have them”

“What is life without the surprises?”

“If it hurts, don’t think about it.”

Opinions on the “Fat, Fifty and Fabulous” Lady

Sue is like licorice – you either love it or “hate it”. While some people have dubbed Susan “the only hot thing in Alaska” and a true role model, others see her as a drama queen, annoying and fake. What do you think?

Full nameSusan R Aikens (AKA Sue Aikens)
Born07/01/1963 (age 54)
Husband:Joseph G Henderson (d. 2006)
Net worth:‎$500,000 (estimated)
Location:Fairbanks, AK
Past locations:Portland, OR; Kenmare, ND; Sulphur, OK; Port Townsend, WA
Related to:Jesse Aikens, James Aikens, Loretta Aikens, Rhonda Costello
Life Below Zero:2013-2017


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