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(Last Updated On: Jan 14, 2018)

Tania Torres (aka Tania Cardello) was born in May, 1985, in California. Tania Torres (age 33 in 2018) is a reality TV star and an avid animal lover just like her mom Tia Maria Torres, sister Mariah Harmony Torres and husband Perry Sanchez.

Tania is a popular reality star on Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees – series based around the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, Louisiana (originally located in Agua Dulce, California).

Tania grew up to be a strong and confident young lady. She could become a model, but her passion in life is working with dogs. The loves of Tania’s life are her dogs, truck, tattoos, husband Perry Sanchez and daughter Salem.

Tania Torres’s Husband and Daughter

Originally from Westwego, Tania Torres husband Perry Sanchez (age 29 in 2018) attended Hahnville High School (Boutte, Louisiana) and Delgado Community College (New Orleans, Louisiana). In New Orleans, he started working at the Villalobos Rescue Center.

Tania Torres and Perry Sanchez got married in 2016. Their wedding was beautifully unique, from the black wedding dress and quirky engagement ring, to wedding vows that they wrote for each other.

Tania became pregnant, the baby was due in February, 2017. Tania Torres gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Salem-Wolf.

Tania Torres Sanchez and Perry Sanchez are still happily married. The family currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before that, they have lived in Santa Clarita, CA; Pacoima, CA; Agua Dulce, CA; Saugus, CA.

Early Life and Career

When she was a teenager, Tania worked as an assistant animal trainer in the film industry and was surrounded by exotic animals from a young age. Tania has been to different places such as the jungles of Costa Rica and the Mongolian desert with a pack of wolves.

Later on Tania had a very active role at the ranch, administering canine medication to hundreds of dogs at Villalobos.

Tania Torres is also known for her work on Dirty Jokes the Movie (2008), Face 2 Face (2011), and Candid Conversations (2013).

Tania Torres’s Father

The oldest of Tia’s daughters, Tania Marie Torres (age 32 in 2018) was raised by Tia as a single mom.

Tania Torres’s dad was from California. He was a gang member, in and out of jail and shot during a drug deal gone bad when she was a child. Tania Torres father became paralyzed and died as a result of the paralysis (Source).

Her godmother died of tragic injuries, when Tania was a child. Years later, her half-brother was killed in a gang-related shooting.

Another sad loss for Tania was her famous pit bull Bluie, a rescue from Villalobos, who died in June 2014.

Tania’s Sister and Brothers

Villalobos Tania has a younger sister Mariah, and “adopted” twin brothers Keli’i and Kanani.

Tania’s Mother, Tia Torres

Tania is the daughter of Tia Torres, a television reality star and the founder of Villalobos Rescue Center that rescues and provides shelter for pit bulls.

Her mum, Tia Torres, has four children; two biological daughters and two adopted sons. The names of her children are Tania Torres, Mariah Torres, Kanani, and Keli’i.

Tia Torres was born on 11th of June, 1960 in Southern California, USA. She was raised by her stepmother and didn’t grow knowing her parents because they were murdered. Her brother was also murdered along with her parents.

Tia’s love for four-legged animals began at a young age. She took many pets with her when she left home at age 17. Tia Maria Torres is married to Aren Marcus Jackson. They started dating in the early 1980s and got married in 2006, shortly after his release from prison. He is now serving a sentence for 2017 felonies and theft of cars and properties.

In her early years, Tia worked as a truck driver and also served in the USA army. After Tia left the US army, she was appointed as a youth gang counselor. This job took her to different places including drug houses when she was working as a counselor.

The rescue of a dog named Tatanka marked the beginning of her career as a dog rescuer. Years later, she established animal rescue center called Villalobos Rescue Center which rescues and shelters Pit bulls.

A popular magazine dubbed Tia as one of the “Most Important People” in Los Angeles because of her heroic act in rescuing abandoned and neglected dogs.


Pit bulls and Parolees is a series that airs on Animal Planet. This American reality television series was first aired on 30th October 2009. The series features the largest pit bull animal shelter in the United States, Villalobos Rescue Center.

Pit Bulls and Parolees describes the daily day activities at the Villalobos Rescue Center that includes the rescue of neglected, abused and abandoned dogs and the efforts of the center to put up dogs for adoption to new owners. Tania Torres and her mother are parts of this television series. This reality television series helps pay part of the monthly bills of Villalobos. The expenses of the rescue center increased manyfold after Tia Torres moved the rescue group, her family, parolees and all the dogs to New Orleans.

The main focus of this reality television series is the interaction between Tia Torres, her family, workers, volunteers and her dogs in the course of day-to-day care and training duties, and the rescue missions of pit bulls.

Tania Torres Net Worth

Tania Torres net worth is estimated at around $150,000. Much of Tania’s wealth derives from her reality television salary, and the pay that she earns as an animal shelter worker.


  1. I never miss an episode which airs at midnight. These people are the kindness human beings on this planet. I live them all and know nothing but good will come to all of them . I have been watching reruns. will new episodes be televised. How do I donate as I live in Canada

  2. I don’t own my dogs, in fact don’t own any life. These dogs don’t go to new owners, Like my pups, they are full fledged members of my family enjoying all the benefits of said family. We are a two species family but for us there is always room for more. w

  3. Tia and her family have to be the kindest people on earth. I pray that they will one day find our Saviour, Jesus Christ. They deserve to find Him and I am sure He loves them and is proud of them. I am sure He longs to have them accept His love. May God bless Tia, her family, her dogs and her parolees, In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen

        1. I agree aliz. You have no idea what they believe in…and it’s none of Marianne Doyle’s businesss whether they are saved or not. They are wonderful humans period . Quite sitting in judgement. Not your place.

  4. A lot of these facts r mixed up!! Really should fact check b4 u print. The work these ladies and men do is amazing and I make donations when possible. Yes, Tania and Perry r married and split time raising their daughter and working.

  5. Some facts are mixed up. Tias t father was paralyzed not tanya’s articles state different people places and things. Very confusing

    1. Tias father was murdered along with her mother n brother when she was a child. She was so young she really didnt know her parents
      Tanias father was shot in a gang drug deal gone bad n paralised n died of his paralisis when she was young. Tania knew her father but never the less he was killed

  6. I’ve been worried about Perry. He hasn’t been in any of the latest episodes of Pitbulls and Parolees and and no one has even mentioned his name either. Are he and Tania still married? Does he still work for Villalobos? Can you please post an update? Thank you.

  7. As a fellow animal lover, I respect and admire the work that the torres family does. There is something wrong with people who don’t love animals

    1. yea i was wondering that as well i have been watching this show from the 1st day it aired and i guess you can say i have a little obsession with it (not in a bad way lol) since i watch the shows repeatedly when they come on i also notice little things that you do not catch when you watch the show only one time but if someone is going to write things about the show & the people on the show like everyone says do a fact check before writing things ….. but i love what they do at the rescue

  8. I love you ladies for the great work you do. MY daughter has the same birthday as Tia. I would love to see more of the guys on the program if it’s possible. God Bless all of you for loving the most precious dogs alive.

  9. I love you ladies for the great work you do. MY daughter has the same birthday as Tia. I would love to see more of the guys on the program if it’s possible. God Bless all of you for loving the most precious dogs alive.

  10. I love you ladies for the great work you do. MY daughter has the same birthday as Tia. I would love to see more of the guys on the program if it’s possible. God Bless all of you for loving the most precious dogs alive.

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