Terri Carrington, Rodney Carrington’s Ex-Wife

(Last Updated On: Apr 13, 2017)

Terri Carrington is the ex-wife of comedian Rodney Carrington. Terri Carrington is a speech-language pathologist. Rodney and Terri dated for several years. They got married in 1993 but ended their relationship in 2012, after eighteen years together. They got divorced in Oklahoma.

Rodney once said that he has been acting like a “teenager for about 12 months” after the divorce, and had gained 20 pounds since he and his wife of 18 years divorced in 2012. He also said that he never thought that he would ever be divorced. Neither Terry Carrington nor her ex-husband had spoken about their past relationship as to what went wrong, so we can only guess.

Terri Carrington Facts
BornNovember 18, 1970
BirthplaceUnited States
Also seen asTerr Carrington, Terry Carington, Terri S Carrington, Terri S Kemp, Terri Shae Carrington
OccupationSpeech-language pathologist
Spouse(s)Rodney Carrington (m. 1993–2012)
ChildrenSam Carrington, George Carrington, and Zac Carrington

Terri Carrington Age

Terri Carrington is 46 years old in 2017. She was born on 11/18/1970. Terri Carrington’s husband, Rodney Carrington is 48 years old in 2017. He was born on10/19/1968.

Terri Carrington Pictures

When looking for Terri Carrington pictures on the internet, you will see a smiley lady with short blonde hair, usually pictured together with her children. Terri Carrington has an active Twitter profile.

Rodney Carrington’s wife is sometimes confused with the music artist Terri Lyne Carrington.

Terry Carrington Children

Terri Carrington has three kids: Sam Carrington, George Carrington, and Zac Carrington.

Terri Carrington has lived in: Tulsa, OK; Bixby, OK; Jenks, OK; Albuquerque, NM; Sterling, KS; Guthrie, OK; Tavernier, FL; Mounds, OK.

She is associated with: Jennifer J Cahill; Rodney Scott Carrington; Zachary R Carrington; Edward E Gordon; Clifford E Kemp; Hattie Kemp; Rodney Carrington; Gordon Kemp; Eddye Kemp; Jennifer Cahill; Nancy Martin.

Education and Career

Terri studied at the University of Central Oklahoma and worked at Captioncall, Senior Suites. Currently, she is a homemaker.

Terri Carrington’s Husband, Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington is a stand-up comedian (adult oriented), actor, music artist and writer. He recorded 8 major record label comedy albums. The funny guy from Here Comes The Truth sure knows how to draw big reactions from fans. Rodney’s albusm sold over 3 million copies, helping his net worth reach $6 million dollars.

Rodney Carrington is 48 years old in 2017. He was born on 10/19/1968.

Rodney Carrington Facts
BornOctober 19, 1968
BirthplaceUnited States
Also seen asRodney Camington, Rodney Scott, Rodney R Carrington, Rodney S Arrington, Rodney S Carington, Rodney S Carrington, Rodney Scott Carrington
OccupationComedian, actor, music artist
Spouse(s)Terri Carrington (m. 1993–2012)
ChildrenSam Carrington, George Carrington, and Zac Carrington

Rodney Carrington Events

You can buy Rodney Carrington tickets from the official Ticketmaster sites and Extraco Events Center. If Rodney Carrington is coming to your town, it’s a show you don’t want to miss!

Rodney Carrington Height

Rodney Carrington’s height is approximately 5’7″.

Rodney Carrington Songs

Rodney’s songs include:

Show Them to Me
Beer for My Horses
Titties and Beer
Put Your Clothes Back On
If I’m the Only One
El Nino Loco
Dancing With a Man
Morning Wood
Don’t Look Now
More of a Man
A Dozen Roses
All the Reasons

Everyone knows that Rodney is one funny guy, and his song lyrics are bound to make you laugh.

Rodney Carrington TV show

Rodney Carrington TV show, “Rodney” sas numerous funny moments. You can find clips from the Rodney Carrington TV show online. The popular music star and comedian uses his own life experiences as a base for his jokes. Some parents do, while others don’t allow their kids to watch his TV shows. Carrington has also appeared on countless other TV shows.

Rodney Carrington Net Worth

Rodney Carrington Net Worth is estimated at $6 million.

Rodney Carrington has lived in: Tulsa, OK; Bixby, OK; Jenks, OK; Longview, TX; Mounds, OK; Sherman Oaks, CA; Kilgore, TX.

He is associated with: Terri Shae Carrington; Zachary R Carrington; Angela Irene Castellano; Angela Arrington; Eileen Marie Neighbors; Alanna Paige Stephenson;

Education and Career

Rodney studied at Kilgore College and worked at The Rodney Carrington Foundation.


  1. For the record, Terri is not a speech and language pathologist. She went to 1 semester at OCU. She is re married and living in Woodward Ok.

  2. He’s very funny guy But I hope he figures out not give up on love it’s still out there. I’ve been through close same thing and worse but I’ve learned not give up on love and finding that person thats same and
    won’t try change you and loves u forever. I hope he’s doing OK and figures out what he wants in life and gets it not fall apart and let ones who hurt him win.

  3. I had never heard of Rodney, until I saw him on Netflix. He is one of the funniest man I’ve ever seen. He has a unique way of telling a joke.

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