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Teyana Taylor’s Father, Mother, Step-Dad

(Last Updated On: Feb 6, 2018)

Teyana Taylor father, Tito Smith is from Harlem. He spent years in jail and has fathered children with multiple women. Teyana’s dad is not rich or famous.

Teyana Taylor’s dad has been surrounded by mystery for a long time. Some were saying that Teyana Taylor father is one of the Fubu founders, other that she never knew her dad at all, and others – that her dad (namely Tito Smith) spent most of his time in jail. They also say that at present Teyana does not have any relations with her father. But none of this information can be proven or disproved, as there is virtually no information about her dad online, except for phrases dropped by Teyana in some interviews, and what some people say they know.

The rumor that Teyana Taylor father is a wealthy person, and is one of the founders of clothing line Fubu and Heatherette is based on that Teyana was seen wearing clothes seemingly by these clothing lines. Also, some people believe that Teyana Taylor’s parents must be wealthy if they could pay for her television appearance on My Super Sweet 16, season 4.

People that used to work for MTV know that the Sweet 16 show wasn’t paid for by MTV, you actually had to contact MTV and let them know how much you are spending. There was a minimum of around 20,000 dollars. MTV doesn’t have cash like that, the families had to pay. Also, many venues would do these parties for cheap to get on the show.

So, Teyana Taylor’s parents are not necessarily rich, even though she has appeared on MTV’s Sweet 16. Then again, Fubu and Heatherette was supposedly the clothing she wore to her party.

Teyana Taylor’s Father and Step-Dad

There is a lot of confusion about Teyana Taylor parents, especially her biological dad and step-dad.

Her biological father was not a very wealthy person, and was quite troubled. He had multiple children with different women and could not provide for them. This is based on what Teyana said about her dad in 2009:

“I’m an only child on my mom’s side, she was a single parent. I have 2 brothers and a lil sister on my father’s side. My older brother Rich is 19, I’m 18, my younger brother Tito is 17 about to be 18, and my little sister diamond is 11 or 12. You see me and my brothers are tight in age…..you see what I’m getting at? My dad was pretty much out there with the women. I’m cool with all of my dad’s baby mothers though… and my dad just had another baby by another shorty. Sometimes I think, man how you gonna keep having babies when u can’t take care of the ones you got?? Lolol… and he’s only like 35 or 36 years old. ”

Teyana Taylor and Her Mother

What do we know about Teyana’s mom? Who is she? Is her mother rich? Nikki Taylor, Teyana Taylor’s mother is said to be a celebrity stylist, according to many sources. Nikki may have done some acting as well.

Teyana was born in Harlem, New York. She is of mixed descent – Trinidadian and African-American. Teyana is the only child on her mom’s side, and Nikki Taylor was a single parent. Through her mom, Teyana has lots of connection in the entertainment industry.

Teyana reportedly picked up a microphone at age 9 and began performing in front of a crowd. With her mother’s encouragement, Teyana competed in multiple talent competitions, although never won. The singer had influences from Stevie Wonder Lauryn Hill, and Michael Jackson.

In 2007, Teyana Taylor was performing and popping in the Blue Magic, music video for Jay-Z’s single. She was releasing singles and music videos, her track “Google Me” gained widespread attention in 2008. She has been a featured vocalist in Kanye West and Fat Joe tracks. I bet Teyana’s father was (would be?) proud of her.

She has had a working relationship with Pharrell Williams, and some people say that is was him that paid for that party. Teyana came into a deal with Pharrell’s Star Trak Entertainment and Interscope Records – really famous music recording studio, as well as got signed by The Island Def Jam Music Group and Kanye West’s Good Music label (2010).

From a Planet Called Harlem was released on 2009. She was a member of a band U.G.L.Y., their single “Wasted” was released in 2010. Also in 2010, Taylor appear in Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming.

In early 2014, Taylor announced her debut studio album VII would be released in November 2014. Teyana Taylor mother is currently her manager, together with Derek Folk.

On December 2015, Taylor gave birth to daughter Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr. Her fiancée Iman Shumpert delivered the baby at the couple’s home.

Teyana Taylor stars in the 2016 Kanye West video “Fade” from “The Life of Pablo”, his 7th album.

So, is one of Fubu founders Teyana Taylor’s father? Or step dad? Was he murdered in 2003 and left her mom a portion of his fortune? Did he go to jail? Who is Teyana Taylor’s dad? Do you know anything else about Teyana Taylor parents? Please share!


  1. I don’t understand why all you people are worried about who her father is or who her father is it’s none of your damn business but the Child live her life be the best that she can be give a s*** about who her dad is I just killed that she’s a very talented young lady God is blessing her so much and she’s a positive black woman doing good things find a business people get a life and I’m sure you’re going to say the same thing about me I don’t care what kind of music should put in them in the positive energy and attitude that she

    1. It’s obvious ur pressed about ur own daddy issues – hopefully u don’t repeat the cycle and ain’t out here being a hoe because of ur bitterness.

  2. Why don’t everybody just mind your business nobody is perfect nobody we all make do things all of us until all your backyard s are clean be quet

  3. Many Blessings to Teyana and her beautiful family.. she’s come a long way and still prosperous.. father n her life or not.. to you Teyana.. keep doing you my Nubian

  4. sites like this, packed with so much false information and no journalistic approach to fact checking, give journalism and blogging such a bad rep.

  5. My name is Tito smith and I’m her real father . I’m not wealthiest man in the world bit I’m here and always been here. . Please know I’m far from trouble those are the words of someone that’s Inmature that’s all. I took care of all my kids even while jail. My family also took care of her. For 8 years of her life .

      1. But who are you to call him pathetic? If you don’t know the history keep your comments to yourself DREA

        1. He can’t say he took care of her if he was in prison and said his FAMILY took care of her for 8 years. His family wouldn’t of had to take care of her for 8 years if he was doing it. I bet you one of his baby momma’s? Stop defending deadbeats.

          1. He could be a piece of sh*t or the f**king sh*t none of yall know this man to comment an opinion in factual tone remember there are always 3 sides to a story further more i was incarcerated and still managed to provide the majority income for my children and the two mothers of my children and operate my business while at the same time my family provided the nurturing and quality time btw she may sound like a bm but you sound like a bitter side piece facts

          2. Just because a Man in jail don’t mean he don’t take care of people on the outside. And u can tell her momma ahoe her daddy just a drug dealer and nobody wants to give him his real credit of what he really did

          3. I Agree with Petra. “Taking care” of your kids isn’t sending money- CARE means to provide support, guidance,presence in that persons life. Taking care is being up all night with fevers, wiping tears over her first break up, going to the store and buying the entire aisle of feminine products and then hit the chocolate shelf because she just had her first period and Dad just wants her to still be his little girl. As a child of TEN that statement “I took care of ALL my kids” is so redundant it’s sick. Picking them all up every now and then and buying sh*t isn’t taking care. It would have been better to have him in the bleachers, in the stands, at school events, and the first time I fell off my bike…..

  6. If you are interested in an interview with her biological father then I can get you the interview. I just need your email address. Most of the things said about Teyana’s father is not true.

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