Tia Torres Husband – Aren Marcus Jackson (A.J.)

(Last Updated On: Dec 30, 2017)

Tia Torres husband, Aren Marcus Jackson (A.J.) is currently an inmate jailed on conviction of multiple felony charges, following his no contest plea to them. And Tia Torres husband was sent to prison on a bum rap, according to his wife.

According to some sources, Tia met Aren during the 1980s vampire craze, when she was in her “vampire period”. She was trying to find the owner of a certain dog so they could release that dog to her. The owner happened to be in a California prison at the time. Torres used an “inmate locator” site and found the guy.

The two became pen pals and when she ran across a photograph of him she thought he “looked like a vampire”. On his release from prison in 2006, Aren Marcus Jackson became Tia Torres husband – they got married on Halloween. He later was imprisoned again on “bum rap” where he remains until now, 2016.

Tia Torres Husband’s 2007 Arrest

In September 2007, Aren was on parole, residing with Tia Torres on a rural property in Agua Dulce, California. On a September morning his parole agent Larry Dorsey accompanied a few Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs to perform a parole search of the residence.

Based on evidence recovered, Tia Torres husband was charged with 11 felonies, including second degree burglary of a vehicle, unlawful taking of a vehicle, receiving stolen property, grand theft and other.

It was also alleged that Aren Marcus Jackson had two prior convictions for felonies (including attempted murder of police officers) within the California’s “Three Strikes” law, and five other prior convictions. Aren pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Tia Torres then operated an animal rescue on the property. She was also hiring parolees to work for her organization. The property the couple lived in included multiple-acre land, their home, a trailer (where other parolees often lived), kennels for pitbulls and other rescue dogs.

The older children of Tia Torres and her husband rented another house to the north on adjacent property, along with several roommates.

By the summer of 2007, Aren Marcus Jackson (A.J.) had been living with Tia Torres in the residence for about 16 months. Parole agents had been to Tia Torres husband’s property numerous times, to search or just check in. A.J. was aware his home and property could be searched at any time.

In August 2007, a Los Angeles County detective contacted Agent Dorsey saying he suspected A.J. was involved in an auto burglary in the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys in June 2007. Personal property was stolen from the car, and someone attempted to use one of the stolen credit cards at a gas station. Torres owned the truck the man at a gas station was driving. Agent Dorsey believed the man from the video footage was Tia Torres’s husband…

Detective Dantice and Agent Dorsey agreed on taking Aren into custody, given his criminal history etc.

Dorsey phoned A.J. On September 5, 2007, asking him to report to the office that same day. He did not report to the office on that day, so Dorsey filled out a “miscellaneous decision” form as he suspected this “second-strike” parolee of criminal activity. He stated that Tia Torres husband was avoiding supervision, and requested an arrest warrant to be issued.

Aren Marcus Jackson said Dorsey and him agreed to report to the parole office on September 6, but when Aren came, Dorsey was not there. He waited for a while and then left. A.J. ‘s words were corroborated by his wife and his parole agent before Dorsey, Jose Angeles (could be seen on the television show – Pitbulls and Parolees). On September 6 morning Dorsey went to the residence to conduct a parole search, while A.J. was in his truck in front of Dorsey’s office.

They searched the home. Aren Jackson takes medical marijuana by prescription for migraine headaches, which they found. The deputies also searched the north residence and found a stolen motorcycle in the garage.

Two locked boxes belonging to Tia Torres husband were opened at the station. Dantice found heroin and drug paraphernalia inside, as well as stolen driver’s licenses and Social Security cards.

Aren Jackson admitted to owning the truck in the video, but said it was not him inside, and could have been any one of about 7 other men living or working at the property.

Sometime after the ruling, Tia Torres husband entered into plea negotiations. An agreement was worked out. Defendant withdraw plea of not guilty and entered pleas of no contest. Some counts were dismissed. A.J. admitted to prior conviction of attempted murder. The final sentence was 15 years 8 months. An appeal from A.J. followed. Aren and Tia argue that the warrantless search was arbitrary, capricious and harassing.

Prior Conviction of Tia Torres Husband

Aren Marcus Jackson of Laguna Niguel and Brian Thomas Greco of Arcadia were arrested in October, 1993 after allegedly stealing a Porsche. Aren was 23 and Brian was 27 at the time.

Monday, deputies stopped a pickup truck with a camper shell pushing a Volkswagen. The suspect pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the first deputy. Another deputy shot at the gunman, the gunman fired back and hit the deputy’s boot. Greco, the pickup driver, sped off. Jackson hopped into the patrol vehicle and escaped. Fifteen minutes later, the patrol car found abandoned car several miles away.

The Volkswagen was stolen, and Jackson’s fingerprints were found on the Volkswagen. Jackson was on parole at the time. Thursday, Jackson was arrested at his girlfriend’s house. Inside the Porsche was one shotgun and two handguns – all stolen. Jackson was held at Costa Mesa Jail on grand theft auto, violating parole, and felony evasion, and attempted murder.

Just to clarify, Tia Torres’ husband, isn’t in jail for life. A.J. was threatened with life due to California’s three strikes law, but his current sentence is under 16 years.

Is Aren Marcus Jackson Guilty or Not?

Is Aren Marcus Jackson in jail on a false charge? Was he sent to prison on a bum rap? The petition on change.org to Pardon Aren Marcus Jackson of Villalobos Rescue Center was signed by 109 people and is now closed. His wife Tia is still fighting to prove that her husband is not guilty and the whole thing was an unfair judgment.

AJ who began to relax under the effect of the dogs, came up with the thought of sharing them with other parolees. The program became a success rehabilitating parolees and helping them get back into society. The program was featured in various news stories, and producers were offering to film reality TV series… When all hell broke loose.

Tia Maria Jackson-Torres says she won’t give up fighting for her husband and can’t wait to reveal all the details of this pending case, when she can.

Full name Aren Marcus Jackson (AKA A.J.)
Born August, 1968 (age 49)
Wife: Tia Maria Jackson-Torres
Children: Tania M Cardello, Mariah Torres
Net worth: Less than $100,000 (estimated)
Location: California prison (since 2007; convicted for felonies)
Past locations: Fallon, NV; Agua Dulce, CA; Carlsbad, CA; Cypress, CA; Newport Beach, CA; Laguna Hills, CA
Relatives: Tia M Cardello
Pitbulls and Parolees: 2006-2007


      1. Yes, AJ is still in jail. He will be released in 2022 or 2023. Tia and AJ are no longer married. They divorced a few years ago.

  1. Was AJ ever hooked up with a biker gang .AND maybe decided not to be a stoolie.& law came downon him hard

    7 cops

  2. I would just like to point out that some people here appear to be confused. If somebody does not contest their charges that does not necessarily mean that they are guilty of them. The criminal justice system only continues to operate smoothly because 98% of accused people take a guilty plea. Both prosecutors and defence lawyers place enormous pressure on them to do so. If they resist this pressure, go to trial and then lose, judges punish them for not taking a guilty plea with excessively hefty sentences. That means that, for a very large number of people, pleading guilty is simply the most sensible option, regardless of their actual innocence or guilt.

    Aren, your family makes a really big difference to both dogs and parolees. Innocent or guilty, I’m sorry you aren’t with them and hope you will be soon. Programs like this are really important, not just to give the individuals involved a second chance but to begin to change the way people treat both pitbulls and parolees in general.

  3. Man,get out be with your beautiful wife and kids and those beautiful,proud, and amazing Pitbulls.keep fighting for it man. Herbie from Smith Mountain lake. Hardy,Va,

  4. Hi there I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I am a fan of the show and am a big supporter of what is show is doing unfortunately we really do not have a program like that in Ontario. I have been on both sides I have a criminal record and my husband has one as well. He was charged with a crime that he did not comment but because the person that did it did not come forward and take responsibility for their actions and they put the blame on my husband. I am pulling for everyone in the family. I also wanna say in my husband’s eyes and mine that the little dogs can be more aggressive then the pit bulls. There are people out there that are fighting to stop the pi bull ban that has filtered it’s way up here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

      1. Honestly I can’t believe that you just said that to him I watched the show to and I also watched the episode about the motorcycle I think he got at badd rap and hes not someone that would narc on someone when you love someone you don’t just give up on them you fight for them I think you are ignorant as far as what you said to him I don’t know him I don’t follow him but I do follow the show and I hope they keep fighting

    1. You know damn well that Tia handles a lot of black parolee cock. Probably double and triple stuffs. Maybe even some peanut butter and pit bull activity as well.

        1. Seriously, Jeff. YOU are a sick and twisted “man”. I don’t see you out there saving animals. Get a life.

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  7. I believe AJ got a bad deal . They convict him while “Illegals” do all kinds of crime and GET BY WITH IT since they are Not in our system .

  8. First of all The spelling errors are most of the time the spell correct on their phone spelling a word for them and not really their fault, second of all who knows if he is guilty or not. We love to speculate but have no clue who was in and out of those boxes and who was driving their truck. The real problem here is that they used the threat of the 3 strick rule to make this man take a deal for 15 years of his life. Hope they fix that system. Also I hope the illegals who are ruining this country are tossed back to their own county for them to deal with their criminal activities

    1. See my phone spelled some words for me. It should say 3 strikes rule . If you look at Ca and other states located near the border with Mexico they all have a serious problem with illegals and jailing them for gangs , drugs , crime ect. Tia does a good job with the dogs but with the guys on parole who are here illegally,they should just be deported.

  9. Tia, you are someone I really admire. I love what you and your family do and represent. Have watched the show from the beginning. Can only imagine what being away from your husband is putting you through. In my opinion, he has done his time and needs to get back home to you. I wish you all the best and believe you are truly an angel for all the things you do. You’ve done a great job as a mom, your kids all seem so happy and grounded. Congrats on being a grandma soon. Sending positive thoughts from the west coast of FL. Take care of yourself.

  10. When is AJ’s sentence up. When is he due to get out? Whats done is done and it’s very possible that another parollee did this and framed AJ

  11. FIRST OFF WE ALL KNOW HOW CRUPT THE STSTEM REALLY IS, just like the government anyway he shouldn’t have to serve that long of a term, the judge and Proffice and anyone else must Hat pit bulls the jury too if he had one, COME ON DO YALL WORK AND FIND THE THEIF GETS IT TO 15 years is a lot for a pitty charge, get over your selfs Caledonia you’ll suck anyway loser state

  12. Hi Tia sorry for what your going threw about your husband,but you are a very strong woman.i know about the way the dea and cops work, they think their above the law but their not.going threw it myself right now.But the bottom line is I love pittbulls and I would love to help you and be apart of your family and the dogs family.im so glad there’s a awesome person like you because they do have a bad rap and their the most loving dogs me and my daughters all have pittbulls.so please contact me , I would love to give my life to help them with you.

  13. I love and respect what Tia and her family are doing for the dogs and dog owners.
    Giving parolees a second change was and is a bold, admirable, but also risky initiative. You cannot deny that exposing your, than young kids to these felons is quite risky?
    Your choice, not mine. Does that make her special or a little nuts, who knows?
    Reading up on what is published on her husband, he probably belongs where he is right now. Despite her obvious feelings for this man, she is probably better off without him. A career criminal unwilling to make the right choices, whatever excuses she comes up with for him.
    Wish her and family all the best.

    1. Quite risky? Do you believe that all parolees are out to harm kids? That is an arrogant assumption, made by a person who clearly has never been locked up in CA. The fact is, people who harm kids are not accepted by the inmate General Population in CA. We have an incredible amount of intelligence on these people, and they are removed from GP immediately by the very kind of person you are judging. Many parolees have kids of their own, and are not able to protect from custody. So the fury that these people deserve is often administered with a heavy hand. Not all prison politics are bad. Some of them exist for a reason. Do you think their Mom I’d stupid or weak? From what I observe, she is an intelligent and sophisticated boss, with a team men who adore her.

        1. I hope you get out soon. I believe you were railroaded. Tia is a great woman to stick by you. That is true love!! Stay safe and love on your woman when you do get out!!

        2. I do not think you are AJ. We are from N J and you are not allowed in electronic devices or websites. I doubt it AJ is allowed in California. AJ wh an do you get a parole hearing?

          1. You are wrong. The men and women in prison are allowed a certain amount of computer time per week.

        3. I truly feel that you did what you had to do for the love of your family and these days , you really have one chance or choice when deals are presented cause those with guns and badges always seem to win good or bad. And few believe that already time served doesnt means always guilty for the next big thing. Keep inspiring those who’ll listen and Godspeed for the journeys ahead.

  14. I agree Tom Tom. You can usually tell when people are criminals or raised in a criminal minded family by all the cop hater remarks. The foolish accusations of commenters being judgmental for having an opinion shows the mentality of
    some people, accusing police of planting evidence, lying, setting him up. That’s judgemental. If Tia didn’t post her petition no body at all would have given an opinion, but we all had a right to since she posted it

    1. Unfortunately, for you DEE, not all law enforcement officials are trustworthy. Not everyone who mistrusts them is a criminal or from a “criminal minded family”. Many of us law-abiding citizens do not trust all of them. You only have to be harassed by one ONCE, being a law-abiding person, profiled by them ONCE, to know they aren’t all true blue. Also, since most law enforcement officials mistrust MY PEOPLE immediately & fail to give us the benefit of a doubt, why do you somehow feel that WE should TRUST THEM? Trust & respect flow both ways.

        1. Aren, when will you be out on parole? I would love to see you reunited with your family. I would love to see you on the show.

        2. When will you be released? I am looking forward to you returning to your family and the show. I watch it daily, one episode showed how much to taught the twins, watching your sons cry about you was heartbreaking.

  15. Hi tia my name is Karl from Ireland watch ur show all the time an I take my hat of to u wish there were more people in the world like u an ur family hope all works out for aj uses are in my prayers an thoughts good luck

  16. In the beginning, I didn’t know previous crimes. I understand more now. I also can’t understand all the grammar and spelling errors, e.g. aloud, instead of allowed. That is something learned in elementary school. That’s where I learned it; or, don’t they teach spelling any longer? Yeah, they do here. There’s no spelling book, but, there are word lists and tests. Even with all my keyboard problems , I don’t routinely misspell words. There’s no excuse when there is so much information available online.

          1. is this site about spelling? or Tia and AJ…get a grip people if you want to get into a spelling match take it somewhere else. rolls my eyes

  17. Everyone seems to be pulling for Tia and Aren. I agree. Even if he did screw up again, he is still a better man to release, than a lot who are walking the streets now. I truly believe that if he should be allowed to move to New Orleans with Tia, in a different location and situation, he would become a productive citizen and make better decisions.

      1. This is AJ . And i would. I was , before i was set up. Yes i have a past, yes i’ve made bad desicions….but im doing almost 16 years for some bullshit case i truly didn’t commit. Is my grammar correct atleast? LOL!!!! Keep watching…

        1. I hope your out soon because you deserve to be and your family is awesome! Are you going to New Orleans after you get out? You would be great for the rescue

  18. I’m not here to be the one to pass judgement on whether Aren did or didn’t re-offend. I understand Tia’s plight as she obviously cares about this man, and I’m sure wants to believe what he has said about not being guilty of these crimes. If you really forced my hand, I would probably lean toward him being guilty. However, even if he’s innocent to a certain extent, he unfortunately made very poor choices. Some of which seem lacking of any common sense. If you WERE a violent offender, which Aren was, and out on probation, you cannot put yourself in or around any situation or any people that could potentially cause you problems that might put you back in prison. I.E. being around a bunch of ex-convicts, all of whom are on probation . And, allowing these people to live on your property. Unfortunately, criminals commit crimes. And, ex-convicts on parole are going to draw attention. Hell, every one of them has a probation officer required to check up on them. Using this as a point to reinforce why you wouldn’t have committed the crimes is assinine. Allowing criminals to live with you while your still on probation was assinine. Whether Aren commited the crimes he’s accused of, or it was another parolee…who knows? Like I said, it probably was Aren. But, either way he should not have been in the living situation he was in…at least until his probationary period is over with. And, truthfully, I’m not gonna rake him across the coals for re-offending. We are all human. We all make mistakes. Yes, these were non-violent crimes. Unfortunately, and he should have known this, the system leans harder on you the second or third time around. It truly is what it is. And I’m not naive, I KNOW crops are crooked too. I just don’t see why in this situation they would want to, “frame” Aren…by supposedly planting heroin in his toolbox. They had him on other charges..i.e. the stolen merchandise. They didn’t need to “plant” heroin on him to send him back to jail. Obviously the police had been conducting an investigation and some type of surveillance, and he got caught up in it. I don’t like the system most of the time either, but if you do the crime..you just unfortunately have to do the time. At this point he’s been back in around 10 years..right. I really don’t see anything changing at this point. Finish it out with good behaviour and maybe get out a few years earlier. I wish you all good luck. And I wasn’t trying to be offensive or incendiary. I just try to say it the way I see it.

    1. None taken ….You almost have it correct….And your right about having parolees around me. But we needed $$$ to help keep the rescue alive and my parolee program landed the show. By the way I was never charged with possession of heroin. Ask yourself why….??? Remember I was on parole for shooting a cop. You think they want me on the streets? All the evidence in this case was bogus – I still have the stuff that proves they planted ,lied ,and forged evidence . I only took a deal because I caught an in-house case for “possession of a weapon”, that i freely admit guilt for, and because they threatened to give me life for it – or i would of went to trial!!!! But your writting is intuitive I’ll give you that. By the way this is AJ writing this….

      1. I believe that ex cons are not given the benefit of the doubt. Most people do not give them a 2nd chance by hiring them so they end up back in prison. Tia and AJ saw the need and helped these ex cons who also helped them and are now helping Tia now. AJ you should be able to go live in New Orleans after you’ve done your time, even though you should not have had to.

      2. Hi AJ. I’m guessing you are going to do all of the time. That way when you’re out you won’t be on paper. I can only imagine how much you would love to leave that state and head to New Orleans without looking back. I wish you the best!! You and your family.

  19. Ok, this where I stand on this whole subject:


    1. These are very serious offenses. I don’t know if the public understands the justice system. Everyone knows what is legal and what is illegal so walk the straight line, and stay away from bad people and you won’t have to go to the pokey.

      My spouse is a big supporter financially to Tia’s cause.

      1. This is AJ. Serious charges??? Are you serious ??? They basically said u broke into a car and tried to steal gas…. Oh, I’ve committed serious crimes but not these petty are ones…

  20. I live in Canada .I first heard about A.J’s arrest while watching the show.I think it is aload of bs about the arrest of AJ.
    I think it is great what you do for the sexy pit’s and the guys on parole.Here in Canada they don’t have much for paroles rehab.A lot of paroles end up on meaning less jobs or on welfare. I really don’t think that is right as for the sexy pit’s if you are seen with a Pitt you are judged as some sort of a criminal its not right if the dog doesn’ have a mussel on you will be fined up to $10000 .You are not allowed to breed them its like the dogs are somewhat on death row .I do believe in fixing your pets for animal control but to put one breed on death row is bs.I look at it this way if it is against the law to put any species on the endangered like list why are they trying to do that with the Pitt Its not Fair what they do with the paroles or the Pitt .If there is a way I can help fight the fight let me know

  21. The is Jack up and I sick of it my friends aunt is in jail because of her husband betting up her son and she didn’t know about it. Her husband would not let her see him so A J you hold you head up high as you can.

  22. Wow,no matter what everybody has there damn crutches and Skelotons I SOOOOO WISH AMERICA would stop putting it on other Americans F#$$ if we tried to realize why it happens the source from the start we would all definately live ALOT longer WHO ARE ANY OF US TO JUDGE… Hmmm Born Raised In a Family with the MOB what do I have to Say Right??? but! I choose not to as a single dad at the age of 33 and now am dead to the world with one of them children half black which is the ultimate NO NO then always a party boy even while raising not one but two kids solo no high school EDUCATION still seemed to make enough money to raise kids and LIVE A PILL ATTIC YES OPIATES THEN GRADUATED TO DOPE NEVER A SHOOTER BUT STILL wasnt that I want 7yrs old and said mommy and Daddy I wanna be a Junkie when I grow up NOPE IT TOOK 22yrs to say ok enough is enough I can be saving 120K a year spent on Drugs on Other things… All im saying is I use to Judge downgrade groups people and everything else until I realized that we all have had something happen maybe a bully or a bad girl or a rape in family or out something crazy happens to at least 90% of us that makes us money hungry, drugs, gamble, husbands using masues OR Masseurs For the ladies, escorts, swingers clubs come on people think of your bad and STOP F%$%$#^%ng Judging in the end of it all we all bleed the same Color Race COUNTRY SLANG and it has been proven DESPITE Religion by a German Scientist We all see the SAME DAMN THING IF PEOPLE IN THE USA CAN LOOK AT Sh$^%T the way I do we would have 1% Crime Rate it is what it is Hell you must all believe that Christianity is REAL Jesus look up Egyptian Religion They Had the same story 500 yrs before GOOD OLD Emperor Consatntine created Christianity depsite hes not EVEN BURIED IN THE VATICAN all im saying stop creating drama and Karma for others trying to hide your own DEEP DARK SECRETS JESUS AND NOT AS IN CHRIST IM RAISED FULL BLOW CATHOLIC LOL GO FIGURE its Like this ENERGY POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE WILL WIN CALL ME CRAZY AND WHATEVER ELSE GOOGLE OR YOU TUBE End OF Days ARE HERE THIS IS HELL STOP PLAYING HATES NOT LUCIFER OR SATAN HATES GAME Every other Religion had 13 TOTAL GODS since Sum maria Times NOW CONSTANTINE CREATES A 1 GOD 1 CONTROLLED ROME HMMMMM In GOD WE TRUST SOUND FAMILIAR ???? BUT YET NO GOD IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS NO MORE YEAHHH OK IM DONE wAKE up ALL OF YOU LIVE LOVE and maybe we will get to be human a 2nd time

    Here as my Kids would say SMFH……Peace Love And REALIZE

  23. God bless you Tia for all you have done for those little animals. Have watched your ptogram for years, and just learned about your husband ‘s legal problems. Will keep you both in our prayers that the Lord will help you work out all the problems you are facing. THANK YOU and your children for all you are doing for those helpless little creatures.

    Avid fans…PB&JRB

    1. I really know how the court system is in so many ways because they all work together. Lawyers, judges and the people that innocent need that price tag to prove it. I watched the TV show Unlocking the Truth and I really think that a lot of people are innocent. But this would be a great case for MTV to do for both TV shows.

      1. I wish someone would pick up my case and expose the truth. This is AJ, yes the real AJ , and I’ll say that not all cops are bad people- but I am the poster child for the corrupt ones ….

  24. I think our government sucks my husband went to federal prison for 2 years on a misdemeanor!@#$% how does that happen I ask????? when they are out to get you the party is over can’t win for loosing!!!

    1. I feel for you. This is AJ. My crimes are now misdemeanor under prop. 47 and I’m still doing 16 years dam near…

        1. I’m a huge fan of your family and the show! I watch it everyday! I’d live for Tia to have you back in her life and out of prison. When do they think you will possibly be released?

  25. Our justice system is so screwed up! we need to change our laws to fit the crimes! they give more time in jail for robberies , than murderers, child abusers or rapists. what is wrong with our system!!! so sick of how unfair our courts are! let this guy go ! Put rapists and child abusers in prison for life!

  26. Why not ask Obama for a pardon he would do a lot do a lot of good for the poor animals that are discarded
    Don’t think he was treated fairly and believe he is not guilty.

  27. So according to you, Aaron is some sociopath who is beyond redemption and must stay in prison for the rest of his life? His crimes were not dangerous or violent in nature, and clearly this last arrest was unfounded and bogus or to put it in layman term AJ was the product of a rat who isn’t man enough to take responsibility for his own actions. He’s not a drug addict. All unfounded. I hope if your kids, grandkids… ever get into trouble, you remember what you just said about AJ. After all no body is redeemable and there is no such thing as injustice.

        1. i must say i have waited and waited to know how many years you have left ? Also, I know that just about everything is stacked against you up wherever you are…..but can’t some of the law enforcement Tia has come to know at least help get you transferred to the New Orleans area on a hardship basis? The prisons in Louisiana seem a lot more pleasant then those here in CA. Or just for a lark you should try for a pardon from Mr Jerkoff Trump….he seems to be handing them out willy nilly. I enjoy the show, I admire your wife, I am sad when some of the parolees are just worthless and God Bless the kids. Hooray,you;re a grampa!!! It’s to bad your facility wouldhn’t consider a dog program. All the best, keep your head on straight and it is at it’s worst now so it can only get better. and I don’t give a flying +++++ how many errors I made ROFL~~~~~

          1. Well AJ, hope you can either get out early or at least transfer to LA. so your family can visit. But you might want to hang around Ca. The way Gavin Newsom is going you may get a pardon real soon.

  28. I think the show does so much good for the world. I think that Tia and her husband A.J. attempts at doing good for the most misunderstood breed of dogs has not only helped the breed but it has also taken 100s of parolees who would have otherwise probably would have returned to a life of crime and go back to jail if it wasn’t for their program. Her program has these parolees being tax paying citizens and contributing to society. She deserves to have her husband TJ with her throughout this.

  29. I like Tia and PBaP but unfortunately her husband’s story takes me back to my days of working in the county jail; no one is guilty, police framed/abused all, everyone has religion and they all love their mama. AJ’s is simply the second verse in an OLD song. Let’s not forget he plead no contest.
    Recidivism rates are sky rocketing and tigers (like AJ) don’t change their stripes.
    Tia is to good for him.

    1. This may be to good for me but your wrong about me and my case. Unfortunately i agree with you even though you sound ljke a typical wanna be cop

  30. Tia I have watched your show from the beginning and the question if your husband is guilty or not is no longer important. He has served his time and should have been released already my hopes is he will be 2017. The three strikes law is one of the worst law ever passed I wish someone could get it on the ballot to remove it. This law sends people for minor things to prison for the rest of their life’s I don’t think this was how it was meant to be but with each new law people read it differently. My concern is when he is released from prison will Los Angeles allow him to transfer to Louisiana and will they accept him. I got into trouble once arrested once and sent to prison once. I’ve seen both sides I did my timer at Ca Inst for women and Rainbow fire camp which I paroled from. Once was enough for me never went back, an have no desire to do anything that would send me back. I was paroled to Los Angeles co and had one of the nicest parole officers around he allowed me to travel back & forth from Bakersfield to visit my girlfriend who was from there we met in prison and eventually allowed me to move there. Bakersfield did everything including trying to violate me on a made up violation to send me back but I stood strong won against the parole office and made them look pardon my language stupid and I did one year parole was released. The system isn’t there to help paroles in 98 % of the cases but do everything they can to send u back so please both of you be careful do as your told give them no reason or trust me he will go back. Many prayers to you and the family as well as your husband I will pray he receives one of the 2% of parole officers that do care about paroles. Continued success. I’m glad to see your back if I could afford it I would adopt one of your dogs I own my own home but finances will not allow me to pay for the trip here but if you ever want to give a dog a wonderful home and your coming this way I would love to have one. Blondie

    1. Hey Blondie!!! This is Aj. Yes it’s really me. Trust me they still are not trying to let people out early. Thanx for the support.

  31. You wanna talk about some bullshit, I did a year in a closed security prison for 20mg of oxycontin. I had 0 felonies when I caught the charge, and had no other charges besides a misdemeanor DUI. They didn’t like me for many years in my small town and gave me the max sentence possible. I am in no way comparing Aren’s plight to my own, he is doing serious time, I’m just pointing out the injustices the system perpetuates. They wanted me to snitch on a drug dealer and I told them to fuck themselves.

  32. Evidently u must b perfect. Pple do change. I wish I had ur perfect life. Wake the fuck u. I am a many time female felon and have changed.not all pple r the same and we do get wiser with age and better living environment. At least he stepped up n didnt snitch.

  33. Look great program unfortunately in cops eyes it looks like a cover up im 100 percent tia that if he got out and did everything by the book these pricks would tag him now if he does the crime then so be it but the time often dont match the crime av court is notorious for slapping 20 charges and hoping one sticks keep your head up tia youre a strong lady

  34. First off this is a bad situation he is a ex parollee who now runs a program with parolles. The outcome cant be good and the fact a officer got hit is why their magnifying everything out of proportion thats what av courts will do to someone they love handing time out like candy. If i got out the program would be called pitbulls and misdemeanors cause parollees sends off a excuse for cops tlo walk on and blow shit out of proportion

  35. Hi Tia
    I watch your shows all of the time and I love you all . I feel like I’ve been knowing yall forever . Yall seem like a close family and I envy you . What yall are doing with these dogs is a great thing . My all time favorite dog is a pit bull . I do believe the set Aren up and it’s so wrong . It’s very hard to fight the law . It’s one big clique . I really hate saying it but it’s the truth . I do believe they should release Arena b/c I also believe he has done his time and some . I pray for you both and want to say I love you all . You all are good loving people with a big heart .

  36. Not sure which housing unit he’s in but anyone wanting to write him, the physical prison address is:

    44750 60th Street West, Lancaster, CA 93536-7620

    His inmate number is AD6800, if you don’t include that I promise they will scrap the mail.

  37. when will AJ get out of prison. and do yout think he will join Tia again is saving pitbulls and running Villalobos Rescue Centre?

      1. ‘SNOW’ you seem to have certain info about Arens relationship with Tia…why do seem so adament that he won’t be with Tia…and what is YOUR connection to Aren? Speak up instead of lurking around leaving cryptic messages…#TheTruthNow

        1. Hi Catt. I can help with this… Tia and AJ are no longer married. They divorced a few years ago. And I know this because Tia told me and about 1000 other people on one of her live feeds on Facebook.

  38. Seems to me he hasn’t done as much as Hillary Clinton. Bet she will not have to serve any time which is very unfair to some prisoners who has not done as much.

  39. Shouldn’t he be released soon? During the first season of the show, he ‘agreed’ to serve seven more years rather than go to trial and risk spending life in prison. Hoping it all works out.

  40. Tia, I hope you’re doing well. Take ur husband out of CA as soon as possible. CDC murdered my husband and covered it up. Good luck and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  41. Can’t wait for nxt Sat have my TV set to record!! Love your show,we hav a American Bully n part Dogo n a Chihuahua!!! LOL They play together m ruff house!! I hope one day or yt? AJ will finally be let out n come n live w u!!! Heard I went to the Hospital!! Been there too,hope u get well!! A fan of PBNP!!! Nascarnatt Rios…

  42. Yajaira makes a huge point. I trust Tia’s judgement so much, she is a woman who would never be deceived, especially by a man who opened up and tells her everything terrible that he has done, and changed by having this wonderful program. He has done nothing but work so hard and love his family, as anytime his name is brought up, the family is very sad by his absence. I feel their pain and I hope one day the justice system will be better and that the family is reunited again, as they deserve!

    1. Seems like a small crime IF he was guilty… Already did many years for the first felony, which was bad, however 3 strikes sucks…All the strikes should include violence or FORGET it… I’m sorry to hear he’s still in there, they were hoping he’d only do 8 yrs of the 15’he accepted… So this means he’s been in 10 yrs already. TIA IS and has been in New Orleans for awhile…so they can’t be visiting… guess it’s not our business but you get to care about these people’s lives and you wish them happiness, Tia certainly deserves it.

  43. I’m no badass criminal lover. Having said that I have actually been a victim of “a@#$#” cops and a justice system that is often times worse than most criminals on death row. I was very skeptical about Pitbulls and Paroles, but after the first episode I was hooked. I’m actually quite ashamed to allow the word “Paroles” to even be an issue for me to watch the show. I also was predisposed to the pitbulls because of their bad rap. After watching this show i have grown to love this breed, to respect ex-convicts whether actually responsible for committing crimes or for those like myself who were falsely convicted due to lack of resources to hire a competent and scrupulous attorney. I have fallen in love with Tia and her entire family. I have incredible respect for her as the loyal wife, amazing mother, pioneering woman, and the person with the biggest andost enviable heart I have ever seen. Based on what kind of person Tia has shown to be, I’m absolutely certain that despite his past A.J. got a raw deal from the cops as well as that crooked DA. I pray he gets out sooner rather than later, and comes out with his head held up high, and rejoins Tia and the rest of his family to resume the wonderful thing they are doing for the dogs and the Paroles. Good luck A.J., Tia and all the other people that have been screwed by the bullies of our illustrious justice system. Definitely no offense intended to all the breeds of the good dogs with “bull” in their names.

  44. The judicial system sucks in our country eND of story. People get away with murder while others sit in prison for a pot charge. We need to reform our judicial system.

  45. Tia I hope you get your happily ever after and for all you have dedicated your life to help the parolees and pit bulls and any breed of dog’s cats anything that needed a second chance and then displaying your life for people as myself to look forward to seeing you on my t.v. U gave me the courage to go on and fight for my life after I was in a car accident and now several years later I now own a pit bull that we got from spca she was seconds away from getting euthanized we we walked in they were walking her into the room and I said I want her and Dixie is one years old today and best loveable baby gal i could’ve hoped for if wasn’t for your show we would never have owned a pit bull, God Bless you and yours

  46. Have you thought of writing a letter Sue President Obama and see if you want part in your husband before he leaves office please pardon others and I don’t think AJ did anything wrong his parole officer may have set him up but then again maybe the Parolee did but I never knew if the parolee that did this was ever taken to jail anyway I really love your show I watch it everyday in the afternoon can’t wait for the new one to start I saw that you’re coming back November 12th that makes me happy but I saw that your health may be at risk please take care of yourself without you what would these dogs do although I think your children will finish what you started I hope this reaches you Tia so that maybe if you write a letter to President Obama I’ll sign it and I’m sure a lot of other people will too…. I really think you deserve some happiness!!!!

  47. I love Tia Torres and her family and everything she is doing. She is an Angel on earth. Her husband on the other hand has always been trouble. I understand there were others that lived at his location. It was up to him to make sure nobody brought her ion etc on his property. I worked for the Department of Correction for several years. He knew what was up. I think he was taking advantage of Tia.she is doing just fine without him. He is trouble.

  48. nanagirlskahajo@yahoo.com Sheila Elliott ,I am 78 yr s old and had a near death in 2015,after being homeless for 6mos. got apt .When i said my prayer thanking Jesus for me being alive.His answer to me was your work isn’t done.I”m disabled and all i do is family History. Two days prayers later the prompting said contact A.J Jackson and send him that you read daily. I have never met him i live in Waterford,CT. So could I please have his number and Address. So before i die I finish what GOD want’s me to do.My Address is 95 Clark Lane Waterford,Ct 06385
    Thank you ,I send a lot of prayers to Temple prayers rolls around the country.I helped and young man who was addict to drugs get clean He’s been clean for over 16 months

  49. Shouldn’t he be getting out by now? Wouldn’t he only need to do about 8 yrs of that 15? I think it’s fricking time dept of corrections release a decent man and worry about keeping the dang murderers and child abusers locked up.
    Release AJ!!

  50. He is going to end up being in there longer and for lesser crimes than the guy who shot President Reagan. He is already free! He should have got life, he actually shot people! The President for Gods sake.

  51. First, California’s three strikes appears to NOT be working. Murderer”s get the same three chances as someone that steals something (I’m not talking burglary with guns). Three strikes seems unconstitutional!!!!

    Obviously, AJ was set up – most likely by his PAROLE OFFICER!!! Some PO’s like the power they have over people’s lives as if they were God. Why weren’t the other parolees even considered as the guilty party??
    Pick one guy (just because the PO could) and ignore the other parolees is not due process!

    The last court date was a joke (if it weren’t so sad)!!! Judge to judge to the brother of the judge that had previously sentenced AJ. The court system sucks!!! AJ is being used because of the tv show – PO, let’s show the world how we control people’s lives! We are God. AJ has been in jail 10 years waiting for his “due process” trial. He should be released with time served!!!

    Leave California if possible!!! Sorriest state of the 10 states I’ve lived in!!

    I’ve not been in jail, My dad, now deseased, committed horrendous crimes (no, he did not go to prison – he had criminal legal buddies in high places). The day my step- mother shot him was a good day for the world. Many people were safe again. His death was more humane than what he had done to other men and women for 40+ years!

    Why has the Change.org been closed? Why isn’t there a gofundme account to help “pay off” the PO that started this mockery of the justice system?

    Last, I do not like pit bull dogs! They terrify me. I do believe in the program Tia is working hard for, no it won’t change my mind about pits! I do believe in justice and AJ has not been given true justice!!

    Obama, all the terrorists and criminals you have pardoned – do something good you’ll be remembered for – pardon AJ.

    1. Sorry its called three strikes because you are given 3 TIMES AS A FELON TO FIX UP YOUR F-Ing live 3times if you can’t fix yourself by then then you should be locked up for your safety and the safety of the public regardless of the crime 3 times means you havent figured it out the first 2 times How many chances do you think they should get If you werent related to a felon im sure your views would be different but your biased and so be it I for one don’t like to see people locked up but at what point is enough enough Trumped up charges against her husband i don’t think so shes lucky she didn’t go with him with all that stolen property on her property and with all the ex felons working there Stop blameing others for your lived ones corruption

  52. Forget about the other comment i posted. I misspelled some words. I believe that aj was innocent of the charges. I believe a lot of that so called evidence could have been planted. It sounds like they have been trying to find something to pin him with since he got out. I’m a faithful watcher of pitbulls and parolees. I’m watching it now. He’s been in jail for 9 years over something that he hasn’t done. Its time to let him out and let him spend his life with his family. There was a lot of other parolees that drove the vehicle also. If the parolees loved an like they said they did. The one that actually done it should have stood up and said that I done it not him. No they let him go to prison for something that one of the others had done. I think it was all a bunch bulls__t. Its time that someone stands up and says it was me not him. It was just a bum rap.

  53. I believe that am was innocent of the charges. I believe a lot of that so called evidence could have been planted. It sounds like they have been trying to find something to pin him with since he got out. I’m a faithful watcher of pitbulls and parolees. I’m watching it now. He’s been in jail for 9 years over something that he hasn’t done. Its time to let him out and let him spend his life with his family. There was a lot of other parolees that drove the vehicle also. If the parolees loved an like they said they did. The one that actually done it should have stood up and said that I done it not him. No they let him go to prison for something that one of the others had done. I think it was all a bunch bulls__t. Its time that someone stands up and says it was me not him. It was just a bum rap.

  54. My name is Lisa. The man i haved since i was 6 y-old is in Sterling Co and has bn in prison 25 yrs and still has a min of 50+ yrs to go…But HIS charge is 2 counts of attempt murder NOT murder… And i know he would nvr do this not to anybody… I can remember be 13 and Billy Joe was. 17 i liiteraly was made at the world and everyone and i grab at ball bat and was hiting him . he never even raised his voice to me but wrapped his arms around me and asked me why is was hitting him and that he loved me but if i continue to hit him that he would leave til i calmed down and when he looks me in my face and over 25 yrs of nvr changing his story he. Still procaoms his innocent. …and i believe him and still do to this day i really wish someone would help see 2013 i was diagenoise stage 1 invesive. Medullary carcinoma … I Thought it is was gone but now it has spread to my brain and i will never be held by this man again and this man is the love of my life i am 42 he is 46 im dieing alone cause i have litterly cut all ties withhim because i cant stand that fact he is still in there iwhen i need him the most …someone please help him ….
    Billy Joe Page
    # 801166
    Sterling Co

    Billy. If by some chance you get to read or someone tells you about thi… I never gave up and i will carry our love our memories. With me. Alwz know i have loved you 90% of my life and will love you in the here after…..i love you billy joe
    Love you alwz from beyond
    Your fraia Lisa

    1. ^^^^^ that’s the most depressing story I’ve ever heard… I’m so sorry for you sweetie!!! prayers sent your way

    2. Lisa, learn how to speak and write… Your man should be out down for being a waste of money a space. These pathetic and worthless morons say nobody will give you a job… Go start your own business, do something productive, stop thinking you’re owed anything and do it for yourself, or just go die. This whole page is a bunch of bs except for where it says what AJ DID… These enablers should simply go to Russia or something and get what they have to give.

      1. Dear Chris
        Have you ever had cancer of the brain?
        You owe Lisa an apology.
        It affects your speech and motor skills.
        I’m impressed she wrote such a long letter!

        Clean up who you are before you point your ignorant finger
        at others.

        Prayers to all who needs them. I hope 2017 brings each of you the blessings you
        need to move forward in a positive way.

  55. It’s been almost ten years… that’s crazy and I do feel horrible that they didn’t consider all the Good you bring to animals and people… I am in recovery over 5 years and my dog keeps me buisy and happy! I don’t know how I would live with out her! The government made me an example in 2010 when they made me adopt my children out… or they were going to take my parental rights, soo I got a life sentence with out my children… they said I’d die on drugs… well I’m 5 years clean, own a nice vehicle, have a house and work the same job over 3 years now… apparently I wasn’t the right person to put that giant X on bc, I am moving forward every day! Government is crazy! They lie and exaggerate and do whatever they want, only there judgment will come along with death! They will be accountable for all the lives they tore up, when God judges them! It won’t be forgotten! So stay strong and keep moving forward!!! Thank u cait!

  56. Tia :
    I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for sticking up for a MIS UNDERSTOOD BREED ! I raised my children ( 3 Biological and 1 Step-Son ) with Our Beloved Hemi-Bear who was 16/17 yrs old when she passed away This past March 10.2016. We took her from a family member that harrassed her for 5 yrs with a broom and a vaccume. We seen her and that instent we took her home and she was ours. She was a Mother hen too Our children and took very good care of Our Youngest Daughter. The day that she passed was the hardest night I ever had to tell the baby of the family that “HER MAMA ” PASSED AWAY.
    Wish I could send You a picture of her Tia & Kids: You all would LOVE Hemi-Bear.
    If it is ok to send You all a little pic me up pictuter of her please send me your email.

  57. Savez vous à quelle date AJ va être libéré.
    Ici en France, on a beaucoup de fierté pour la cause animale dont Tia et sa famille s’occupe.

  58. I think its time for a change in the way people are played by the court system and law in for cement agencies.Instead of worrying about the little fish get out there and do your job and start worrying about all the murders child molester and seriously the real crime that goes on in your country and let’s not for get the terrorists who some how keep on getting past your air ports.Truly Tia’s husband is no threat to your country what so ever and its time to start getting your priorities right he is trying to work with the community not again st and for all the good work he and tia have done this is not the way to repay someone.who is trying to turn there life around an is not responsible for the actions of others who mind you have two arms legs and a heart beat

  59. I feel that this man has done his time and he needs to be able to go home with all the inmates that was at this property why does he have to be the one to take the fall for somebody else’s mistake. I lived in California for two years I watched a nephew come and go out of jail for misdemeanor and felony convictions and he’s not serving time there he’s out making a productive life for himself so let him go. He and Tia need to move on and make a life for themselves.

  60. President Obama has been pardoning many people in this last year of his term. Has anyone tried petitioning for Obama to pardon AJ?

    1. JennaLynn what a wonderful idea. I surely hope a petition to pardon has been filed for AJ. Knowing Tia from viewing her show now for almost a decade, she is right on top of it all the time with everything she does. My prayers continue for her, the family, the dogs and AJ. May the good Lord guide a pardon to Mr. Jackson, he certainly has served his time and release is due. Blessings. Porscha.

  61. my Name is Sheila Elliott .I nearly died in January 2015 when i recovered the Lord prompted to write to Aren Marcus Jackson,This is the first time i have found where he could be.I so happy to respond to what Jesus asked me to do.I have never met him but having this in my life means i need to do what Jesus asked of me I’m 78 years old.Could you please send me his Address so I could
    do what Jesus wants from me.

    1. Ordinarily and many years agoI viewed police, as upstanding citizens,. and had respect admiration for them. I always complaiined about.how Hollywood glorified and romanticized dangerous criminals such as Clint Eastwood in “Escape from Alcatraz” and Tim Robbins in one of my favorite movies “The Shawshank Redemption” among far too many to mention. As it is I believe that murderers, rapists, paedophiles should be shot on the spot, and anybody that molests or kills their children should be spayed or neutered. People who abuse children have no business being parents, and those who are messing with drugs should be “sterilized” as well. However after many many years I have changed my outlook. Now I don’t trust them, and actually believe that cops can make hardened criminals look like amateurs. They don’t only commit crimes, but trivialize the “protect and serve” message
      Their crimes are sanctioned and encouraged. Cops are just fr*’#n bullies . They lie, cheat and will go to any lengths to make their case. They act like they are above reproach. I think payback shouldn’t be killing them in retaliation for their murders, and other crimes, for it would make us as bad as them.

      1. In any large group of people there will always be a few “bad apples”. If you think the police are really that bad, perhaps you should try living without them for a few days. Yes, there are some who abuse the authority they have been given, and yes those offenders should be punished to the full extent of the law. However most police officers have a genuine desire to protect and defend those who are weak and those who are law abiding citizens. Perhaps this person should try doing what the police do, with the same restrictions they are under, and with the same mistrust and public hatred that has recently been encouraged by groups who are simply looking for trouble and their 15 minutes of undeserved fame. As the spouce of a 30 year military veteran, I have little patience for those who would villianize a group of people who put their lives on the line every day just to keep us safe and keep society running. How about doing what the police do yourself or better yet shutting up and leaving them to do their thankless job.

        1. I have no idea how a jobs risk level has any correlation with how much appreciation I should have for someone. I understand the news for order but does that excuse corrupt cops. Can’t the k.g.b. or Nazi s.s. argue they were risking their lives for people’s safety. Jesus christ, is everyone on here fucking five years old.

          1. No they can’t nazi knew what they were doing was wrong. Hencephalitis going in hiding after the war. I do agree not all cops are good but the same could be said for our military and citizens in general unfortunately cops are suppose to be peace makers and some have created a bad rap other cops seem like dick cause of a situation they have probably been in. Regardless people who ring themselves out for others not for fame or fortune but because they truly care are wonderful. And until you walk a mile in another person’s shoe you have no place to judge instead of being so negative see some positive. Tia is an amazing human for doing what she does for the animals and other people she is a great example of how we should treat one another weather furry black white Asian military or wear blue she respects them all as their individual person and does not judge them on others actions.

          2. When we turn a blind eye to corruption at the highest level (Killary), why would the cops think any different ? The troops will follow the example if their leader. IF we elect a crook to run our country , expect the subordinates to be crooks too. BUT don’t blame the subordinates, blame the voters who chose to put a proven liar scammers in the white house.

            And btw, AJ’s charges included, multiple thefts, drugs, and shooting at a cop and stealing a cop car (while on probation) according to the article. IF that is true, 16 years is a gift.

        2. Well said. I spent 11 years in the Army and 16 years in the police force ( in my country, not the US), retired 8 years ago, emigrated to Spain doing something totally different btw. The respect from people appreciating what you do to protect and serve always kept me going, not the opinion of felons and their supporters.
          I actually follow the series ” pit bulls and parolees ” and as an animal lover I do admire what Tia and her family achieved helping all those dogs and people. However what her choice in partner concerns, she could have probably done better and I believe he is exactly where he belongs.

    2. If Tia did not email you yet you can do a search in the state Department of corrections site and search his name and get the info to write to him. It’s very easy to find out how to write to an inmate. Prayers !!

    3. Say your prayers for their souls, they don’t believe in Jesus, I wish they did thou!
      Tia is a white witch , not name calling in the true sense white craft.

  62. This situation totally sucks. My husband killed a man in a bar fight!! It was an unfotunate accident, the guy was so intoxicated when his head hit the cement that was pretty much it but my husband did 5 out of 9 years!!! And this was just a fist fight. And Aren is in for how many??? 16??? No frippin way….it’s as if ‘they’ have it out for him. Not fair!

    1. Repeat offender. There is a difference. He is a piece of crap and belongs in prison. Nothing worse than a thief.

      1. And there are people who change their lives around. I hope you do also, your hate and misguided attempt to try to belong seems to be engulfing you.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better Charlie…I was thinking just the same…and for CHRIS….YOU need to learn “posting” etiquette….when you use all caps, that means you are yelling and who cares what you have to say or YELL, because it’s OBVIOUS you are a miserable “wanna-be know it all”!! And you don’t know as much as you want people to think you do or that YOU think you do!!!

      2. DON’T DO THE CRIME, IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME, I have done 6 years for sales, I didn’t cry about it and guess what, when I got out I don’t brake the law no more. He should of learned his lesson the first time. Why would you get out of prisson and go right back to breaking the law, and not victimless crimes, he was robbing and stealing. Even I. Prison we don’t allow thieves, no honnor in stealing. he is where he belongs.

      3. Everyone is assuming that second offenders are horrible without knowing the whole truth. Some are railroaded back into prison. Just say you have already done 3 yrs in prison and get out. Something happens which makes it look like you are guilty when you are not. You will be found guilty in trail because you have a history of being prison before. Would you want to take a plea bargain for maybe (3) yrs or chance going to trial and getting (15) yrs.. Which makes more sense?

      4. There are plenty of things worse than a thief… rapisys, child molesters, child abusers, animal abiusers. Etc,

        1. If you’re going to voice your opinion and want respect, LEARN HOW TO SPELL FIRST! My word, you show everyone your ignorance and lack of attention in the English language.

      5. No I’m sorry but you’re wrong. There are many things worse than a thief. One you are a perfect example of, ignorance.

      6. wtf. Dude. Rapists. Murderers and child malesters are way worse than theifs. Your a idiot dude. U must be on drugs to think a thief is worse than anything. Would u rather have someone steel from you or rape you or worse. What is it. Your crazy. 16 years is way to long for steeling. I stole and got no time. Only probabtion.

  63. i think the government is getting too lax in granting this man, aren Jackson immunity, seems like undercover sources are making a very big deal out of this case, time to let him off, he’s served his time.

    1. I feel he served his time WTF is up with the courts! I feel so bad for you and your family I wish you didn’t have that 3 strike law in CA. Thankfully we don’t have it in WI.

      Your such a strong family and I hope to hear from you if you ever want to talk.

      I am a ex felon here in WI and can’t get a job either.


      1. Brian- I too am an ex felon. And I live in WI. In the Dells to be exact. Where are you located? I could possibly help with your job seeking.

        1. I’m not a felon but I lived in the Dells during school. Still go there!now my friends own most of the businesses. I was just there for my reunion. If you want to get a better life, ask TIA for a job. Everyone in the Dells are drunks.

      2. This is a load of crap… This whole thing! These people are the problem with America… I mean, has ANYONE read this story in an objective manner??? Heroine, stolen motorcycle…. But the police are wrong here???!!!!??? Come on people, years ago I was facing multiple felonies and YEARS in prison… Why? Because I did illegal things… Now I don’t and I don’t have to worry about anything. This moron couldn’t even stay out of jail for 2 years, used a stolen credit card, robbed a car, used DRUGS – of which marijuana is not one – and wants to blame everyone else for his actions. If you do something illegal, man up and take responsibility, stop trying to blame everyone else. This is disgusting and horrifying that anyone would support the idiocy promoted by this situation. IT ISN’T THE SYSTEM’S FAULT THAT YOUR DOPEHEAD HUSBAND IS LOCKED US!!! IT IS HIS FAULT FOR COMMITTING CRIMES, WTF THE 3 STRIKE LAW WAS OUT BEFORE HE EVER HAD HIS FIRST STRIKE!!! He needs to be locked up, and will probably commit more crimes when he gets out. That’s what blows my mind is that all of the ignorant, worthless excuses for people who are in jail are blaming someone else… TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR CHILDREN, FIRST OFF DON’T COMMIT CRIMES… AND TIA SAYING, OH IT’S FOR VIOLENT OFFENDERS…. YOUR WORTHLESS DOPEHEAD HUSBAND IS A VIOLENT OFFENDER… LAST TIME I CHECKED FIRING A WEAPON AT A COP IS A VIOLENT OFFENSE… OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER. PEOPLE. LIKE THIS SIMPLY BANG DOPE AND BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR PROBLEMS BY TRYING TO USE THE LAW AGAINST ITSELF… YOU’RE A DOPEHEAD, YOU SHOULD DIE IN JAIL AND DO THE WORLD A FAVOR. STOP ACTING LIKE A PATHETIC N***** AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR. YOUR ACTIONS. Tia, have your people that work there learn to speak like a normal individual, act like a normal person, stop committing crimes, and then maybe things will go better… Untio then you will simply blame everyone else for your idiotic and pathetic views on the world. I hope you read this and can be honest with yourself… I I know your girls and everyone else will be upset, but you should take this to heart and take responsibility for once and be honest with yourself.

        1. Yeah I think that’s at the heart of WHY they think they got a bum rap… once you harm or try to harm a cop, they have it in for you. It’s suspected the heroin was planted in the box by the police bc keys were to be brought into the station to open those locked boxes, instead the police went ahead and broke them open. There was no history of hard drugs. They don’t know for sure who was driving the vehicle belonging to Torres.
          He’s a dumb ass if he did do this stuff…he had it good when he went back in so kinda doesn’t make sense. And 15+ years for nonviolent offenses pisses me off bc sex offenders and murderers do less time, get out and reoffend. I think they are more despicable than a car thief…bc he shot at a cop, even though he did that time, they screwed him. I live in CA, PLEASE KEEP SEX OFFENDERS IN JAIL.

          1. I agree with the sentences handed down its messed up. I was raped when I was 12 he was 42 and held me captive all night then stalked me for several months and he only got 10 yrs. after his release he reoffended numerous times finally at 60 something he was due to be released thankfully the prosecution had him tried as a sexual predator. he used fear on his young victims so his I’m too old to rape someone didn’t work. he’s now stuck till he dies in the mental facility within the prison. so yes they need to revamp the system and time given for different crimes

        2. I would have to agree with you. I am tired if people not owning up to what they did. Stopby breaking the law and it wouldn’t be an issue. And yes they druid have a reason to ditch the property, his truck was used in a robbery. When the found him, they found a swollen motorcycle, and drugs (not talking about weed, he was on parole from previously stealing a car, and guns AND shooting a cop!!! It doesn’t matter if its a cop you don’t steal and shoot people. If he was such a great man, paid for his crimes, and felt bad about it, then he wouldn’t of stolen a motorcycle, and had drugs in HIS things. Its sad he can’t own up to whatthey he’s done.

          1. Seriously? Did you even graduate from any kind of school that taught proper grammar? Your spelling and communication skills are terrible! I think you should work on yourself, learn how to spell. Learn how to communicate effectively and then…..GET YOUR OWN FUCKING LIFE!

            Bella= Beautiful in Italian. You most certainly are not.

          2. Let me guess you have never been in trouble? Just like I told Chris, don’t judge something you know nothing about. Let talk about you and all the things you sux at… We’ll go ahead..

        3. Amen!!! finally someone making sense. just like you i have done some f-ed things when younger got locked up & did my time. i got out in 97′ stopped drinking & drugging for past 20yrs. GUESS WHAT?? I have been in trouble since its amazing how some people just don’t get. i know a lot of people that just won’t ever get it and this guy sounds like 1 of those guys that just won’t get it. he’s in the right spot and should have striked out but got over again with a 15yr sentence. he SHOULD AT LEAST MAX that 15 yrs out

          1. Uhhh….Paul, you said you’ve been in trouble since. I doubt that’s what you meant to say. Re-read before posting.

        4. couldnt say it any better, dude sounds like a career criminal.shouldve learned lesson years ago after first few arrest.no pitty party here. do your time

        5. Yes sir. I have read the facts of the case in his motion for appeal (writ) and he’s guilty and further more his previous conviction was attempted murder onto police officers in which he brandished a firearm and shot a police officer in the foot while trying to escape in a stolen vehicle. That being said this young man should’ve known that he had to walk the line when he got out. Return to using drugs and doing crime and unfortunately now is going to return to doing 15 years eight months… no victim here The system but a victim of his own actions. And at best t Tia Torres is in capable of managing parolees because she is incompetent or she is also an active addict in the throes of addiction trying to cosign their bullshit or throwing her husband under the bus for drugs that belong to her. I have three terms and 10 years behind the walls and it was always somebody else’s fault never my own!

          1. I don’t see GOD ANYWHERE on this page…or a name that even comes close (sarcastically speaking)…so for you all that are saying what Aren or ANYONE in prison will do when the are released……STOP trying to take that role, because you have NO CLUE what ANY convict will do when they are RELEASED!!!!

          2. That does not make sense. Prisons are a high stake business. They are locking up America. The war is not on drugs but the American people. Drugs are highly addictive and addiction is a disease. Re-Hab would be much better than prison. My son took a rap for his pregnant girlfriend. He died from lack of medical care. This system is corrupt as can be. I found this first hand. I pray Tia and her husband will be able to work this out and he can come home and get in rehab

        6. Learn to spell, and maybe all of the ‘facts’ are not still NOT all of the ‘facts’, ‘Ya know. If 7 (SEVEN) other men had access to this vehicle as well as AJ then they should have been turned upside down 6 ways from Sunday as was AJ.
          I an a retired cop, then Security Analyst. I have met my share of’ Bad Boys’ just as I have met my share of not only Bad Cops but Bad Parole Officers to boot. And WAS that box truly AJ’s? As for the locked up cycles. I’ve found in many of my cases that , someone’s ‘SO CALLED FRIENDS’ were just using the guy that would go down the easiest. So Sir, LOOK and RESEARCH before you start running your mouth about ALL the ‘things’ YOU think YOU know. And having ‘done time’ as you’ve said, you don’t really know someone in this same situation? Really, if your answer is yes I believe YOU not.

          1. I guess I need to watch where my fingers are typing as well. I wish to correct my sentence…”I ‘an’ a retired cop… It should have read I ‘am’ a retired cop…” So sorry for this anomaly. Not my usual working habit of mixing up my letters. I apologize for this after telling you to learn to spell.

          2. I conure! All of these individuals who have gone out of their way to ramble on about this “situation”……..LEARN HOW TO SPELL! Then just maybe, perhaps they’ll be able to communicate like a real person.

          3. THANK YOU J.M. Fitch for telling it like it is…NO ONE can possibly know what REALLY happened in Aren’s case but HIM and TIA and possibly his immediate family…people that were THERE!!! And it sickens me to see all these people judging ANYONE, let alone people that do NOT PERSONALLY know!!! BTW…THANK YOU for YOUR service!!

          4. Well said! Shocking how judgmental most are in this world, we will never know everything or all the details in this or any other case we are in a part of. Stop talking like you know everything! Only god or the higher power you believe in can and will be the final judge. Whatever happened to live and let live? The good that Tia and her family are doing and trying to do is just that good. I will not judge her on the choice to marry whom she loves or surrounds her self with. Until you are going to open your business to people that society has turned their backs on and dogs the world has condemned, SHUT UP! You don’t have to support it or like it, nothing nice to say, say nothing….i.e SHUT UP! I hope the justice that is fair and true be served. Sadly corruption is every where and we will never truly know.

          5. Cheryl Pearce.
            I agree. Before everyone points fingers and run off at the mouth. Really just stop and pray for this family. Tearing down the family isn’t helping. Nor does it make anyone look bigger.
            If he is quilty then he should pay for it. If he isn’t, I pray the truth comes out..

          6. WOW!!!! As a police officer myself I’m taking serious doubt that you are a police officer. Every GOOD officer knows that a background check is what we use to put our investigation on the right track. The fact that the drugs in the box could have belonged to someone else is of no concern. This box was found on his property and therefor is the responsibility of his. Especially seeing his past background this is the the reason THE VERY REASON people should not gain a rap sheet. Officers judges and or a jury of your peers are always going to connect the dots and if you have a prior record then it’s going to make it even harder to prove ANY innocents. As an investigator connecting the dots is part of the job and when you see a rap sheet AS BAD as his then there’s just about no question the suspect is involved. Another thing you may want to know and should already know is cops don’t turn on cops unless it’s very clear they have broken the law. You speak as if these officers broke the law without even knowing them and that’s what tells me you are not a cop but maybe and it’s a BIG MAYBE a security officer that couldn’t make it as a cop. Either way there’s nothing leading to corrupt cops but more to a past that tells the story.

          7. You tell the people before you to learn how to spell. Well you better go back and read your own because you have some bad spelling in there and bad grammar. So you should probably fix it. As for what everybody is saying and thinks about Tia’s husband doesn’t know all the details to know what he should get or not get but yes I get the issue of him pulling a gun on a cop and stealing the cop car. But you guys on here are saying your perfect? Because it sounds to me that you guys are all judging them. I was taught that only god gets to judge us nobody else. So before you do think it’s your right to judge know all the details and facts. Oh ya grow up all of you who think that it’s your right to put people down for there spelling, it seems like everyone of you who puts a person down for there spelling makes mistakes in there own message that you are using to shit on others spelling. I do spell my words differently sometimes to shorten my texts and sometimes my phone corrects words but some of the words aren’t locating in the phone dictionary so it will fix the word wrong at times. Tia is doing a great thing. Nobody has ever seen her do drugs or become an addict so why don’t you get off your dope and go to rehab and don’t knock someone when you are just ASSuming what someone else is doing. That just makes you guys all ASSES. SO GROW THE F… UP.

          8. This is the most intelligent comment that I have read. Thank You. I can’t believe how judgemental people are.
            I don’t believe for a second that AJ is that stupid – I DO believe that there ARE crooked cops AND other people on the ranch COULD have owned the drugs. ( unlikely) WHERE IN THE WORLD DID TIA IS A DRUG ADDICT COME FROM??? ( THAT person has THE BEST DRUGS and the cops NEED TO MAKE a visit there) I have NO idea what exactly happened – but I have a pretty good guess. The law DIDN’T work the way that it was designed to. I am waiting for the truth to come out. I don’t think that Tia will hold back the truth.

          9. Everyone gets caught up in spell check, funny how so many of these posts concentrate more on our grammar then the actual facts. Fact is, the property of Via Lobos, utilizing parolees, need to be especially scrutinizing to what the employees bring in with them, if you take responsibility for these employees then get caught with stolen property & drugs, that’s on the employee. But nobody involved in illegal activities takes ownership. Love the show, seems to have done very well , and helping a lot animals, with move to New Orleans & without AJ. Interesting to see what will happen when he is released, Tia doing amazing on her own, hopefully will not fall back into the bad boy, vampire phase

          10. i can say if I was on parole I would do everything in my power to distance myself from anything illegal just so there is no possibility I could be setup. Aren didn’t do this, even if he was setup he made it easy for them. He was an idiot and I don’t need to read the facts of the case to see that. Why associate yourself with drugs and illegal activity, even if you are just aware of it but not participating, when you are on parole? Not very smart.

        7. I don’t know who you are, nor do I care. Everyone deserves chances to change. If rehabilitation was honestly the point of the american penal system don’t you think addicts would go to rehab rather than prison? I have no record whatsoever, but my father served 8 years for a crime he did not commit. Glad to hear you changed your ways, but fuck you for not seeing where others deserve the chance to show growth and maturity. Oh and you’re a biggot.

          1. Sage G surely you are not saying Aren hasn’t been given a chance to rehabilitate? He’s been given plenty of chances.

        8. Chris you are an idiot! The cops AND parole officers have been known to set people up esp cop killers/attempted cop killers! Stop playing naïve; it allsounds like bs to me! And you best believe NO one that did as much time as he did would be stupid enough to have all that in his own property!! That douche bag PO Larry Dorsey set it all up! He said ARen Jackson never went in in order to search their home but yet ANOTHER HONEST PO Jose Angeles, even Corroborated that ARen n Tia were at the office…. But that’s not suspicious to you?, Probably not bc you sound like a douch bag too!!

        9. Were YOU there Chris??? And for ANYONE else judging Aren and Tia???? Unless you were and know ALL the details of this case against Aren, you don’t know JACK and have no business JUDGING ANYONE!!! NO ONE knows the WHOLE story unless they were there or are a part of Tia’s immediate family! WHO died and made YOU God to place JUDGEMENT on ANYONE??????? Exactly…and one day YOU will be judged by GOD Himself and will have to answer to Him….PEOPLE screw up BIG TIME when they JUDGE OTHERS!!! Open your own closet…you might find a WHOLE cemetery of BONES fall out…because EVERYONE has skeletons hidden!!!

          1. It’s funny how everyone has an opinion yet nobody has truly searched the facts in the public record or court trascripts. Ive known Aren all his life. And i too assumed because of his past he was guilty. Aren has committed alot of crimes and maybe he does deserve to still be in prison….but not this case. You realize he turned himself in after the raid. Why would a career criminal facing life for a third strike do that? He has no convictions for drugs , and I’ve never heard of him using hard drugs. Matter of fact the court records show he was tested every week for nearly 18 months and not one dirty test….hmmm. As for the cops , and parole agent Larry Dorsey…read the transcripts of all the motions and hearings. Larry Dorsey is a liar. By his own testimony and field reports. Dorsey at 4pm, and some change, told AJ to report Monday morning. According to another agent that witnessed the call. Dorsey got off the phone and issued a warrant for absconding. Didn’t give AJ a chance to report. Yet Dorseys field report in his own writting said Aj in fact did report on monday as instructed. Which exsposed two warrants in the hearings that he issued . One on the Friday in question, and one dated Monday morning to cover up the first one. And the court record has sign in sheets that Dorsey got caught trying to doctor up to cover his tracks. Phone records show Dorsey straight lied on the stand. The motorcycle charge was thrown out because pre-trial showed that it was found when Dorsey went into someone else’s house by mistake not Ajs. It was found in the neighbors garage. Dorsey and the cops didn’t even realize the were in another house on another property not the parolees until court hearings. What!!! All facts in the court record. As to the truck and gas station photos…the evidence by the detective, namely receipts and photos…the manager of the gas station testified that that evidence was not from that gas station!!! That the person in the photo couldn’t be committing the alleged crime. Court fact!!! What!!! And he was never charged with heroin either. Not a charge. Fact!!!! The list goes on and on…so all you alledged cops do your home work before you speak on this case.

        10. You’re an idiot! Get your facts straight and jump into your own life with your negative self!!!

        11. You must not come, from where we come from, and grown up in or on the streets.. law is full of shit.. I know people who go to jail for 15 ,16 years, that really shouldn’t be doing time at all. Well these MF ruin people’s lifes. sometimes for no reason like plies said them MF be switching out favors for each other on cases.. Ya but let a rapist get three years for molesting a child what kind of shit is that..

        12. It is morons like you who do not have a clue. Many innocent people are incarcerated and it is because our legal system is broken. Shame on you for speaking this way about anyone. You don’t know all the truth. Keep your smart ass opinions to yourself.

          1. Alice Martin, this is a comments section. That’s what people do in a comment section give opinions. LOL. You don’t make any sense.

        13. Chris…Here’s some honesty & truth for you… The only pathetic n***** is YOU… Get a grip & lay off the dope… It makes you ignorant.

        14. You should have a heart. I’ve never been in trouble so I can’t speak on that never even a ticket. I do watch the show and this family is phenomenal and all of their Parolees are incredible for the things they do for animals for very little theirselves. Watching the show you see that another Parolees storm stolen property on their grounds it was not her husband’s. He got sentenced to 15 years for somebody else’s mistake to me that sad that they had to be torn apart again right when their business was about to do such beautiful things together.

        15. Well, I have been perusing all of the comments posted, good and bad, I must say we all must be re-directed to the issue at hand. Assuming that AJ has served his time, what is his future status? Will he be permitted to work with Tia in New Orleans? Will he be required to stay in CA? If he is required to remain in CA for a period of time, will the rescue reopen a branch in CA so he can continue doing Tia’s good work in CA until they can be together again?

          All that being said, can we not focus on the criticisms of those poster and instead focus on the intended subject matter. Bottom line, he I assume is serving his time until he can get back on track to be productive in society like so many of the Parolees with Tia.

        16. clearly you were not the one who read it because it WAS a PAROLEE that was their that had stolen it and used the drugs SO WHY DONT YOU READ IT

          1. Doesn’t say that! If you break the law you pay for the crime. Don’t cry about it afterwards.

        17. And who exactly are you to pass judgement on anyone? Do you really think you have the right? You self rightous opinion is not waranted here. In GOD’S eye’s we are all equal. Show some compassion toward your fellow man. When his time come’s he will face judgement, for now let them be! This family has endured enough persecution, don’t be a hater!

          1. Using your philosophy we would never have another jury trial in this country if a jury wasn’t allowed to “judge” someone. It isn’t judging someone when you know for a fact what you saw or when facts are presented to you that prove what happened. If I see a person shoot a other person and I say that guy shot that woman he’s a murderer! Is that judgement if I saw him do it with my own eyes? Of course it’s not, there are different degrees of what you call judgement, a lot of gray area.

        18. So lets get this s traight, you are saying that you once did dope but no longer are a doper right? That is a crock od bullshit & you know it so you need to be honest with yourself. Who in the are you to be judging anyone. The day will come when you WILL be judged , but not for t he LOSER you really are but for judging another human being. You do not know this whole story, so you need to shut the hell up. Why do you even watch the show is it so you can ridicule others life & try to make yourself feel better at who you really are. You are a PISS POOR excuse of mankind totally. Negative people like yourself are just that….Negative & we in society have no place for people like you in it. Loser Loser is who & what you are.
          You need to go take a good long look in the mirror & search your heart & soul to see the real UGLY person inside of you. God has no place for such crapbin his kingdom on judgement day my friend. Live with that ok. Good luck!!! Peace

        19. First, cops can be bought. I was victimized by lies & kept getting arrested everytime. I was found innocent, they brought up new bs. I even got a restraining order against the guy trying to extort money from me. BTW, I had never even been arrested prior to this guy & a corrupt system.

        20. I love the work that Tia and her team do and I truly admire them. That said, reading her husbands charges and crimes he deserved the time he got .
          She should be glad he was removed frpm her property before he got her children on trouble with him.

        21. +Joseph Allen ~ Thank you for your comments. Finally someone with some sense making a post. AJ is a scumbag. He’s lucky he didn’t get life for his last transgression.

        22. You what I use to think the same way as you, if you are in jail you are guilty. That there is no way that you were found guilty and be innocent. That was until I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. People lie including cops if it means keeping their name. After being slapped with two felonys and looking at 15yrs. For something I didn’t do, I had never been in trouble in my life. I looked at the system in a whole different way.
          It’s easy to judge when you have no idea what your talking about. I’m sure that you like all of us are judge by someone, or are talked crap by somebody, that aren’t true about you. Let me give you some advice don’t judge or talk crap about somebody, ecspecially when you really don’t know the situation other , than what you hear on the internet. Before you know it, it will be yourself looking down the same road as you once judged. That sir is reality. I know this because I sounded just like you, probably never been in trouble. One more thing just because those who choose their path in life, does not make others responsible for them.
          P.S. Sometimes if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say them at all. This is one of them times. How about looking at what someone does good instead of seeing just negativity .

        23. I so agree. Tia is an intelligent hard working woman and deserves so much better. I wish she could see him for the scum he is and move on. But that won’t happen until he gets home and screws her over again. I’m sure there is so many good men out there who would love to be apart of her life and help run this wonderful cause. She doesn’t deserve to be alone anymore.

        24. I know you have experienced a lot but still you seem very harsh. In everything I’ve read about this situation it was never proven he was the one driving the truck. I’m not saying he is innocent but it is true that anyone of the other paroles could have been a suspect also. Like you said any one of them could have been guilty as most paroles return to their previous activity. If he is guilty by all means stand up take your punishment . As for the heroin and other drugs in his lock box in all probability that belonged to him his box and it was locked. My point is just because he is guilty of one thing doesn’t mean he is guilty of all. We jump to conclusion and judge due to our past which is not always the case.

      3. Aren Jackson is VERY guilty. He jeopardized Tia’s rescue by almost having it seized as a criminal enterprise. Aren Jackson….whom I’ve known my entire life and love very much so I don’t say this lightly……is GUILTY and a continued menace to
        society. Trust and believe in that.

      4. How do you feel he served his sentence? He went back to jail in 2007 with a sentence just over 15 years. I find it hard to believe he was setup, the police arent that smart. He is his own worst enemy, it’s pretty obvious if you can’t follow the law while you’re on parole, you’re going to go back to jail.

    2. Hi, I have seen first hand both sides if the justice system. I previously worked probation and recently retired from department of corrections after 25 years. I have seen guards turn bad, inmates turn guards into mules, and some inmates change. You can never tell how a person is in a couple years, but sometimes you get a gut feeling. I’ve seen the law over looked in sentencing where it was too harsh and also to lenient, also to many chances given to people who are connected. I believe the 3 strikes law is being abused. I don’t believe in the ‘snitch’ system, but if the person who was actually driving the truck, should have had the stones to be a man and step up. Aren got a bad rap due to lack of investigations! Just pray he doesn’t let this time get him down or hard like the lifers at Villalobos. Oh, my other side of the justice was being arrested on a couple BS charges, they couldn’t make them sick so they were dismissed with prejudice, (can be brought up against me again if I get into trouble)

    3. I believe with all my heart that this man was railroaded. It is a crying shame what they have done to this woman and family.

      1. THANK YOU Elaine!!!! I agree 100% with you and these IDIOTS that are on here judging Aren and Tia need to open their own closet and see how many SKELETONS FALL OUT!!! NO ONE on this board (NOT even the one who “read” the “motions”, know the truth)…why? Because they were NOT THERE, NOR do they know Aren and Tia PERSONALLY!!! And NO I do not personally know this family, but from what I have seen, heard and read….it is OBVIOUS that Aren WAS set up AND the ENTIRE investigation was a JOKE! Not to worry though, ALL who judge others, will eventually be judged by the ULTIMATE JUDGE!! I would HATE to have that to look forward to hanging over my head!!

        1. It’s funny how you can read this thread and tell who likes cops and who hates cops. I see the word JUDGING a lot on here. People all of us judge that’s why we’re all commenting. It’s so funny to see someone say stop judging AS THEIR JUDGING LOL. As human beings it’s our nature to judge and profile. It also tickles me to hear someone say cops aren’t aloud to profiles. If that were the case no one would ever go to jail. It completely blows my mind to hear someone say I HATE COPS I will never understand that but as a cop it has been well known that the majority of people that say that are law breakers. They are also usually the first to call the police for help. I truly believe a person is innocent until proven guilty but I also know that a persons past follows them so it’s important to obey the law so that if you ever have to face a judge they will see you haven’t been in trouble and your a decent responsible person. Now cop haters will hate this message and some will say fu– this cop or something else hated towards cops NOT KNOWING that it’s that attitude that shows their not yet responsible people. They have refused to grow up and mature. It’s too hard for them to hold a job and maintain a home for their women or children. these days it’s so easy for someone to hate and now society is turning on its own infutructure it’s turning on law enforcement and even the military. So everytime you hear of a cop being killed let it remind you that this is the beginning of americas falling.

    4. I agree, guilty or not guilty Aren Jackson has served his time. What’s wrong with the justice system? It makes no sense that this man would re-offend. His wife and family are national figures and he has too much to lose. Save the jail cells for rapists, child molesters and murderers. Let this family man go.

      1. That’s what I say… A rapist gets less time!!! Give it a rest…he did his time for his past offenses, waste of tax payer money to keep him locked up forever. If he does 15 yrs 8 months, he only has 5 yrs left…if he’s been behaving SHOULD be out soon. If he screws up again I’m just sorry Tia wasted so much time on him. Really should have kept his nose clean after first go round. You know he’s not innocent of everything.
        I think it’s ridiculous to keep him in if there’s no room for rapists childmolesters and murderers

        1. U know I find it funny how when someone shoots at a cop people act like omg he should b killed for it yet if he had shot at the average person it’s not as a big of a deal that’s laughable what makes a cops life more important then the average person fucking joke it is

      2. I agree with you re sex offenders not spending enough time in jail…they are much worse than thieves or drug dealers!!! I’m thinking it’s time for him to get out anyway. Unless they are STILL punishing him for what he did ata age 23…cops are esp hard on those that shoot at them. He went back to jail in 2007, that’s 9 yrs ago. Parole?

        1. At 23 yrs you are not an adult why would he get out work so hard to stay out to just do all these bad things they are accusing him of doing they just wanted someone to do the time and picked him cause new was easy target if anyone has done more than 3 or 5 yrs in state jail you know what I am talking about why would you want to go back. My nephew got blackmailed at age of 17 got send to state jail for stuff he never did and police just wanted it closed these sick child killers and molesters get off judges let them go then they don’t register move away rape and kill another innocent child but this petty marijuana smokers get more time and really people marijuana do not make you want to go out and do those kind of things that they said Tia’s husband did she is good about picking out bad seed. We have to work on getting the real bad guys behind bars the lady killers the child killers and child rapiest should never get out they move away and cops loose track of them and judges don’t care live in md and I seen where a judge left two child molesters out in one day one guy said his hand accidentally went to his girlfriends daughters private part really bullshit this happens to much in this country like killing of woman and men very sad. God bless Tia and her family and you all are in my prayers but my nephew worked hard to make it when got out who wants to go back to the awful jail system maybe they need to work with them to make them better than what they come in rehabilitate them. Some can’t be helped but some can maybe this jails need to take notes from Tia on how to rehabilitate the prisoners that can be helped Merry Christmas and Happy New Year tia you and your family always watching even if rerun such great show and thanks so much for taking in the Parolees.

    5. He served his time? Are you fucking serious?! The man is a thief and a drug addict! There’s a REASON he was sentenced to 15 years people! STOP VIOLATING PAROLE! I understand what they do for animals but there are laws and we all have to abide by them. Can’t play favorites. I feel for you Tia, but come on!

        1. It’s ALWAYS another person’s fault… You are the problem with America… NORMAL PEOPLE DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THIEVES AND CRIMINALS…. That’s why there is the saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” Responsible people don’t find themselves in these circumstances, only criminals and delinquents. He is in jail for HIS actions and refuses to admit it… That is disgusting and unacceptable. But in 2016 when everyone has an opinion and it matters… You get this outpouring of bs because people are simply ignorant. He should have been locked up for life and sentenced to death for attempted murder in a cop… But he wasn’t… AND HE WENT OUT AND COMMITTED MORE CRIMES… FELONIES AT THAT…. These people should not have rights, and should not be paid for by us the taxpayers. They should have to beg their family for ANY food and shouldn’t be a burden on society. Anything over a 1 year sentence should either have their citizenship renounced and sent to Siberia or just put to death. Period… It’s a tough view but would be productive.

          1. So Chris,
            Do you have children? And if so by your remarks it leaves me to believe that if one got into trouble you would wash your hands of them. I hope your family knows that you will never stand behind them in life. Shame on you.

      1. In this society you are assumed guilty unless you can prove you are not. The justice and prison system are money making business. So everything they can use to keep you down is encouraged. When you get out and no one will give you a job, how are u suppose to eat and live. It’s all fixed to cause the inmates to fail. So They Will Get Sent Back To Prison, Which Will Put More Money In The Prison System. The 3 time system is only to make more steady money. I believe Aren should be release now.


        1. Chris… You’re an admitted ex-con, who also admits to knowing prison so well you’ve got the t-shirt, now that’s certainly brag worthy…& you own a “very successful nationwide company” … Uh huh, sure you do… a drug running company maybe… really, lay off the dope… It’s making you delusional.

      3. Railroaded by the system, they don’t like the fact he took a shot at a PIG so they were out to get him….on the real though whoever was driving the truck or stole the bike and had dope on my property wouldn’t be walking freely without the help of a wheelchair or eating thru a straw

        1. I hope one day you’re in a life threatening situation and beg for a “PIG” to come help you and then no one comes. You are a disrespectful POS.

      4. TIA is great. But her husband is a loser. Try to kill a cop? WTF? He deserves every minute he’s there. Scum. Idk why TIA stays with the Vampire AJ. WHEN HE GETS OUT HE WILL BE THE DEMISE OF VRC

        1. to all you dumb ass that think you all haven’t done something wrong in your life, well guess what the only thing you all have going for you is that you never got caught. Everyone does deserve a second chance. I I know a few people who got set up and they are paying the price, and the real person is running free. Tia I watch your show everyday even the reruns Keep DOING WHAT YOUR DOING BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN ALL THAT YOU DO FOR THE DOGS AND THE PAROLEES. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

          1. Joylesia Wertz , Jackson has received multiple second chances so I’m not sure why your comment seems to insinuate he has not. The reason he received the sentence he did was because of the 3rd strike rule, so he’s had multiple chances.

    6. I’m so sorry for you and your family! And especially your husband. I too know too well that our justice system is broken!
      I was also convicted of a “non-violent ” felony, and after rehabilitation and proving myself to be an upstanding citizen, I cannot get past the “felony” on my record
      Any time my ID is ran through by the police, whether be a traffic stop, or a victim of my car being stolen, The reaction of the “police ” totally changes. The laws definitely need to be tweaked!
      As for AJ, and the “three ” strikes ” law, that is complete BS! That should be for the sick ass sex offenders and murderers that are walking around free. I hope and pray that somehow his case will be taken over by a DA, and or judge with some since if reality, and a heart.
      The work he has done for the guys on parole that deserve a chance, and our four legged friends that do as well is just plain awesome
      I’m saddened by the fact that this has happened to your family in our “county “. And will be praying that this will somehow come to a positive ending.
      Sincerely yours,
      Leslie Hauser

    7. My son was given 16 years Federal time. The 3 strikes was dropped and the gun was dropped. This was a set up by West Valley City, Utah cops who 90% got fired due to set up drug stings. Planting the drugs and guns. Most of the inmates cases were dropped and they were released. But my son was not one of them. Then his gallbladder went bad, he got Hep c diabetes. They would not treat him for the gallbladder, calling it stomach problems and to change his diet., yeah right in Federal Prison. They refused to give him a proper diet for diabetes. He had a broken back, caused by the West Valley Police. He died 11/10/2014. He even had a bowel blockage they gave him a mild lacitive. The outside DRs (when he was found on the floor non responsive) they took him to a Hospitol. The DRs would order tests and medications and they refused to give them to him. Get him home before they kill him. It’s big business, the prison game.

    8. Promblem is da’s dont wanna do job.they to fast to throw habitial offender on people when real offenders snitch way out.if fingerprints over everything be differant mean involved.

    9. The court system is like a revolving door. They don’t care in the end what happens to you as long a step the judges and lawyers are making money. I feel bad for this man as it definitely sounds like harassment. Anyone of the other inmates could have responsible for those charges the State of California brought against Mr Jackson.

    10. Also he got 6 years for shooting that cop and picked up 10 more years while inside! He spend his time in pelican Bay and Corcoran until he DEBRIEFED before paroled and was a hermon addict while in PC after debriefing. Please….he is a convict to his core.

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